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Nearest Communities to Summit, By-County ...

The purpose of this page is to identify those communities that are closest to Summit, on a County-by-County basis. To explain further, let's use the example from the Genealogy Helper Page for Summit:

We have great-grandparents who lived in a small community in the southeast corner of their home county. During their lives, most doctors and hospitals were in the next county to the east. Almost all of the nearby churches and cemeteries were in the county to the south.

When doing our research, we make it a practice to expand our search by looking in neighboring counties in addition to the county in which they lived:  their home county contained property and probate records; the county to the east contained birth and death records; the county to the south contained their burial records. If we hadn't checked the neighboring counties, we would have missed many valuable sources of information.

Keep in mind that when we give a distance, it's a 'straight-line' distance starting from Summit and not the distance if you drove it.<1>

If you're researching your genealogy, we hope that the following following information helps.

Summit is located in King County.

The following 4 counties adjoin and form the boundaries of King County: Chelan, Kittitas, Pierce & Snohomish.

Our Gazetteer shows that there are 760 communities within 40 miles [64.4 km] of Summit. Of these communities, 352 are located in counties other than King County.

We usually exclude communities when we still need to verify their location,<2> but for the purpose of this page, we have included the unverified ('unver') and historic ('hist') communities.

After starting with the home county for Summit (which is King County), we list the counties in alphabetical order and for each of those counties, the closest communities are listed in order of their distance from Summit. For the following list, only those counties that contain communities within 40 miles [64.4 km] are displayed.

