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The Communities of West Virginia (WV)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Babcock [Fayette County]

Baber [Logan County]

Bablin [Lewis County]

Bache [Hampshire County]

Bachman [Fayette County]

Backus [Fayette County]

Baden [Mason County]

Baden Siding [Mason County]

Baileysville [Wyoming County]

Baisden [Logan County]

Baisden [Mingo County]

Baker [Hardy County]

Baker Heights [Berkeley County]

Baker Park [Kanawha County]

Baker Ridge [Monongalia County]

Bakers [Jackson County]

Bakers Run [Braxton County]

Bakerton [Jefferson County]

Bald Knob [Boone County]

Balderson [Wood County] (H)

Baldwin [Gilmer County]

Ball Gap [Cabell County]

Ballard [Monroe County]

Ballard Station [Kanawha County]

Ballardsville [Boone County]

Ballengee [Monroe County]

Balls Gap [Cabell County]

Bamboo [Nicholas County]

Banco [Logan County]

Bancroft [Putnam County]

Bandmill Junction [Logan County]

Bandytown [Boone County]
Other names:

Bane [Wetzel County]



Bannen [Marshall County]

Barboursville [Cabell County]

Barclay [Monongalia County]

Bard [Wetzel County]

Bardane [Jefferson County]

Baresville [Wetzel County]

Barger Hill [Wayne County]

Bargers Springs [Summers County]

Barker [Wetzel County]

Barkers Ridge

Barksdale [Summers County]

Barlow [Kanawha County] (H)

Barn [Mercer County]

Barnabas [Logan County]

Barnabus [Logan County]

Barnes Mill [Hampshire County]

Barnet Run [Webster County]

Barnettown [Summers County]

Barnum [Mineral County]

Barrackville [Marion County]

Barren Creek [Kanawha County]

Barrett [Boone County]

Barrett [Grant County]

Barrs [Roane County]

Barry Mine [Taylor County]

Bartlett [Harrison County]

Bartlett Addition [Roane County]

Bartley [McDowell County]

Bartley [Wyoming County]

Barton [Clay County] (H)

Barton [Webster County]

Bartow [Pocahontas County]

Bartram [Wayne County] (H)

Basin [Wyoming County]

Basin Spring [Wyoming County]

Basnett [Marion County]

Basnettville [Marion County]

Basore [Hardy County]

Bass [Hardy County]

Bath [Morgan County]

Battelle [Monongalia County]

Baughman [Webster County]

Baughman Settlement [Hardy County]

Baxter [Berkeley County]

Baxter [Marion County]

Bayard [Grant County]

Baylor [Raleigh County] (H)

Bays [Fayette County]

Bays Heights [Fayette County]

Beale [Mason County]

Bealls Mills [Lewis County]

Bean Settlement [Hardy County]

Beans Mill [Upshur County]

Bear Creek [Braxton County]

Bear Mountain [Barbour County]

Bear Mountain Mine [Barbour County]

Beard [Pocahontas County]

Beard Heights [Pocahontas County]

Beards Fork [Fayette County]

Beards Junction [Fayette County]

Bearsville [Tyler County]

Beartown [McDowell County]

Beason [Ritchie County]

Beatrice [Ritchie County]

Beatysville [Jackson County] (H)

Beauty [Fayette County]

Beaver [Nicholas County]

Beaver [Raleigh County]
Other names:

Beaver Mills [Nicholas County]

Beaver Pond

Beaverdam [Wirt County]

Beaysville [Jackson County]

Bebee [Wetzel County]

Becco [Logan County]

Beckley [Raleigh County]

Beckley Junction [Raleigh County]

Beckwith [Fayette County]

Bedington [Berkeley County]

Bee [Putnam County]

Beebe [Logan County]

Beech [Calhoun County]

Beech Bottom [Brooke County]

Beech Bottom [Webster County]

Beech Creek [Logan County]

Beech Creek [Mingo County]

Beech Glen [Nicholas County]

Beech Grove [Ritchie County]

Beech Hill [Mason County]

Beech Junction [Fayette County]

Beech Park Acres [Kanawha County]

Beech Run [Preston County]

Beech Run [Randolph County] (H)

Beech Run Junction [Randolph County]

Beechgrove [Ritchie County]

Beechwood [Grant County]

Beechwood [Monongalia County]

Beechwood [Wood County]

Beechwood [Wyoming County]

Beeler's Station [Marshall County]

Beelick Knob [Fayette County]

Beeson [Mercer County]

Beets [Fayette County]

Befont [Braxton County]

