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The Communities of Maryland (MD)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Abell [Saint Mary's County]

Aberdeen [Harford County]

Aberdeen Hills [Harford County]

Aberdeen Proving Ground [Harford County]

Abingdon [Harford County]

Abingdon Reserve [Harford County]

Abington [Harford County]

Abington Shores [Calvert County]

Abrams [Montgomery County]

Academy Acres [Baltimore County]

Academy Acres [Carroll County]

Academy Heights [Baltimore County]

Academy Hill [Calvert County]

Academy Hills [Cecil County]

Academy Junction [Anne Arundel County]

Academy Lane [Baltimore County]

Accident [Garrett County]

Acco Park [Prince George's County]

Accokeek [Prince George's County]

Accokeek Acres [Prince George's County]

Accokeek Groves [Prince George's County]

Accokeek Lawn [Prince George's County]

Acquaskac [Saint Mary's County] (H)

Acquintanacsuak [Saint Mary's County] (H)

Acredale [Prince George's County]

Acresville [Anne Arundel County]

Acton Village [Charles County]

Adams Chance [Carroll County]

Adams Heights [Harford County]

Adamstown [Frederick County]

Adamstown Village [Frederick County]

Adelina [Calvert County]

Adelphi [Prince George's County]

Adelphi Manor [Prince George's County]

Adelphi Park [Prince George's County]

Adil Meadows [Baltimore County]

Admiral [Anne Arundel County] (H)

Admiral Heights [Anne Arundel County]

Admirals Walk [Anne Arundel County]

Advocate Hill Farms [Harford County]

Advocates Choice [Carroll County]

Ady [Harford County]

Ady Estates [Harford County]

Aero Acres [Baltimore County]

Agner [Caroline County]

Aikin [Cecil County]

Airedele [Saint Mary's County]

Airey [Dorchester County]

Aireys [Dorchester County]

Airport Acres [Carroll County]

Airport Beach [Baltimore County] (H)

Airy Estates [Carroll County]

Akers Acres [Frederick County]

Akers Ferry [Talbot County]

Aladdin Village [Howard County]

Albantown [Baltimore County]

Alberta Heights [Anne Arundel County]

Albeth Heights [Howard County]

Alderton [Allegany County]

Aldino [Harford County]

Alesia [Carroll County]

Alesia Heights [Carroll County]

Alexandria Junction [Prince George's County]

Algonquin [Dorchester County]

Allana Acres [Carroll County]

Allandale [Carroll County]

Allanwood [Montgomery County]

Allegany [Allegany County]

Allegany Grove [Allegany County]

Allen [Wicomico County]

Allendale Estates [Harford County]

Allenford [Howard County]

Allens Fresh [Charles County]

Allenville [Anne Arundel County]

Allenwood [Wicomico County]

Allibone [Harford County] (H)

Allnut Farms Estates [Howard County]

Alloway [Anne Arundel County]

Allview [Howard County]

Allview Estates [Howard County]

Allwood [Anne Arundel County]

Allyson Gardens [Baltimore County]

Alma Meadows [Carroll County]

Almar Estates [Anne Arundel County]

Almond Valley [Carroll County]

Alpha [Howard County]

Alpine [Frederick County]

Alpine Beach [Anne Arundel County]

Alpine View [Frederick County]

Alta Vista [Montgomery County]

Alta Vista Gardens [Montgomery County]

Alta Vista Terrace [Montgomery County]

Altamont [Garrett County]

Altamont Place [Cecil County]

Alto Vista [Carroll County]

Altogether [Frederick County]

Altoona Beach [Anne Arundel County]

Amanda Hills [Carroll County]

Amber Meadows [Frederick County]

Amber Meadows [Prince George's County]

Amber Woode [Calvert County]

Amberfield [Anne Arundel County]

Amberleigh Farms [Charles County]

Amberly [Anne Arundel County]

Amberly [Carroll County]

Amberly of Kings Court [Baltimore County]