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King County     (The county where Summit resides)
Given the large number of communities that are located in King County, we have limited the list to those within 14 miles [22.5 km] of Summit (about 100 communities).
County Website:
County Seat for King:   Seattle
Genealogy Websites:
State of Washington       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
King County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Note: The western boundary of the county is on Pudget Sound.
Danville (Unver)     [Map]     W   Less than 2 miles
Ravensdale     [Map]     E   Less than 2 miles
Arcadia (Unver)     [Map]     N   Less than 2 miles
Orchard Grove     [Map]     N   Less than 2 miles
Tahoma (Unver)     [Map]     N   Less than 2 miles
Noble (Unver)     [Map]     NE   Less than 2 miles
Wilderness (Unver)     [Map]     NW   Less than 2 miles
Henrys (Unver)     [Map]     S   Less than 2 miles
Cherokee Bay Park (Unver)     [Map]     W   Less than 2 miles
Maple Valley     [Map]     W   Less than 2 miles
Georgetown (Unver)     [Map]     E   2 miles [3.2 km]
Landsburg     [Map]     E   2 miles [3.2 km]
Dorre Don (Unver)     [Map]     N   2 miles [3.2 km]
Wilderness Village     [Map]     NW   2 miles [3.2 km]
Timberlane (Unver)     [Map]     W   2 miles [3.2 km]
Atkinson (Unver)     [Map]     N   3 miles [4.8 km]
Black Diamond     [Map]     S   3 miles [4.8 km]
Morganville (Unver)     [Map]     S   3 miles [4.8 km]
One Hundred One Pines     [Map]     S   3 miles [4.8 km]
Lake Morton (Unver)     [Map]     SW   3 miles [4.8 km]
Covington     [Map]     W   3 miles [4.8 km]
Hobart     [Map]     NE   4 miles [6.4 km]
Trude (Unver)     [Map]     NE   4 miles [6.4 km]
Lake Morton-Berrydale     [Map]     SW   4 miles [6.4 km]
Meridian Heights (Unver)     [Map]     W   4 miles [6.4 km]
Cedar Grove (Unver)     [Map]     N   5 miles [8 km]
Kummer (Unver)     [Map]     S   5 miles [8 km]
Franklin (Hist)     [Map]     SE   5 miles [8 km]
Green River (Unver)     [Map]     SW   5 miles [8 km]
Berrydale (Unver)     [Map]     W   5 miles [8 km]
Durham (Unver)     [Map]     E   6 miles [9.7 km]
Kanaskat Junction (Unver)     [Map]     E   6 miles [9.7 km]
Kangley     [Map]     E   6 miles [9.7 km]
Mirrormount Estates (Unver)     [Map]     N   6 miles [9.7 km]
Cedar Mountain (Unver)     [Map]     NW   6 miles [9.7 km]
Lake Desire (Unver)     [Map]     NW   6 miles [9.7 km]
Maple Heights-Lake Desire     [Map]     NW   6 miles [9.7 km]
Bayne Junction (Unver)     [Map]     SE   6 miles [9.7 km]
Bayne (Unver)     [Map]     SE   6 miles [9.7 km]
Cumberland (Unver)     [Map]     SE   6 miles [9.7 km]
Kanaskat     [Map]     SE   6 miles [9.7 km]
Palmer Junction (Unver)     [Map]     SE   6 miles [9.7 km]
Palmer (Unver)     [Map]     SE   6 miles [9.7 km]
Wynaco (Unver)     [Map]     SW   6 miles [9.7 km]
Barneston (Unver)     [Map]     E   7 miles [11.3 km]
Selleck (Unver)     [Map]     E   7 miles [11.3 km]
Maple Hills (Unver)     [Map]     N   7 miles [11.3 km]
Mirrormont     [Map]     N   7 miles [11.3 km]
Maple Valley Heights (Unver)     [Map]     NW   7 miles [11.3 km]
Naco (Unver)     [Map]     SE   7 miles [11.3 km]
Lea Hill     [Map]     W   7 miles [11.3 km]
Bagley Junction (Unver)     [Map]     E   8 miles [12.9 km]
Fairwood (Unver)     [Map]     NW   8 miles [12.9 km]
Krain (Unver)     [Map]     S   8 miles [12.9 km]
Veazie (Unver)     [Map]     S   8 miles [12.9 km]
Wabash (Unver)     [Map]     S   8 miles [12.9 km]