Behler [Monongalia County]

Belcher [McDowell County]

Belfont [Braxton County]

Belgium [Taylor County]

Belgrove [Jackson County]

Belington [Barbour County]

Bellburn [Greenbrier County]

Belle [Kanawha County]

Belle Acres [Putnam County]

Bellepoint [Summers County]

Belleville [Wood County]

Bellmeade [Mason County]

Bells Ford [Calhoun County]

Bellton [Marshall County]

Bellview [Marion County]

Bellwood [Fayette County]

Belmont [Pleasants County]

Belmont Park [Cabell County]

Belo [Mingo County]

Belva [Fayette County]

Belvedere Heights [Jefferson County]

Belvil Park [Kanawha County]

Bemis [Randolph County]

Ben Creek Spur [Mingo County]

Ben Dale [Lewis County]

Ben Lomond [Mason County]

Ben's Run [Pleasants County]

Benbush [Tucker County]

Bend [Logan County]

Bender [Braxton County]

Bendolph [Marion County]

Bennett [Gilmer County] (H)

Bennett [Lewis County]

Bens Run [Tyler County]

Benson [Harrison County]

Bentons Ferry [Marion County]

Bentree [Clay County]

Benwood [Marshall County]

Benwood Junction [Marshall County]

Berea [Ritchie County]

Bergman [Preston County]

Bergoo [Webster County]

Berkeley [Berkeley County]

Berkeley Place [Berkeley County]

Berkeley Springs [Morgan County]

Berkley Run Junction [Taylor County]

Berlin [Lewis County]

Bernardstown [Webster County]

Bernie [Lincoln County] (H)

Berry Siding [Braxton County]

Berryburg [Barbour County]

Berryburg Junction [Barbour County]

Berryville [Morgan County]

Bert [Tyler County]

Bertha [Logan County]

Bertha [Summers County]

Bertha Hill [Monongalia County]


Berwind [McDowell County]

Beryl [Mineral County]

Besoco [Raleigh County]

Bessemer [Berkeley County]

Beth [Kanawha County]

Bethany [Brooke County]

Bethel [Mercer County] (H)

Bethel Place [Wood County]

Bethesda [Wayne County]

Bethlehem [Harrison County]

Bethlehem [Ohio County]

Betty Zane [Ohio County]

Beulah [Randolph County]

Beulah Hill [Wirt County]

Beury [Fayette County]

Beurytown [Summers County]

Beverly [Randolph County]

Beverly Hills [Cabell County]

Beverly Hills [Marion County]

Bias [Mingo County]

Bickel Estates [Wood County]

Bickmore [Clay County]

Bier [Mineral County]

Bifid [Nicholas County]

Big Battle [Doddridge County] (H)

Big Bend [Summers County]

Big Branch [Wyoming County]

Big Branch Junction [Mercer County]

Big Buffalo [Harrison County]

Big Chimney [Kanawha County]

Big Creek [Logan County]

Big Four [McDowell County]

Big Grave Creek [Marshall County]

Big Isaac [Doddridge County]

Big Moses [Tyler County]

Big Mountain [Boone County]

Big Mountain [Kanawha County]

Big Otter [Clay County]

Big Run [Marion County]

Big Run [Marshall County]

Big Run [Webster County]

Big Run [Wetzel County]

Big Sandy [McDowell County]

Big Sandy [Wayne County]

Big Springs [Calhoun County]

Big Steen [Mason County]

Big Stick [Raleigh County]

Big Sycamore [Clay County]

Bigbend [Calhoun County]

Bigson [Boone County]

Billie [Mercer County] (H)

Billings [Roane County]

Bim [Boone County]

Bingamon [Marion County]

Bingamon Junction [Marion County]

Bingham [Greenbrier County]

Binghamon [Marion County]

Binola [Wood County] (H)


Birch River [Nicholas County]

Birchton [Raleigh County]

Bird [Tyler County]

Birds Creek [Preston County]

Bishop [McDowell County]

Bismarck [Grant County]

Bison [Braxton County]

Black [Wyoming County]

Black Betsey [Putnam County]

Black Bottom [Logan County]

Black Eagle [Wyoming County]

Black Fork [Tucker County]

Black Lick Estates [Putnam County]

Black Oak [Mineral County]

Black Run [Randolph County]

Black Wolf [McDowell County]

Blackberry City [Mingo County]

Blackburn [Gilmer County]

Blackeagle [Wyoming County]

Blackhawk [Kanawha County]

Blackhorse [Hancock County] (H)

Blacksburg [Kanawha County]