Amcelle [Allegany County]

Amcelle Acres [Allegany County]

Amelano Manor [Frederick County]

Amelung Estates [Frederick County]

American Corner [Caroline County]

American Square [Prince George's County]

Ammendale [Prince George's County]

Amos Mill [Harford County]

Amoss [Harford County]

Amyclae Estates [Harford County]

Amys Acres [Charles County]

Anchorage [Anne Arundel County]

Anchorage [Talbot County]

Anchorage Anchors [Charles County]

Ancient Oak [Montgomery County]

Ancient Oak North [Montgomery County]

Ancient Oak West [Montgomery County]

Ancient Oaks [Saint Mary's County]

Andersons Corner [Anne Arundel County]

Andersontown [Caroline County]

Andora [Cecil County]

Andora Acres [Cecil County]

Andorick Acres [Anne Arundel County]

Andover Estates [Saint Mary's County]

Andrews [Dorchester County]

Andrews [Prince George's County]

Andrews Hill [Prince George's County]

Andrews Manor [Prince George's County]

Angelica [Calvert County]

Annandale [Howard County]

Annapolis [Anne Arundel County]

Annapolis Cove [Anne Arundel County]

Annapolis Ferry [Anne Arundel County]

Annapolis Junction [Anne Arundel County]

Annapolis Landing [Anne Arundel County]

Annapolis Overlook [Anne Arundel County]

Annapolis Road [Baltimore County]

Annapolis Roads [Anne Arundel County]

Annapolis Rock [Howard County]

Annemessix Towne [Somerset County] (H)

Annes Delight [Harford County]

Anneslie [Baltimore County]

Annetta Gardens [Howard County]

Annie Hall [Calvert County]

Another Place [Calvert County]

Anscroft [Montgomery County]

Anthony [Caroline County]

Anthonyville [Baltimore City]

Antietam [Washington County]

Antietam Farmettes [Washington County]

Antietam Heights [Washington County]

Antietam Manor [Washington County]

Antietam Overlook [Washington County]

Antietam Station [Washington County]

Antietam Village [Frederick County]

Anton North [Baltimore County]

Anton Woods [Baltimore County]

Anturon [Howard County]

Appeal [Calvert County]

Apple Greene [Calvert County]

Apple Grove [Prince George's County]

Apple Ridge [Baltimore County]

Applegarth [Dorchester County] (H)

Applegate [Frederick County]

Appleton [Cecil County]

Appleton Acres [Cecil County]

Appleton Glen [Cecil County]

Appletown [Washington County]

Appolds [Frederick County]

April Estates [Calvert County]

Aquahart Manor [Anne Arundel County]

Aquasco [Prince George's County]

Araby [Frederick County]

Araby View [Frederick County]

Arbor Greene [Calvert County]

Arboranda Estates [Washington County]

Arbordale [Anne Arundel County]

Arborview [Charles County]

Arborwood [Baltimore County]

Arbour Green [Baltimore County]

Arbour Manor [Baltimore County]

Arbutus [Baltimore County]

Arcadia [Anne Arundel County]

Arcadia [Baltimore County]

Arcadia Shores [Talbot County]

Arch Bridge [Frederick County]

Arched Bow Valley [Carroll County]

Arcola [Montgomery County]

Arden [Somerset County]

Arden Valley [Baltimore County]

Arden on the Severn [Anne Arundel County]

Ardmore [Prince George's County]

Ardwick [Prince George's County]

Ardwick Park [Prince George's County]

Argonne Hills [Anne Arundel County]

Argyle Park [Montgomery County]

Arlington [Baltimore City]

Armacost [Baltimore County]

Armagh [Baltimore County]

Armiger [Anne Arundel County]

Armistead Gardens [Baltimore City]

Arnold [Anne Arundel County]

Arnold Heights [Prince George's County]

Arnoldtown [Frederick County]

Arrington Estates [Carroll County]