Newaukum (Unver)     [Map]     SW   8 miles [12.9 km]
East Hill (Unver)     [Map]     W   8 miles [12.9 km]
Snoose Junction (Unver)     [Map]     E   9 miles [14.5 km]
High Valley (Unver)     [Map]     N   9 miles [14.5 km]
Kerriston (Hist)     [Map]     NE   9 miles [14.5 km]
Benson Hill (Unver)     [Map]     NW   9 miles [14.5 km]
Cascade (Unver)     [Map]     NW   9 miles [14.5 km]
East Renton Highlands     [Map]     NW   9 miles [14.5 km]
Elliott (Unver)     [Map]     NW   9 miles [14.5 km]
Maplewood Heights (Unver)     [Map]     NW   9 miles [14.5 km]
Maplewood (Unver)     [Map]     NW   9 miles [14.5 km]
Birch (Unver)     [Map]     S   9 miles [14.5 km]
Kent     [Map]     W   9 miles [14.5 km]
Thomas (Unver)     [Map]     W   9 miles [14.5 km]
Coalfield (Unver)     [Map]     NW   10 miles [16.1 km]
Enumclaw     [Map]     S   10 miles [16.1 km]
Auburn     [Map]     SW   10 miles [16.1 km]
Christopher (Unver)     [Map]     W   10 miles [16.1 km]
Meredith (Unver)     [Map]     W   10 miles [16.1 km]
O'Brien (Unver)     [Map]     W   10 miles [16.1 km]
Upper Preston (Unver)     [Map]     NE   11 miles [17.7 km]
Highlands Park (Unver)     [Map]     NW   11 miles [17.7 km]
Orillia     [Map]     NW   11 miles [17.7 km]
Osceola     [Map]     S   11 miles [17.7 km]
Lemolo (Unver)     [Map]     SE   11 miles [17.7 km]
Stuck (Unver)     [Map]     SW   11 miles [17.7 km]
Cedar Falls (Unver)     [Map]     E   12 miles [19.3 km]
Page (Unver)     [Map]     E   12 miles [19.3 km]
High Point (Unver)     [Map]     N   12 miles [19.3 km]
Issaquah     [Map]     N   12 miles [19.3 km]
Preston     [Map]     N   12 miles [19.3 km]
Renton     [Map]     NW   12 miles [19.3 km]
Boise (Unver)     [Map]     S   12 miles [19.3 km]
Upper Mill (Unver)     [Map]     S   12 miles [19.3 km]
Algona     [Map]     SW   12 miles [19.3 km]
Pacific     [Map]     SW   12 miles [19.3 km]
Lakeland (Unver)     [Map]     W   12 miles [19.3 km]
Midway (Unver)     [Map]     W   12 miles [19.3 km]
Star Lake (Unver)     [Map]     W   12 miles [19.3 km]
Harman Heights (Unver)     [Map]     NE   13 miles [20.9 km]
Bryn Mawr (Unver)     [Map]     NW   13 miles [20.9 km]
Coal Creek (Unver)     [Map]     NW   13 miles [20.9 km]
McMicken Heights (Unver)     [Map]     NW   13 miles [20.9 km]
Newcastle     [Map]     NW   13 miles [20.9 km]
Tukwila     [Map]     NW   13 miles [20.9 km]
Federal Way     [Map]     W   13 miles [20.9 km]
Woodmont Beach     [Map]     W   13 miles [20.9 km]
Cougar Hills (Unver)     [Map]     N   14 miles [22.5 km]
North Bend     [Map]     NE   14 miles [22.5 km]
Riverbend     [Map]     NE   14 miles [22.5 km]
Snoqualmie     [Map]     NE   14 miles [22.5 km]
Foster (Unver)     [Map]     NW   14 miles [22.5 km]
Hilltop (Unver)     [Map]     NW   14 miles [22.5 km]
Kennydale (Unver)     [Map]     NW   14 miles [22.5 km]
Lakeridge (Unver)     [Map]     NW   14 miles [22.5 km]
May Creek (Unver)     [Map]     NW   14 miles [22.5 km]
McVan (Unver)     [Map]     NW   14 miles [22.5 km]
Newport Hills     [Map]     NW   14 miles [22.5 km]
SeaTac     [Map]     NW   14 miles [22.5 km]
Skyway (Unver)     [Map]     NW   14 miles [22.5 km]
Tamill (Unver)     [Map]     NW   14 miles [22.5 km]
Jovita (Unver)     [Map]     SW   14 miles [22.5 km]
Des Moines     [Map]     W   14 miles [22.5 km]
Kitts Corner (Unver)     [Map]     W   14 miles [22.5 km]
North Hill     [Map]     W   14 miles [22.5 km]
Redondo     [Map]     W   14 miles [22.5 km]
Zenith (Unver)     [Map]     W   14 miles [22.5 km]

