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The Communities of New York (NY)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Mabbettsville [Dutchess County]

MacDonnell Heights [Dutchess County]

MacDougall [Seneca County]

Macedon [Wayne County]

Macedon Center [Wayne County]

Machias [Cattaraugus County]

Machias Junction [Cattaraugus County]

Mackey [Schoharie County]

Macomb [Saint Lawrence County]

Madalin [Dutchess County]

Madawaska [Saint Lawrence County]

Madison [Madison County]

Madison Center [Madison County]

Madison Park [Suffolk County]

Madison Square [New York County]

Madrid [Saint Lawrence County]

Madrid Springs [Saint Lawrence County]

Magee [Seneca County]

Magee's Corners [Seneca County]

Magnolia [Chautauqua County]

Mahopac [Putnam County]

Mahopac Falls [Putnam County]

Mahopac Hills [Putnam County]

Mahopac Mines [Putnam County]

Mahopac Point [Putnam County]

Mahopac Ridge [Putnam County]

Mahopav Falls [Putnam County]

Mahwah [Rockland County]

Maidstone Park [Suffolk County]

Main Settlement [Cattaraugus County]

Main Village [Erie County]

Main-Mill [Erie County]

Maine [Broome County]

Maine [Cattaraugus County]

Malba [Queens County]

Malcom [Seneca County]

Malden [Ulster County]
Other names:

Malden Bridge [Columbia County]

See: Malden

Mallory [Oswego County]

Mallory Corner [Otsego County]

Malloryville [Tompkins County]

Malone [Franklin County]

Malone Junction [Franklin County]

Malta [Saratoga County]

Malta Gardens [Saratoga County]

Malta Meadows [Saratoga County]

Malta Ridge [Saratoga County]

Maltaville [Saratoga County]

Maltbie Heights [Cattaraugus County]

Malverne [Nassau County]

Malverne Park Oaks [Nassau County]

Mamakating [Sullivan County]

Mamakating Park [Sullivan County]

Mamaroneck [Westchester County]

Manchester [Ontario County]

Manchester Bridge [Dutchess County]

Manchester Center [Ontario County]

Mandana [Onondaga County]

Manhasset [Nassau County]

Manhasset Hills [Nassau County]

Manhassett [Queens County]

Manhattan [New York County]

Manhattan Beach [Kings County]

Manhattan Park [Westchester County]

Manhattanville [New York County]

Manheim Center [Herkimer County]

Manilius Station [Onondaga County]

Manitou [Putnam County]

Manitou Beach [Monroe County]

Manlius [Onondaga County]

Manlius Center [Onondaga County]

Manning [Orleans County]

Mannings Cove [Saratoga County]

Manningville [Broome County]

Manns Corner [Monroe County]

Mannsville [Jefferson County]

Mannville [Albany County]

Manny Corners [Montgomery County]

Manor Station [Suffolk County]

Manorhaven [Nassau County]

Manorkill [Schoharie County]

Manorton [Columbia County]

Manorville [Suffolk County]

Manorville [Ulster County]

Mansfield [Cattaraugus County]

Mapes [Allegany County]

Maple Bay [Chautauqua County]

Maple Bay [Onondaga County]

Maple Beach [Livingston County]

Maple Flats [Oneida County]

Maple Glen [Sullivan County]

Maple Grove [Hamilton County]

Maple Grove [Oneida County]

Maple Grove [Onondaga County]

Maple Grove [Otsego County]

Maple Grove [Queens County]

Maple Grove [Rensselaer County]

Maple Grove East [Chenango County]

Maple Hill [Oswego County]

Maple Hill [Ulster County]

Maple Point [Chautauqua County]

Maple Shade [Saratoga County]

Maple Springs [Chautauqua County]

Maple Valley [Monroe County]

Maple Valley [Otsego County]

Maple View [Oswego County]

Maplecrest [Greene County]

Mapledale [Oneida County]

Mapledale [Ulster County]

Mapledale Acres [Oneida County]

Maplehurst [Cattaraugus County]

Maplehurst Park [Chemung County]

Maples [Cattaraugus County]

Mapleton [Cayuga County]

Mapleton [Kings County]

Mapleton [Niagara County]