Blacksville [Monongalia County]

Blaine [Mineral County]

Blair [Hancock County]

Blair [Jefferson County]

Blair [Logan County]

Blairton [Berkeley County]

Blake [Mercer County] (H)

Blake [Wetzel County]

Blakeley [Kanawha County]

Blakely [Kanawha County]

Blaker Mills [Greenbrier County]

Blanche [Hancock County]

Blandville [Doddridge County]

Blankenship [Wyoming County]

Blaser [Preston County]

Blennerhassett [Wood County]

Blennerhassett Heights [Wood County]

Blennerhassett Island View Addition [Wood County]

Bliss [Braxton County]

Blocton [Mingo County]

Bloomery [Hampshire County]

Bloomery [Jefferson County]

Bloomingrose [Boone County]

Bloomington [Roane County] (H)

Blount [Kanawha County]

Blue [Tyler County]

Blue Bend [Greenbrier County]

Blue Creek [Kanawha County]

Blue Hole [Fayette County]

Blue Jay [Raleigh County]

Blue Jay 6 [Raleigh County]

Blue Jay Junction [Raleigh County]

Blue Ridge Acres [Jefferson County]

Blue Rock [Randolph County]

Blue Spring [Randolph County]

Blue Stone [Monroe County]

Blue Sulpher Springs [Cabell County]

Blue Sulphur [Cabell County]

Blue Sulphur Springs [Greenbrier County]

Bluefield [Mercer County]

Blues Beach [Hampshire County]

Bluestone [Mercer County]

Blueville [Taylor County]

Bluewell [Mercer County]

Bluff [Summers County]

Blundon [Kanawha County]

Bly [Gilmer County]

Board [Mason County]

Board Tree [Marshall County]

Boaz [Wood County]

Bob White [Boone County]

Boggs [Webster County]

Bohon [Tucker County]

Bois [Webster County]

Bolair [Webster County]

Bolin [Lincoln County] (H)

Bolivar [Jefferson County]

Bolt [Raleigh County]

Bomont [Clay County]

Bonami [Kanawha County]

Bond Summit [Harrison County]

Bone Creek [Ritchie County]

Bone Lick [Raleigh County]

Bonnie [Braxton County]

Bonnivale [Wood County]

Booher [Tyler County]

Booker's Mills [Tyler County]

Boomer [Fayette County]

Boone [Fayette County] (H)

Boonesborough [Fayette County]

Booth [Monongalia County]

Booths Creek

Boothsville [Marion County]

Booton [Wayne County]

Borderland [Mingo County]

Boreman [Wood County]

Borgman [Preston County]

Borland [Pleasants County]

Bosworth [Randolph County]

Botsford [Wyoming County]

Bottom Creek [McDowell County]

Boulder [Barbour County]

Bowan Ridge [Cabell County]

Bowden [Randolph County]

Bowen [Wayne County]

Bower [Braxton County]

Bowers Hill [Roane County]

Bowes [Greenbrier County]

Bowlby [Monongalia County]

Bowles [Lincoln County]

Bowlin [Fayette County]

Bowman [Brooke County] (H)

Bownemont [Kanawha County]

Bowyer Creek Junction [Raleigh County]

Box [Pendleton County]

Boyd [Upshur County] (H)

Boyds Ferry [Jefferson County]

Boydville [Berkeley County]

Boyer [Pocahontas County]

Boylen [Barbour County] (H)

Bozoo [Monroe County]

Brabant [Wayne County]

Braden [Tyler County]

Bradens [Ritchie County]

Bradley [Boone County]

Bradley [Raleigh County]

Bradshaw [Logan County]

Bradshaw [McDowell County]

Brady [Monongalia County]

Brady Gate [Randolph County]

Bradyville [Lincoln County]

Braeholm [Logan County]

Braewick Woods [Monongalia County]

Bragg [Raleigh County]

Braggville [Fayette County]

Braithewaite [Hancock County] (H)

Brake [Hardy County]

Bramwell [Mercer County]

Branch [Pendleton County]

Branchfield [Lincoln County]

Branchland [Lincoln County]

Brandonville [Preston County]

Brandy Gap [Harrison County]

Brandywine [Pendleton County]

Brantville [Greenbrier County]

Braucher [Pocahontas County]

Braxton [Braxton County]

Bream [Kanawha County]

Breece [Boone County]

Breeden [Mingo County]

Breedlove [Preston County] (H)

Brenton [Wyoming County]

Bretz [Preston County]

Bretz [Tucker County]

Brewer Hill [Monongalia County]