Kitsap County
Given the large number of communities that are located in Kitsap County, we have limited the list to those within 40 miles [64.4 km] of Summit (about 100 communities).
County Website:
County Seat for Kitsap:   Port Orchard
Genealogy Websites:
State of Washington       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Kitsap County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Note: The western boundary of the county is on Pudget Sound.
Southworth     [Map]     NW   24 miles [38.6 km]
Fragaria (Unver)     [Map]     W   24 miles [38.6 km]
Olalla     [Map]     W   24 miles [38.6 km]
Harper (Unver)     [Map]     NW   25 miles [40.2 km]
Banner (Unver)     [Map]     W   25 miles [40.2 km]
South Colby     [Map]     NW   26 miles [41.8 km]
Colby (Unver)     [Map]     NW   27 miles [43.5 km]
Colchester (Unver)     [Map]     NW   27 miles [43.5 km]
Fort Ward     [Map]     NW   27 miles [43.5 km]
Manchester     [Map]     NW   27 miles [43.5 km]
South Beach (Unver)     [Map]     NW   27 miles [43.5 km]
Creosote (Unver)     [Map]     NW   28 miles [45.1 km]
Eagledale (Unver)     [Map]     NW   28 miles [45.1 km]
Port Blakely (Hist)     [Map]     NW   28 miles [45.1 km]
South Park Village     [Map]     NW   28 miles [45.1 km]
Burley     [Map]     W   28 miles [45.1 km]
Bainbridge Island     [Map]     NW   29 miles [46.7 km]
Hawley (Unver)     [Map]     NW   29 miles [46.7 km]
Lynwood Center (Unver)     [Map]     NW   29 miles [46.7 km]
Orchard Heights (Unver)     [Map]     NW   29 miles [46.7 km]
Parkwood     [Map]     NW   29 miles [46.7 km]
Waterman Point (Unver)     [Map]     NW   29 miles [46.7 km]
Waterman (Unver)     [Map]     NW   29 miles [46.7 km]
Wautauga Beach (Unver)     [Map]     NW   29 miles [46.7 km]
West Blakely (Unver)     [Map]     NW   29 miles [46.7 km]
Yeomalt     [Map]     NW   29 miles [46.7 km]
Conifer Park (Unver)     [Map]     W   29 miles [46.7 km]
Annapolis (Unver)     [Map]     NW   30 miles [48.3 km]
Bainbridge Grange (Unver)     [Map]     NW   30 miles [48.3 km]
Bainbridge (Unver)     [Map]     NW   30 miles [48.3 km]
Crystal Springs (Unver)     [Map]     NW   30 miles [48.3 km]
Ferncliff (Unver)     [Map]     NW   30 miles [48.3 km]
Manitou Beach     [Map]     NW   30 miles [48.3 km]
Point White (Unver)     [Map]     NW   30 miles [48.3 km]
Retsil     [Map]     NW   30 miles [48.3 km]
Bethel     [Map]     W   30 miles [48.3 km]
East Port Orchard     [Map]     W   30 miles [48.3 km]
Bremerton     [Map]     NW   31 miles [49.9 km]
Enetai (Unver)     [Map]     NW   31 miles [49.9 km]
Manette (Unver)     [Map]     NW   31 miles [49.9 km]
Port Orchard     [Map]     NW   31 miles [49.9 km]
Rolling Bay     [Map]     NW   31 miles [49.9 km]
Westwood (Unver)     [Map]     NW   31 miles [49.9 km]
Fernwood (Unver)     [Map]     W   31 miles [49.9 km]
Glenwood (Unver)     [Map]     W   31 miles [49.9 km]
Wildwood (Unver)     [Map]     W   31 miles [49.9 km]
Charleston (Unver)     [Map]     NW   32 miles [51.5 km]
East Bremerton (Unver)     [Map]     NW   32 miles [51.5 km]
Fletcher Bay (Unver)     [Map]     NW   32 miles [51.5 km]
Illahee (Unver)     [Map]     NW   32 miles [51.5 km]
Kariotis (Unver)     [Map]     NW   32 miles [51.5 km]
Navy Yard City     [Map]     NW   32 miles [51.5 km]
Sheridan Park (Unver)     [Map]     NW   32 miles [51.5 km]
Battle Point (Unver)     [Map]     NW   33 miles [53.1 km]
Eastwood (Unver)     [Map]     NW   33 miles [53.1 km]
Gilberton (Unver)     [Map]     NW   33 miles [53.1 km]
Madrona Heights (Unver)     [Map]     NW   33 miles [53.1 km]
Manzanita (Unver)     [Map]     NW   33 miles [53.1 km]
Meadowdale (Unver)     [Map]     NW   33 miles [53.1 km]
Port Madison (Unver)     [Map]     NW   33 miles [53.1 km]
Sheridan     [Map]     NW   33 miles [53.1 km]
Tolo (Unver)     [Map]     NW   33 miles [53.1 km]
Treemont (Unver)     [Map]     NW   33 miles [53.1 km]
Trikkala (Unver)     [Map]     NW   33 miles [53.1 km]
Venice (Unver)     [Map]     NW   33 miles [53.1 km]
West Park (Unver)     [Map]     NW   33 miles [53.1 km]
West Port Madison (Unver)     [Map]     NW   33 miles [53.1 km]
Sherman Heights (Unver)     [Map]     W   33 miles [53.1 km]
Agate Point (Unver)     [Map]     NW   34 miles [54.7 km]
Brownsville (Unver)     [Map]     NW   34 miles [54.7 km]
Johansons Corner (Unver)     [Map]     NW   34 miles [54.7 km]
Madrona Point (Unver)     [Map]     NW   34 miles [54.7 km]
Marine Drive (Unver)     [Map]     NW   34 miles [54.7 km]
Parkwood East (Unver)     [Map]     NW   34 miles [54.7 km]
Rocky Point (Unver)     [Map]     NW   34 miles [54.7 km]
Seabold (Unver)     [Map]     NW   34 miles [54.7 km]
Tracyton     [Map]     NW   34 miles [54.7 km]
Gorst     [Map]     W   34 miles [54.7 km]
Country Lane (Unver)     [Map]     NW   35 miles [56.3 km]
Erlands Point-Kitsap Lake     [Map]     NW   35 miles [56.3 km]
Erlands Point (Unver)     [Map]     NW   35 miles [56.3 km]
Fairview (Unver)     [Map]     NW   35 miles [56.3 km]
Huckle Ridge (Unver)     [Map]     NW   35 miles [56.3 km]
Indianola     [Map]     NW   35 miles [56.3 km]
Jackson Park (Unver)     [Map]     NW   35 miles [56.3 km]
Kitsap Lake (Unver)     [Map]     NW   35 miles [56.3 km]
Suquamish     [Map]     NW   35 miles [56.3 km]
Bremerton Junction (Unver)     [Map]     W   35 miles [56.3 km]
Central Valley (Unver)     [Map]     NW   36 miles [57.9 km]
Chico (Unver)     [Map]     NW   36 miles [57.9 km]
Keyport     [Map]     NW   36 miles [57.9 km]
Naval Depot Junction (Unver)     [Map]     NW   36 miles [57.9 km]
Belfair (Unver)     [Map]     W   36 miles [57.9 km]
Eldorado Hills (Unver)     [Map]     NW   37 miles [59.5 km]
Kingston     [Map]     NW   37 miles [59.5 km]
Lemolo (Unver)     [Map]     NW   37 miles [59.5 km]
Pearson (Unver)     [Map]     NW   37 miles [59.5 km]
Silverdale     [Map]     NW   37 miles [59.5 km]
Virginia (Unver)     [Map]     NW   37 miles [59.5 km]
Lincoln (Unver)     [Map]     NW   38 miles [61.2 km]
Poulsbo     [Map]     NW   38 miles [61.2 km]
Scandia (Unver)     [Map]     NW   38 miles [61.2 km]
Wildcat Lake (Unver)     [Map]     NW   38 miles [61.2 km]
Striebels Corner (Unver)     [Map]     NW   39 miles [62.8 km]
Sunset Farm (Unver)     [Map]     NW   39 miles [62.8 km]
Lawters Beach (Unver)     [Map]     NW   40 miles [64.4 km]
Olympic View (Unver)     [Map]     NW   40 miles [64.4 km]
Rose Point (Unver)     [Map]     NW   40 miles [64.4 km]
Warrenville (Unver)     [Map]     NW   40 miles [64.4 km]