Mapleton Station [Niagara County]

Mapletown [Montgomery County]

Maplewood [Albany County]

Maplewood [Monroe County]

Maplewood [Sullivan County]

Maplewood [Westchester County]

Marathon [Cortland County]

Marble Hill [Bronx County]

Marble Hill [New York County]

Marbletown [Ulster County]

Marbletown [Wayne County]

Marcellus [Onondaga County]

Marcellus Falls [Onondaga County]

Marcellus Station [Onondaga County]

Marcus Garvey Village [Kings County]

Marcy [Kings County]

Marcy [Oneida County]

Marengo [Wayne County]

Margaretville [Delaware County]

Mariandale [Westchester County]

Mariaville [Schenectady County]

Mariaville Lake [Schenectady County]

Marietta [Onondaga County]

Marilla [Erie County]

Mariners Harbor [Richmond County]

Marion [Wayne County]

Marionville [Onondaga County]

Mariposa [Chenango County]

Market [Dutchess County]

Market [Erie County]

Markhams [Cattaraugus County]

Marks [Chautauqua County]

Marlboro [Kings County]

Marlboro [Ulster County]

Marquart Village [Wayne County]

Marquette [Erie County]

Marsh Corner [Seneca County]

Marshall [Allegany County]

Marshall [Oneida County]

Marshalls [Steuben County]

Marshfield [Erie County]

Marshville [Montgomery County]

Marshville [Saint Lawrence County]

Martin [Monroe County]

Martindale [Columbia County]

Martindale Depot [Columbia County]

Martinsburg [Lewis County]

Martinsburgh Station [Lewis County]

Martinsville [Niagara County]

Martinsville [Wyoming County]

Martisco [Onondaga County]

Martville [Cayuga County]

Marvin [Chautauqua County]

Marvin Woods [Saratoga County]

Marycrest [Orange County]

Maryknoll [Westchester County]

Maryland [Otsego County]

Marysville [Onondaga County]

Masena Center [Saint Lawrence County]

Masonville [Delaware County]

Maspeth [Queens County]

Massapequa [Nassau County]

Massapequa [Queens County]

Massapequa Park [Nassau County]

Massawepie [Saint Lawrence County]

Massena [Saint Lawrence County]

Massena Center [Saint Lawrence County]

Massena Springs [Saint Lawrence County]

Masten Lake [Sullivan County]

Mastic [Suffolk County]

Mastic Beach [Suffolk County]

Matinecock [Nassau County]

Matteawan [Dutchess County]

Matthews Mills [Onondaga County] (H)

Mattituck [Suffolk County]

Mattydale [Onondaga County]

Maxwell [Livingston County]

May's Landing [Yates County]

Maybrook [Orange County]

Maybury Mills [Cortland County]

Mayfair [Schenectady County]

Mayfield [Fulton County]

Maynard [Oneida County]

Mayo Park [Wayne County]

Mays Mills [Yates County]

Mays Point [Seneca County]

Mayville [Chautauqua County]

Mayweed Corner [Ontario County]

Maywood [Albany County]

Maywood [Suffolk County]

Mazzaleone Park [Rockland County]

McClure [Broome County]

McColloms [Franklin County]

McConnellsville [Oneida County]

McCoon Crossing [Herkimer County]

McCormack Corners [Albany County]

McDonough [Chenango County]

McDuffie Town [Seneca County]

McEwens Corner [Saint Lawrence County]

McEwens Corners [Saint Lawrence County]

McGowan [Herkimer County]

McGraw [Cortland County]

McGraws [Steuben County]

McGrawville [Allegany County]

McGrawville [Cortland County]

McIntyre [Dutchess County]

McKeever [Herkimer County]

McKinley [Montgomery County]

McKinneys [Tompkins County]

McKinneys Point [Tompkins County]

McKinstry Hollow [Cattaraugus County]

McKnownville [Albany County]

McKown Park [Albany County]

McKownville [Albany County]

McLaughlin Acres [Putnam County]

McLean [Tompkins County]

McLean Heights [Westchester County]

McMasters Crossing [Franklin County]

McNair [Livingston County]

McNalls [Niagara County]

McPherson Cove [Livingston County]

McPherson Point [Livingston County]

