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The Communities of New York (NY)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Haberman [Queens County]

Hadley [Saratoga County]

Hadley Bay [Chautauqua County]

Hagaman [Montgomery County]

Hagaman's Mills [Montgomery County]

Hagedorns Mills [Saratoga County]

Hagerman [Suffolk County]

Hague [Warren County]

Hague Crossing [Saint Lawrence County]

Hailesboro [Saint Lawrence County]

Haines Corners [Putnam County]

Haines Falls [Greene County]

Haines' Corners [Greene County]

Halbert [Allegany County]

Halcott Center [Greene County]

Halcottsville [Delaware County]

Halcottville [Delaware County]

Hale Eddy [Delaware County]

Hale Mills [Fulton County]

Hales Eddy [Delaware County]

Halesite [Suffolk County]

Half Acre [Cayuga County]

Half Hollow [Suffolk County]

Half Hollow Hills [Suffolk County]

Halfmoon [Saratoga County]

Halfmoon Beach [Saratoga County]

Halfmoon Junction [Saratoga County]

Halfway [Onondaga County]

Halihan Hill [Ulster County]

Hall [Ontario County]

Hall [Queens County]

Hall's Mills [Sullivan County] (H)

Hall's Station [Niagara County]

Hallenbeck's [Schoharie County]

Halls Corner [Cayuga County]

Halls Corner [Jefferson County]

Halls Corner [Saratoga County]

Halls Corner [Wyoming County]

Halls Corners [Seneca County]

Hallsport [Allegany County]

Hallsville [Montgomery County]

Halsey [Kings County]

Halsey Valley [Tioga County]

Halseys Corners [Clinton County]

Halseyville [Tompkins County]

Halstead [Columbia County]

Hamar Estates [Tioga County]

Hambletville [Delaware County]

Hamburg [Erie County]

Hamburg [Greene County]

Hamburg-on-the-Lake [Erie County]

Hamburgh Station [Erie County]

Hamden [Delaware County]

Hamilton [Madison County]

Hamilton Beach [Queens County]

Hamilton Center [Madison County]

Hamilton Grange [New York County]

Hamilton Heights [New York County]

Hamilton Park [Richmond County]

Hamilton's [Livingston County]

Hamlet [Chautauqua County]

Hamlin [Monroe County]

Hammel [Queens County]

Hammertown [Dutchess County]


Hammond [Saint Lawrence County]

Hammond [Westchester County]

Hammond's Corners [Essex County]

Hammonds Corner [Oswego County]

Hammondsport [Steuben County]

Hammondville [Essex County]

Hampshire [Steuben County]

Hampton [Washington County]

Hampton Bays [Suffolk County]

Hampton Beach [Suffolk County]

Hampton Ferry [Orange County]

Hampton Manor [Rensselaer County]

Hampton Park [Rensselaer County]

Hampton Park [Suffolk County]

Hampton Trails [Orange County]

Hamptonburgh [Orange County]

Hancock [Delaware County]

Hands Creek Landing [Suffolk County]

Handsome Eddy [Sullivan County]

Hanford Bay [Chautauqua County]

Hankins [Sullivan County]

Hanley Corner [Delaware County]

Hanna [Tioga County]

Hannacroix [Greene County]

Hannans Corner [Monroe County]

Hannawa Falls [Saint Lawrence County]

Hannibal [Oswego County]

Hannibal Center [Oswego County]

Hanover [Oneida County]

Hanover Center [Chautauqua County]


Happy Valley [Oswego County]

Happy Valley [Rockland County]

Harbor [Herkimer County]

Harbor Green [Nassau County]

Harbor Heights Park [Suffolk County]

Harbor Hills [Nassau County]

Harbor Isle [Nassau County]

Harbor View Terrace [New York County]

Hard Point [Cayuga County]

Hardenburg [Ulster County]

Harding Crossing [Schenectady County]

Hardscrabble [Delaware County]

Hardscrabble [Suffolk County]

Hardy Corners [Allegany County]

Hardy's [Allegany County]

Hardys [Wyoming County]

Harewood [Saint Lawrence County]

Harford [Cortland County]

Harford Mills [Cortland County]

Harkness [Clinton County]

Harlem [Erie County]

Harlem [New York County]

Harlem River [Bronx County]

Harlem River [New York County]

Harlemville [Columbia County]

Harmon [Westchester County]

Harmon Park [Schenectady County]

Harmon-on-Hudson [Westchester County]

Harmony [Chautauqua County]

Harmony Corners [Saratoga County]

Harmony Park [Putnam County]

Harper Park [Genesee County]

Harper Park [Monroe County]

Harper Park Rochester [Monroe County]

Harpersfield [Delaware County]

Harpursville [Broome County]

Harriet [Erie County]

Harrietstown [Franklin County]

Harrigan [Clinton County]

Harriman [Orange County]

Harriman South [Orange County]


Harris [Sullivan County]

Harris Corners [Wyoming County]

Harris Hill [Erie County]

Harris Hill Manor [Chemung County]