Kittitas County
County Website:
County Seat for Kittitas:   Ellensburg
Genealogy Websites:
State of Washington       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Kittitas County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Note: The western boundary of the county is on Pudget Sound.
Hyak (Unver)     [Map]     E   29 miles [46.7 km]
Snoqualmie Pass     [Map]     E   29 miles [46.7 km]
Martin (Unver)     [Map]     E   33 miles [53.1 km]
Whittier (Unver)     [Map]     E   33 miles [53.1 km]
Kachess Resort (Unver)     [Map]     E   35 miles [56.3 km]
Cabin Creek     [Map]     E   37 miles [59.5 km]
Easton     [Map]     E   40 miles [64.4 km]

Mason County
County Website:
County Seat for Mason:   Shelton
Genealogy Websites:
State of Washington       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Mason County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Note: The western boundary of the county is on Pudget Sound.
Allyn     [Map]     W   37 miles [59.5 km]
Fair Harbor (Unver)     [Map]     W   37 miles [59.5 km]
Victor (Unver)     [Map]     W   37 miles [59.5 km]
Belfair     [Map]     W   38 miles [61.2 km]
Detroit (Hist)     [Map]     W   38 miles [61.2 km]
Grapeview     [Map]     W   38 miles [61.2 km]
Rose Point (Unver)     [Map]     W   39 miles [62.8 km]
Ballow (Unver)     [Map]     W   40 miles [64.4 km]
Hartstene (Unver)     [Map]     W   40 miles [64.4 km]
Sunset Beach (Unver)     [Map]     W   40 miles [64.4 km]