Arrowhead [Frederick County]

Arrowhead [Howard County]

Arrowhead Acres [Cecil County]

Arrowhead Farms Estates [Anne Arundel County]

Arrowood [Montgomery County]

Arters Mill [Carroll County]

Arters Mill Estates [Carroll County]

Arthur Ridge [Carroll County]

Arundel [Cecil County]

Arundel [Prince George's County]

Arundel Acres [Anne Arundel County]

Arundel Beach [Anne Arundel County]

Arundel Gardens [Anne Arundel County]

Arundel Hills [Anne Arundel County]

Arundel Plaza [Anne Arundel County]

Arundel View [Anne Arundel County]

Arundel Village [Anne Arundel County]

Arundel-on-the-Bay [Anne Arundel County]

Asberry [Anne Arundel County] (H)

Asbury [Anne Arundel County]

Asbury [Caroline County]

Asbury Woods [Howard County]

Ascot Estates [Baltimore County]

Ash [Washington County]

Ashbox [Prince George's County]

Ashburton [Montgomery County]

Ashby Park [Talbot County]

Ashby Place [Harford County]

Ashcroft [Anne Arundel County]

Asher Glade [Garrett County]

Ashford [Charles County]

Ashland [Baltimore County]

Ashland [Queen Anne's County]

Ashland Landing [Queen Anne's County]

Ashlar Hill [Baltimore County]

Ashleigh [Montgomery County]

Ashley [Anne Arundel County]

Ashley [Frederick County]

Ashley Acres [Frederick County]

Ashley Manor [Montgomery County]

Ashmead [Montgomery County]

Ashton [Montgomery County]

Ashton [Washington County]

Ashton Manor [Montgomery County]

Ashton Pond [Montgomery County]

Ashton Preserve [Montgomery County]

Ashton River Estates [Montgomery County]

Ashton-Sandy Springs [Montgomery County]

Ashwood Manor [Calvert County]

Askimimkansen [Worcester County] (H)

Asleigh [Montgomery County]

Aspen [Frederick County]

Aspen Hill [Montgomery County]

Aspen Hill Park [Montgomery County]

Aspen Knolls [Montgomery County]

Aspen Park [Anne Arundel County]

Aspen Run [Carroll County]

Aspenwood [Howard County]

Asylum [Baltimore County] (H)

Athol [Wicomico County]

Atholton [Howard County]

Atkins Acres [Carroll County]

Atkinson [Somerset County]

Atlantis [Anne Arundel County]

Auburn [Prince George's County]

Augusta [Washington County]

Augusta Acres [Anne Arundel County]

Aure Hill [Montgomery County]

Aurora Hills [Anne Arundel County]

Auth Village [Prince George's County]

Autrey Park [Montgomery County]

Autumn Chase At Riva Trace [Anne Arundel County]

Autumn Estates [Calvert County]

Autumn Grove [Wicomico County]

Autumn Hill [Howard County]

Autumn Ridge [Carroll County]

Autumn Wind [Baltimore County]

Autumn Woods [Howard County]

Avalon [Baltimore County]

Avalon [Talbot County]

Avalon Park [Wicomico County]

Avalon Shores [Anne Arundel County]

Aveley [Talbot County]

Avenel [Montgomery County]

Avenel [Prince George's County]

Avenel-Hillandale [Montgomery County]

Avenue [Saint Mary's County]

Avery [Montgomery County]

Avila [Anne Arundel County]

Avilton [Garrett County]

Avon Crest [Charles County]

Avondale [Carroll County]

Avondale [Prince George's County]

Avondale Ridge [Carroll County]

Avondale Run [Carroll County]

Avondale Terrace [Prince George's County]

Avonvue [Talbot County]

Aylor [Frederick County]

Aynsley [Frederick County]

Ayres [Prince George's County]

Ayres Lane Estates [Worcester County]

Ayrlawn [Montgomery County]

Azundel Gardens [Anne Arundel County]


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