McQueens [Livingston County]

Meacham [Nassau County]

Mead Corner [Ontario County]

Meadow Run [Erie County]

Meadow Winds [Orange County]

Meadow Wood [Monroe County]

Meadowbrook [Orange County]

Meadowbrook [Saratoga County]

Meadowbrook Park [Tompkins County]

Meadowbrooke Estates [Broome County]

Meadowdale [Albany County]

Meadowmere Park [Nassau County]

Meadows [Monroe County]

Meads Corners [Putnam County]

Meads Creek [Schuyler County]

Mechanicstown [Orange County]

Mechanicville [Saratoga County]

Mecklenburg [Schuyler County]

Meco [Fulton County]

Mecox [Suffolk County]

Medford [Suffolk County]

Medina [Orleans County]

Medusa [Albany County]

Medway [Greene County]

Melcourt [Bronx County]

Mellenville [Columbia County]

Melody Lake [Sullivan County]

Melrose [Bronx County]

Melrose [New York County]

Melrose [Rensselaer County]

Melrose Junction [Bronx County]

Melrose Park [Cayuga County]

Melville [Suffolk County]

Melvin Hill [Ontario County]

Memphis [Onondaga County]

Menand's [Monroe County]

Menands [Albany County]

Mendon [Monroe County]

Mendon Center [Monroe County]

Mendon Farms [Monroe County]

Meno [Franklin County]

Menteth Point [Ontario County]

Menzie Crossing [Livingston County]

Merchantville [Steuben County]

Meredith [Delaware County]

Meredith Hollow [Delaware County]

Meridale [Delaware County]

Meridian [Cayuga County]

Merrick [Nassau County]

Merrick [Queens County]

Merrick Corner [Oneida County]

Merricksville [Delaware County]

Merrickville [Delaware County]

Merriewold [Sullivan County]

Merriewold Lake [Orange County]

Merriewold Park [Sullivan County]

Merrifield [Cayuga County]

Merrill [Clinton County]

Merrillsville [Franklin County]

Merrillsville [Madison County]

Merritt's Corners [Westchester County]

Mertensia [Ontario County]

Messenger Bay [Madison County]

Messengerville [Cortland County]

Methol [Delaware County]

Mettacahonts [Ulster County]

Mexico [Oswego County]

Mexico Station [Oswego County]

Michigan Corners [Orange County]

Michigan Mills [Lewis County]

Middle Bridge [Chenango County]

Middle Falls [Washington County]

Middle Granville [Washington County]

Middle Grove [Saratoga County]

Middle Hope [Orange County]

Middle Island [Suffolk County]

Middle Sprite [Fulton County]

Middle Village [Otsego County]

Middle Village [Queens County]

Middleburgh [Schoharie County]

Middlefield [Otsego County]

Middlefield Center [Otsego County]

Middlehope [Orange County]

Middleport [Madison County]

Middleport [Niagara County]

Middlesex [Yates County]

Middletown [Bronx County]

Middletown [Orange County]

Middleville [Herkimer County]

Middleville [Suffolk County]

Midhampton [Suffolk County]

Midland Beach [Richmond County]

Midtown Plaza [Monroe County]

Midway [Chemung County]

Midway [Tompkins County]

Midway Park [Chautauqua County]

Midway Park [Orange County]

Midway Park [Saratoga County]

Midwood [Kings County]

Milan [Dutchess County]

Milburn [Orange County]

Mile-of-Woods [Monroe County]

Mileses [Sullivan County]

Milford [Otsego County]

Milford Center [Otsego County]

Mill Brook [Bronx County]

Mill Creek Estates [Otsego County]

Mill Grove [Cattaraugus County]

Mill Hills Estates [Suffolk County]

Mill Hook [Ulster County]

Mill Neck [Nassau County]

Mill Point [Montgomery County]

Millbrook [Dutchess County]

Millbrook Heights [Dutchess County]

Millburn [Nassau County]

Millen Bay [Jefferson County]

Miller Corners [Montgomery County]

Miller Place [Suffolk County]

Miller's Corners [Ontario County]

Miller's Place [Suffolk County]

Millers [Niagara County]

Millers Corner [Wyoming County]

Millers Corners [Rensselaer County]