Harrisburg [Cattaraugus County]

Harrisburg [Lewis County]

Harrisburg [Warren County]

Harrison [Westchester County]

Harrison Grove [Niagara County]

Harrisville [Chenango County]

Harrisville [Lewis County]

Harrower [Montgomery County]

Harsenville [New York County]

Hart Island [Bronx County]

Hartfield [Chautauqua County]

Hartford [Washington County]

Hartland [Niagara County]

Hartman [Warren County]

Hartmans Corners [Albany County]

Harts Hill [Oneida County]

Hartsdale [Westchester County]

Hartson Point [Livingston County]

Hartsville [Steuben County]

Hartwick [Otsego County]

Hartwick Seminary [Otsego County]

Hartwood [Sullivan County]

Hartwood Club [Sullivan County]

Harvard [Delaware County]

Hasbrouck [Sullivan County]

Hasbroucks [Hamilton County]

Haselton [Essex County]

Haselton [Oneida County]

Haskell Flats [Cattaraugus County]

Haskinville [Steuben County]

Hastings [Oswego County]

Hastings [Westchester County]

Hastings Center [Oswego County]

Hastings-on-Hudson [Westchester County]

Hatch's Corner [Saint Lawrence County]

Hatchs Corners [Oneida County]

Hatfield [Saint Lawrence County]

Hathaway Corners [Ontario County]

Hathorn Court [Chemung County]

Hauppauge [Suffolk County]

Havanna [Schuyler County]

Haven [Sullivan County]

Havens Corner [Yates County]

Haverling Heights [Steuben County]

Haverstraw [Rockland County]

Haverstraw Village [Rockland County]

Haviland [Dutchess County]

Haviland Hollow [Putnam County]

Hawkeye [Clinton County]

Hawkins [Otsego County]

Hawkins Corner [Chautauqua County]

Hawkins Corner [Oneida County]

Hawkinsville [Oneida County]

Hawley Corners [Chenango County]

Hawleys [Delaware County]

Hawleyton [Broome County]

Hawthorne [Westchester County]

Hawthorne Hill [Schenectady County]

Hawthorne Park [Chautauqua County]

Hawversville [Schoharie County]

Haydenville [Cattaraugus County]

Hayground [Suffolk County]

Haynersville [Rensselaer County]

Haynes [Chenango County]

Hayt Corner [Tompkins County]

Hayt Corners [Seneca County]

Hayts Corners [Seneca County]

Haywards [Niagara County]

Hazel [Sullivan County]

Head Corners [Tompkins County]

Head-of-the-Harbor [Suffolk County]

Hearthwood North [Saratoga County]

Heartland Village [Richmond County]

Heath [Ulster County]

Heath Grove [Onondaga County]

Heath Ridge [Westchester County]

Heathcote [Westchester County]

Heatherwood North [Suffolk County]

Heatherwood South [Suffolk County]

Hebron [Washington County]

Hebron Center [Washington County]

Hecla [Oneida County]

Hector [Schuyler County]

Heddens [Tompkins County]

Hedgesville [Steuben County]

Helderberg [Albany County]

Helena [Saint Lawrence County]

Hell Gate [New York County]

Hell's Kitchen [New York County]

Helmuth [Erie County]

Hemlock [Livingston County]

Hemlock Lake [Livingston County]

Hempstead [Nassau County]

Hempstead [Queens County]

Hempstead Acres [Orange County]

Hempstead Gardens [Nassau County]

Hemstreet Park [Rensselaer County]

Henderson [Jefferson County]

Henderson Harbor [Jefferson County]

Hendy Creek [Chemung County]

Henrietta [Monroe County]

Henrietta Station [Monroe County]

Henry's [Allegany County]

Hensonville [Greene County]

Heritage [Schenectady County]

Heritage Acres [Oneida County]

Heritage Estates [Orleans County]

Heritage Hills [Westchester County]

Heritage Manor [Saratoga County]

Herkimer [Herkimer County]

Herkimer Landing [Herkimer County]

Hermitage [Steuben County]

Hermitage [Wyoming County]

Hermon [Saint Lawrence County]

Herrick Grove [Jefferson County]

Herricks [Nassau County]

Herrings [Jefferson County]

Hertel [Erie County]

Herthum Heights [Oneida County]

Hervey Street [Greene County]

Heslops Corner [Otsego County]

Hess Road [Niagara County]

Hess Road Station [Niagara County]

Hessville [Montgomery County]

Heuvelton [Saint Lawrence County]

Hewittville [Saint Lawrence County]

Hewlett [Nassau County]

Hewlett Bay Park [Nassau County]

Hewlett Harbor [Nassau County]

Hewlett Neck [Nassau County]

Hewlett's [Queens County]

Hiawatha [Tioga County]

Hibbards Corner [Tompkins County]

Hibernia [Dutchess County]

Hickeys Corners [Saratoga County]

Hickory [Saint Lawrence County]

Hickory Corners [Niagara County]

Hickory Forest [Saratoga County]

Hickory Grove [Oswego County]