Pierce County
Given the large number of communities that are located in Pierce County, we have limited the list to those within 29 miles [46.7 km] of Summit (about 100 communities).
County Website:
County Seat for Pierce:   Tacoma
Genealogy Websites:
State of Washington       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Pierce County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Note: The western boundary of the county is on Pudget Sound.
Lake Tapps     [Map]     SW   11 miles [17.7 km]
Dieringer (Unver)     [Map]     SW   12 miles [19.3 km]
Buckley     [Map]     S   13 miles [20.9 km]
Benroy (Unver)     [Map]     SW   13 miles [20.9 km]
Bonney Lake     [Map]     SW   14 miles [22.5 km]
Cedarview (Unver)     [Map]     SW   14 miles [22.5 km]
Edgewood     [Map]     SW   14 miles [22.5 km]
Sumner     [Map]     SW   14 miles [22.5 km]
Cascade Junction (Unver)     [Map]     S   15 miles [24.1 km]
South Prairie     [Map]     S   15 miles [24.1 km]
Milton     [Map]     SW   15 miles [24.1 km]
Ponderosa Estates (Unver)     [Map]     SW   15 miles [24.1 km]
Rhododendron Park (Unver)     [Map]     SW   15 miles [24.1 km]
Burnett (Unver)     [Map]     S   16 miles [25.7 km]
Prairie Ridge     [Map]     S   16 miles [25.7 km]
Alderton     [Map]     SW   16 miles [25.7 km]
Fife Heights (Unver)     [Map]     SW   16 miles [25.7 km]
North Puyallup     [Map]     SW   16 miles [25.7 km]
Wilkeson     [Map]     S   17 miles [27.4 km]
Fife     [Map]     SW   17 miles [27.4 km]
Firwood (Hist)     [Map]     SW   17 miles [27.4 km]
Gardenville (Hist)     [Map]     SW   17 miles [27.4 km]
Meeker (Unver)     [Map]     SW   17 miles [27.4 km]
Puyallup     [Map]     SW   17 miles [27.4 km]
Northeast Tacoma     [Map]     W   17 miles [27.4 km]
McMillin     [Map]     SW   18 miles [29 km]
Dash Point     [Map]     W   18 miles [29 km]
Carbonado     [Map]     S   19 miles [30.6 km]
Croker (Unver)     [Map]     S   19 miles [30.6 km]
South Hill     [Map]     SW   19 miles [30.6 km]
Tacoma Junction (Unver)     [Map]     SW   19 miles [30.6 km]
Waller     [Map]     SW   19 miles [30.6 km]
Caledonia (Unver)     [Map]     W   19 miles [30.6 km]
Orting     [Map]     SW   20 miles [32.2 km]
Salishan (Unver)     [Map]     SW   20 miles [32.2 km]
Summit     [Map]     SW   20 miles [32.2 km]
Browns Point (Unver)     [Map]     W   20 miles [32.2 km]
Tacoma     [Map]     W   20 miles [32.2 km]
Old Tacoma (Unver)     [Map]     W   21 miles [33.8 km]
Melmont (Hist)     [Map]     S   22 miles [35.4 km]
Greenwater     [Map]     SE   22 miles [35.4 km]
Brookdale (Unver)     [Map]     SW   22 miles [35.4 km]
Hillsdale (Unver)     [Map]     SW   22 miles [35.4 km]
Midland     [Map]     SW   22 miles [35.4 km]
Cebalop (Hist)     [Map]     W   22 miles [35.4 km]
Allison (Unver)     [Map]     SW   23 miles [37 km]
Excelsior (Unver)     [Map]     SW   23 miles [37 km]
Fern Hill (Unver)     [Map]     SW   23 miles [37 km]
Larchmont (Unver)     [Map]     SW   23 miles [37 km]
Oakland (Unver)     [Map]     SW   23 miles [37 km]
Thrift (Unver)     [Map]     SW   23 miles [37 km]
Ruston     [Map]     W   23 miles [37 km]
Fairfax (Unver)     [Map]     S   24 miles [38.6 km]
Upper Fairfax (Unver)     [Map]     S   24 miles [38.6 km]
Berkeley (Unver)     [Map]     SW   24 miles [38.6 km]
Frederickson     [Map]     SW   24 miles [38.6 km]
Graham     [Map]     SW   24 miles [38.6 km]
Manitou (Unver)     [Map]     SW   24 miles [38.6 km]
Parkland     [Map]     SW   24 miles [38.6 km]
South Tacoma (Unver)     [Map]     SW   24 miles [38.6 km]
Fircrest     [Map]     W   24 miles [38.6 km]
Fort Nisqually (Unver)     [Map]     W   24 miles [38.6 km]
Puyallup River Junction (Unver)     [Map]     S   25 miles [40.2 km]
Monta Vista (Unver)     [Map]     SW   25 miles [40.2 km]
Maplewood (Unver)     [Map]     W   25 miles [40.2 km]
Electron (Unver)     [Map]     S   26 miles [41.8 km]
Custer (Unver)     [Map]     SW   26 miles [41.8 km]
Lakeview (Unver)     [Map]     SW   26 miles [41.8 km]
Lakewood     [Map]     SW   26 miles [41.8 km]
Peach Acres (Unver)     [Map]     SW   26 miles [41.8 km]
Spanaway     [Map]     SW   26 miles [41.8 km]
Tanwax (Unver)     [Map]     SW   26 miles [41.8 km]
Canterwood (Unver)     [Map]     W   26 miles [41.8 km]
Gig Harbor     [Map]     W   26 miles [41.8 km]
Harbor Heights (Unver)     [Map]     W   26 miles [41.8 km]
Midway (Unver)     [Map]     W   26 miles [41.8 km]
Shore Acres (Unver)     [Map]     W   26 miles [41.8 km]
Titlow (Unver)     [Map]     W   26 miles [41.8 km]
University Place     [Map]     W   26 miles [41.8 km]
Kapowsin     [Map]     S   27 miles [43.5 km]
Clinton Park (Unver)     [Map]     SW   27 miles [43.5 km]
Clover Park (Unver)     [Map]     SW   27 miles [43.5 km]
Elk Plain     [Map]     SW   27 miles [43.5 km]
Loveland (Unver)     [Map]     SW   27 miles [43.5 km]
Bayview (Unver)     [Map]     W   27 miles [43.5 km]
East Cromwell (Unver)     [Map]     W   27 miles [43.5 km]
Magnolia Heights (Unver)     [Map]     W   27 miles [43.5 km]
Sunset Beach (Unver)     [Map]     W   27 miles [43.5 km]
Wollochet (Unver)     [Map]     W   27 miles [43.5 km]
Voss Resort (Unver)     [Map]     S   28 miles [45.1 km]
Interlaken (Unver)     [Map]     SW   28 miles [45.1 km]
Jims Corner (Unver)     [Map]     SW   28 miles [45.1 km]
Lake City     [Map]     SW   28 miles [45.1 km]
Pioneer (Unver)     [Map]     SW   28 miles [45.1 km]
Ponders Corner (Unver)     [Map]     SW   28 miles [45.1 km]
Rocky Ridge (Unver)     [Map]     SW   28 miles [45.1 km]
Artondale     [Map]     W   28 miles [45.1 km]
Cromwell (Unver)     [Map]     W   28 miles [45.1 km]
Hope (Unver)     [Map]     W   28 miles [45.1 km]
Purdy (Unver)     [Map]     W   28 miles [45.1 km]
Swede Hill (Unver)     [Map]     W   28 miles [45.1 km]
Ohop (Unver)     [Map]     S   29 miles [46.7 km]
American Lake Garden Tract (Unver)     [Map]     SW   29 miles [46.7 km]
Hillhurst (Unver)     [Map]     SW   29 miles [46.7 km]
Castlenook (Hist)     [Map]     W   29 miles [46.7 km]
Fox Island     [Map]     W   29 miles [46.7 km]
Rosedale (Unver)     [Map]     W   29 miles [46.7 km]
Wauna     [Map]     W   29 miles [46.7 km]