Brewster [Jackson County]

Brewsterdale [McDowell County]

Brick Church [Wayne County]

Brickchurch [Harrison County]

Bridge Junction [Fayette County]

Bridgeport [Harrison County]

Bridgeport Hill [Harrison County]

Bridgeway [Tyler County]

Brier [Wyoming County]

Brierwood [Wood County]

Bright [Roane County]

Bright Mountain Estates [Nicholas County]

Brighton [Mason County]

Brillian [Putnam County]

Brink [Greenbrier County] (H)

Brink [Wetzel County]

Briscoe [Wood County]

Bristol [Harrison County]

Brittain [Taylor County] (H)

Broad Oaks [Harrison County]

Broaddus [Barbour County]

Broadmoor [Wood County]

Broadmoor Addition [Wood County]

Brohard [Ritchie County]

Bromhurst [Monroe County]

Brooke Haven [Jefferson County]

Brookhaven [Monongalia County]

Brooklin [Raleigh County]

Brooklin [Summers County]

Brooklyn [Fayette County]

Brooklyn [Wetzel County]

Brooklyn Junction [Wetzel County]

Brooks [Summers County]

Brookside [Preston County]

Broomfield [Marion County]

Brosius [Morgan County]

Brounland [Kanawha County]

Brown [Harrison County]

Brown [Preston County]

Brown Creek

Brown Mines [Barbour County]

Brown's [Mason County]

Brown's Mill [Harrison County]

Browning [Jackson County] (H)

Browning [Summers County]

Brownlow [Taylor County]

Browns [Lewis County]

Browns Chapel [Monongalia County]

Browns Corner [Jefferson County]

Browns Creek

Browns Mill [Preston County]

Brownsburg [Pocahontas County]

Brownstown [Cabell County] (H)

Brownstown [Kanawha County]

Brownsville [Fayette County]

Brownsville [Lewis County]

Brownton [Barbour County]

Brownwood [Fayette County]

Bruce [Nicholas County]

Bruceton Mills [Preston County]

Bruin [Calhoun County]

Bruno [Logan County]

Brush Camp Low Place [Randolph County]

Brush Creek [Boone County]

Brush Creek Junction [Boone County]

Brush Fork [Mercer County]

Brushton [Boone County]

Brushy Junction [Greenbrier County] (H)

Brushy Run [Pendleton County]

Bruxton [Randolph County]

Bryan [Marion County]

Bryan [Mason County]

Bryant [Greenbrier County] (H)

Bryce [Fayette County]

Brydon [Taylor County]

Bryson [Raleigh County]

Bubbling Spring [Hampshire County]

Buck [Summers County]

Buck Hill [Lewis County]

Buck Horn [Pendleton County]

Buckeye [Pocahontas County]

Buckhannon [Upshur County]

Buckhorn [Preston County] (H)

Buckingham Acres [Greenbrier County]

Bud [Wyoming County]

Buena [Tucker County] (H)

Buena Vista [Kanawha County]

Buff Lick [Kanawha County]

Buffalo [Jackson County] (H)

Buffalo [Putnam County]

Buffalo Creek [Wayne County]

Buffalo Station [Marion County] (H)

Buffalolick [Roane County] (H)

Buffington [Wood County]

Bula [Monongalia County]

Bulger [Lincoln County]

Bull [Wayne County]

Bull Run [Preston County]

Bulltown [Braxton County]

Bunger's [Greenbrier County]

Bunker Hill [Berkeley County]

Bunker Hill [Kanawha County]

Bunner's [Marion County]

Bunners Ridge [Marion County]

Burch [Logan County]

Burch [Mingo County]

Burchfield [Wetzel County]

Burdett [Putnam County]

Burdette [Greenbrier County]

Burdetts Creek [Greenbrier County]

Burk [Preston County]

Burl [Nicholas County]

Burlington [Mineral County]

Burma [Raleigh County]

Burner [Pocahontas County]

Burnersville [Barbour County]

Burning Springs [Kanawha County]

Burning Springs [Wirt County]

Burnsides [Pocahontas County]

Burnsville [Braxton County]

Burnsville Junction [Braxton County]

Burnt Factory [Morgan County]

Burnt House [Ritchie County]

Burnwell [Kanawha County]

Burr [Pocahontas County]

Burton [Wetzel County]

Buskirk Addition [Logan County]

Butchersville [Lewis County]

Butler [Mason County]

Buttercup [Mingo County]

Byrd [Jefferson County]

Byrne [Marion County]

Byrnside [Putnam County]

Byron [Marion County]


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