Millers Crossing [Wyoming County]

Millers Mills [Herkimer County]

Millers Mills Crossing [Herkimer County]

Millersport [Erie County]

Millerton [Dutchess County]

Millertown [Rensselaer County]

Millgate Meadows [Oneida County]

Millgrove [Erie County]

Millport [Chemung County]

Mills [Cortland County]

Mills Corners [Fulton County]

Mills Mills [Allegany County]

Millsburg [Orange County]

Milltown [Putnam County]

Millville [Orleans County]

Millwood [Westchester County]

Milo [Yates County]

Milo Centre [Yates County]

Milo Mills [Yates County]

Milton [Saratoga County]

Milton [Ulster County]

Milton [Westchester County]

Milton Center [Saratoga County]

Milton Heights [Saratoga County]

Milton Manor [Saratoga County]

Milton Oaks [Saratoga County]

Mina [Chautauqua County]

Minaville [Montgomery County]

Minden [Montgomery County]

Mindenville [Montgomery County]

Mineola [Nassau County]

Mineola [Queens County]

Mineral Springs [Schoharie County]

Minerva [Essex County]

Minetto [Oswego County]

Minetto Station [Oswego County]

Mineville [Essex County]

Mineville - Witherbee [Essex County]

Minisink [Orange County]

Minisink Ford [Sullivan County]

Minklers Corners [Saint Lawrence County]

Minnehaha [Herkimer County]

Minnewaska [Herkimer County]

Minoa [Onondaga County]

Minsteed [Wayne County]

Mitchell [Ontario County]

Mitchellsville [Steuben County]

Model City [Niagara County]

Modena [Ulster County]

Modena Gardens [Ulster County]

Moffitsville [Clinton County]

Mohawk [Herkimer County]

Mohawk [Schenectady County]

Mohawk Gardens [Oneida County]

Mohawk Hill [Lewis County]

Mohawk View [Albany County]

Mohegan [Westchester County]

Mohegan Heights [Westchester County]

Mohegan Lake [Westchester County]

Mohican Lake [Sullivan County]

Mohonk Lake [Ulster County]

Moira [Franklin County]

Molyneaux Corners [Niagara County]

Mombaccus [Ulster County]

Mongaup [Sullivan County]

Mongaup Valley [Sullivan County]

Monroe [Orange County]

Monroe Southwest [Orange County]

Monsey [Rockland County]

Monsey Heights [Rockland County]

Mont Moor [Rockland County]

Montague [Lewis County]

Montario Point [Jefferson County]

Montauk [Suffolk County]

Montauk Beach [Suffolk County]

Montauk Station [Suffolk County]

Montclair Colony [Suffolk County]

Montebello [Rockland County]

Montela [Ulster County] (H)

Monteola [Lewis County]

Monterey [Schuyler County]

Montezuma [Cayuga County]

Montgomery [Orange County]

Monticello [Otsego County]

Monticello [Sullivan County]

Montoma [Ulster County]

Montour Falls [Schuyler County]

Montrose [Westchester County]

Montville [Cayuga County]

Monument [Saratoga County]

Moodna [Orange County]

Moody [Franklin County]

Mooers [Clinton County]

Mooers Forks [Clinton County]

Moon Beach [Cayuga County]

Moons [Chautauqua County]

Moore Landing [Jefferson County]

Moores Mill [Dutchess County]

Moorhouse Corner [Columbia County]

Moose River [Lewis County]

Moran Corner [Monroe County]

Moravia [Cayuga County]

Morehouseville [Hamilton County]

Moreland [Schuyler County]

Moreland Station [Schuyler County]

Moreton Farm [Monroe County]

Morey Park [Rensselaer County]

Morgan [Allegany County]

Morgan [New York County]

Morgan Corners [Chautauqua County]

Morgan Hill [Ulster County]

Morganville [Genesee County]

Moriah [Essex County]

Moriah Center [Essex County]

Moriches [Suffolk County]

Morisville [Madison County]

Morley [Saint Lawrence County]

Morningside [New York County]

Morningside Heights [New York County]

Morris [Otsego County]

Morris Heights [Bronx County]

Morris Heights [New York County]

Morris Park [Bronx County]