Snohomish County
County Website:
County Seat for Snohomish:   Everett
Genealogy Websites:
State of Washington       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Snohomish County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Note: The western boundary of the county is on Pudget Sound.
Echo Lake     [Map]     N   29 miles [46.7 km]
Grace (Unver)     [Map]     N   29 miles [46.7 km]
Pearson Eddy (Unver)     [Map]     N   29 miles [46.7 km]
Maltby     [Map]     N   30 miles [48.3 km]
Brier     [Map]     N   31 miles [49.9 km]
Canyon Park     [Map]     N   31 miles [49.9 km]
High Rock (Unver)     [Map]     N   31 miles [49.9 km]
Turner Corner (Unver)     [Map]     N   31 miles [49.9 km]
Kennard Corner (Unver)     [Map]     N   32 miles [51.5 km]
North Creek     [Map]     N   32 miles [51.5 km]
Thrashers Corner (Unver)     [Map]     N   32 miles [51.5 km]
Firdale (Unver)     [Map]     NW   32 miles [51.5 km]
Mountlake Terrace     [Map]     NW   32 miles [51.5 km]
Cathcart     [Map]     N   33 miles [53.1 km]
Clearview     [Map]     N   33 miles [53.1 km]
Cedar Valley (Unver)     [Map]     NW   33 miles [53.1 km]
Esperance     [Map]     NW   33 miles [53.1 km]
Alderwood Manor     [Map]     N   34 miles [54.7 km]
Monroe Junction (Unver)     [Map]     N   34 miles [54.7 km]
Monroe     [Map]     N   34 miles [54.7 km]
Wintermutes Corner (Unver)     [Map]     N   34 miles [54.7 km]
Lynnwood     [Map]     NW   34 miles [54.7 km]
Seattle Heights (Unver)     [Map]     NW   34 miles [54.7 km]
Woodway     [Map]     NW   34 miles [54.7 km]
Fryelands (Unver)     [Map]     N   35 miles [56.3 km]
Martha Lake     [Map]     N   35 miles [56.3 km]
Mill Creek     [Map]     N   35 miles [56.3 km]
Rees Corner (Unver)     [Map]     N   35 miles [56.3 km]
Wagner (Unver)     [Map]     N   35 miles [56.3 km]
Woodruff (Unver)     [Map]     N   35 miles [56.3 km]
Edmonds     [Map]     NW   35 miles [56.3 km]
Perrinville (Unver)     [Map]     NW   35 miles [56.3 km]
Beverly Acres (Unver)     [Map]     N   36 miles [57.9 km]
Murphys Corner (Unver)     [Map]     N   36 miles [57.9 km]
Osborn Corner     [Map]     N   36 miles [57.9 km]
Picnic Point-North Lynnwood     [Map]     N   36 miles [57.9 km]
Roosevelt (Unver)     [Map]     N   36 miles [57.9 km]
Seattle Hill-Silver Firs     [Map]     N   36 miles [57.9 km]
Sultan     [Map]     N   36 miles [57.9 km]
Woods Creek     [Map]     N   36 miles [57.9 km]
Meadowdale (Unver)     [Map]     NW   36 miles [57.9 km]
Bromart (Unver)     [Map]     N   37 miles [59.5 km]
Lake Stickney     [Map]     N   37 miles [59.5 km]
Larimers Corner     [Map]     N   37 miles [59.5 km]
North Lynnwood (Unver)     [Map]     N   37 miles [59.5 km]
North Sultan     [Map]     N   37 miles [59.5 km]
Serene (Unver)     [Map]     N   37 miles [59.5 km]
South Snohomish (Unver)     [Map]     N   37 miles [59.5 km]
Startup     [Map]     N   37 miles [59.5 km]
Gold Bar     [Map]     NE   37 miles [59.5 km]
May Creek     [Map]     NE   37 miles [59.5 km]
Reiter (Unver)     [Map]     NE   37 miles [59.5 km]
Fairmont (Unver)     [Map]     N   38 miles [61.2 km]
Harbour Pointe     [Map]     N   38 miles [61.2 km]
Paine Field-Lake Stickney     [Map]     N   38 miles [61.2 km]
Snohomish     [Map]     N   38 miles [61.2 km]
Halford (Unver)     [Map]     NE   38 miles [61.2 km]
Index     [Map]     NE   38 miles [61.2 km]
Casino Corner (Unver)     [Map]     N   39 miles [62.8 km]
Intercity (Unver)     [Map]     N   39 miles [62.8 km]
Jamison Corner (Unver)     [Map]     N   39 miles [62.8 km]
Fobes Hill (Unver)     [Map]     N   40 miles [64.4 km]
Nelsons Corner     [Map]     N   40 miles [64.4 km]
Pinehurst (Unver)     [Map]     N   40 miles [64.4 km]
Three Lakes     [Map]     N   40 miles [64.4 km]

Thurston County
County Website:
County Seat for Thurston:   Olympia
Genealogy Websites:
State of Washington       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Thurston County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails      
Note: The western boundary of the county is on Pudget Sound.
Beachcrest (Unver)     [Map]     SW   38 miles [61.2 km]
Nisqually (Unver)     [Map]     SW   38 miles [61.2 km]
North Yelm     [Map]     SW   38 miles [61.2 km]
Five Corners (Unver)     [Map]     SW   39 miles [62.8 km]
Four Corners (Unver)     [Map]     SW   39 miles [62.8 km]
Nisqually Indian Community     [Map]     SW   39 miles [62.8 km]
Yelm     [Map]     SW   39 miles [62.8 km]
Puget (Unver)     [Map]     W   39 miles [62.8 km]
Saint Clair (Unver)     [Map]     SW   40 miles [64.4 km]

Yakima County
County Website:
County Seat for Yakima:   Yakima
Genealogy Websites:
State of Washington       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Yakima County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Note: The western boundary of the county is on Pudget Sound.
Cougar Valley (Unver)     [Map]     SE   39 miles [62.8 km]

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Our distance measurements begin at a specific point in Summit. The point that we are using is located at these GPS coordinates - Latitude: 47.3612, Longitude: -122.0204     [Map].   In this case, the coordinates for Summit have been provided by the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS).

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We use the term 'Historic' broadly and it generally means that the community no longer exists. However, it can also mean that the community might still exist, but was larger or had a more 'official' existence in the past than it does now.

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