Morris Park [Queens County]

Morrisania [Bronx County]

Morrisania [New York County]

Morrison Heights [Orange County]

Morrisonville [Clinton County]

Morristown [Saint Lawrence County]

Morristown Center [Saint Lawrence County]

Morrisville [Madison County]

Morrisville Station [Madison County]

Morse [Oswego County]

Morse Mill [Cayuga County]

Morsston [Sullivan County]

Mortimer [Monroe County]

Morton [Monroe County]

Morton Corners [Erie County]

Morton Corners [Tompkins County]

See: Leicester

Moscow Hill [Madison County]

Moses Kill [Washington County]

Mosher Corners [Tompkins County]

Mosherville [Saratoga County]

Moshier Falls [Herkimer County]

Mosholu [Bronx County]

Mosholu [New York County]

Mosquito Point [Cayuga County]

Mosquito Point [Greene County]

Mossyglen [Steuben County]

Mott Haven [Bronx County]

Mott Haven [New York County]

Mott Haven Junction [Bronx County]

Mott Haven Junction [New York County]

Motts Corner [Ontario County]

Mottville [Onondaga County]

Mount Airy [Westchester County]

Mount Arab [Saint Lawrence County]

Mount Carmel [Bronx County]

Mount Carmel [Broome County]

Mount Eve [Orange County]

Mount Hope [Orange County]

Mount Hope [Washington County]

Mount Hope [Westchester County]

Mount Ivy [Rockland County]

Mount Kisco [Westchester County]

Mount Lebanon [Columbia County]

Mount Loretto [Richmond County]

Mount Marion [Ulster County]

Mount Marion Park [Ulster County]

Mount McGregor [Saratoga County]

Mount Merion Park [Ulster County]

Mount Morris [Livingston County]

Mount Pleasant [Oswego County]

Mount Pleasant [Saratoga County]

Mount Pleasant [Schenectady County]

Mount Pleasant [Ulster County]

Mount Pleasant [Westchester County]

Mount Pleasant Station [Ulster County]

Mount Prosper [Sullivan County]

Mount Read [Monroe County]

Mount Riga [Dutchess County]

Mount Roderick [Cortland County]

Mount Ross [Dutchess County]

Mount Saint Vincent [Bronx County]

Mount Saint Vincent [Westchester County]

Mount Sinai [Suffolk County]

Mount Tremper [Ulster County]

Mount Upton [Chenango County]

Mount Upton [Westchester County]

Mount Vernon [Erie County]

Mount Vernon [Sullivan County]

Mount Vernon [Westchester County]

Mount Vernon West [Westchester County]

Mount Vision [Otsego County]

Mountain Dale [Sullivan County]

Mountain House [Orange County]

Mountain House Station [Greene County]

Mountain Lodge [Herkimer County]

Mountain Lodge [Orange County]

Mountain View [Franklin County]

Mountain View [Rensselaer County]

Mountain View East [Rockland County]

Mountainville [Orange County]

Mourningkill Estates [Saratoga County]

Mowbray [Ulster County]

Moyers Corners [Onondaga County]

Mud Creek [Steuben County]

Mud Hill [Oswego County]

Mud Lock [Seneca County]

Mud Mills [Wayne County]

Mud Settlement [Oswego County]

Muitzes Kill [Rensselaer County]

Muitzeskill [Rensselaer County]

Mulhollon [Steuben County]

Mumford [Monroe County]

Mundale [Delaware County]

Mungers Corners [Oswego County]

Munns [Madison County]

Munnsville [Madison County]

Munsey Park [Nassau County]

Munson [Nassau County]

Munsons Corner [Seneca County]

Munsons Corners [Cortland County]

Munsonville [Fulton County]

Murdochs Crossing [Orleans County]

Murdock Woods [Westchester County]

Murray [Orleans County]

Murray Hill [New York County]

Murray Hill [Queens County]

Murray Hill [Westchester County]

Murray Isle [Jefferson County]

Murray Station [Orleans County]

Murrays Corner [Erie County]

Muttontown [Nassau County]

Mycenae [Onondaga County]

Myers [Cayuga County]

Myers [Tompkins County]

Myers Corner [Dutchess County]

Myers Grove [Orange County]


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