Hickory Hills [Dutchess County]

Hickory Square [Wayne County]

Hickorybush [Ulster County]

Hicks [Chemung County]

Hicks Point [Ontario County]

Hicksville [Nassau County]

Hicksville [Queens County]

Hidden Meadows [Genesee County]

Hidecker [Cattaraugus County]

Higgins [Allegany County]

Higgins Bay [Hamilton County]

Higginsville [Oneida County]

Higginsville [Ulster County]

High Bank [Clinton County]

High Bridge [Bronx County]

High Bridge [New York County]

High Bridge [Onondaga County]

High Falls [Greene County]

High Falls [Lewis County]

High Falls [Ulster County]

High Flats [Saint Lawrence County]

High Market [Lewis County]

High Mills [Schenectady County]

High Plains [Dutchess County]

High Pointe of Malta [Saratoga County]

High View [Sullivan County]

High Woods [Ulster County]

Highland [Ulster County]

Highland Beach [Cayuga County]

Highland Falls [Orange County]

Highland Hills [Saratoga County]

Highland Lake [Sullivan County]

Highland Lake Estates [Orange County]

Highland Landing [Ulster County]

Highland Mills [Orange County]

Highland Park [Niagara County]

Highland-on-the-Lake [Erie County]

Highlands [Putnam County]

Highlands Station [Putnam County]

Highlawn [Kings County]

Highmount [Ulster County]

Highup [Steuben County]

Highview [Sullivan County]

Hiler [Erie County]

Hill [Orange County]

Hill Corners [Fulton County]

Hill View [Warren County]

Hillburn [Rockland County]

Hillcrest [Allegany County]

Hillcrest [Broome County]

Hillcrest [Rockland County]

Hillis [Dutchess County]

Hillis Terrace [Dutchess County]

Hillsboro [Oneida County]

Hillsdale [Columbia County]

Hillsdale [Washington County]

Hillside [Bronx County]

Hillside [Columbia County]

Hillside [Oneida County]

Hillside [Queens County]

Hillside [Ulster County]

Hillside Colony [Saratoga County]

Hillside Heights [Nassau County]

Hillside Lake [Dutchess County]

Hillside Manor [Nassau County]

Hillside Park [Fulton County]

Hillside Plaza [Orange County]

Hillview [Rensselaer County]

Hilton [Monroe County]

Hiltonville [Allegany County]

Himrod [Yates County]

Himrods Junction [Yates County]

Hinckley [Herkimer County]

Hinckley [Oneida County]

Hindsburg [Orleans County]

Hinkleyville [Monroe County]

Hinman Hollow [Otsego County]

Hinmans Corners [Broome County]

Hinmansville [Oswego County]

Hinsburg [Orleans County]

Hinsdale [Cattaraugus County]

Hinsdale [Onondaga County]

Hitching Corner [Herkimer County]

Hoag Corners [Rensselaer County]

Hobart [Delaware County]

Hoben [Allegany County]

Hobin Corners [Oneida County]

Hoboken [Otsego County]

Hobokenville [Madison County]

Hodgeville [Niagara County]

Hoeseville [Fulton County]

Hoffman [Niagara County]

Hoffman's Ferry [Schenectady County]

Hoffmans [Schenectady County]

Hoffmeister [Hamilton County]

Hogansburg [Franklin County]

Hogtown [Washington County]


Holbrook [Suffolk County]

Holbrook - Holtsville [Suffolk County]

Holbrook Corners [Saratoga County]

Holcomb [Ontario County]

Holcombville [Warren County]

Holland [Erie County]

Holland [Queens County]

Holland Cove [Wayne County]

Holland Patent [Oneida County]

Holley [Orleans County]

Hollis [Queens County]

Hollis Court [Queens County]

Hollis Hills [Queens County]

Holliswood [Queens County]

Hollowville [Columbia County]

Holly Park Terrace [Chemung County]

Hollywood [Saint Lawrence County]

Holmes [Dutchess County]

Holmesville [Chenango County]

Holmesville Station [Oswego County]

Holton Beach [Seneca County]

Holtsville [Suffolk County]

Homecrest [Kings County]

Homer [Cortland County]

Homer Hill [Cattaraugus County]

Homestead [Saint Lawrence County]

Homestead Park [Westchester County]

Homestead Village [Orange County]

Homewood [Onondaga County]

Homewood Park [Erie County]

Honeoye [Ontario County]

Honeoye Falls [Monroe County]

Honeoye Junction [Monroe County]

Honeoye Park [Ontario County]

Honest Hill [Orleans County]

Honeyville [Jefferson County]

Honeywell Corners [Fulton County]

Honk Hill [Ulster County]

Honnedaga [Herkimer County]

Honnedaga [Oneida County]

Honnedaga Lake [Oneida County]

Hooker [Lewis County]

Hooper [Broome County]

Hoopers Valley [Tioga County]

Hoosick [Rensselaer County]

Hoosick Falls [Rensselaer County]

Hoosick Junction [Rensselaer County]

Hope [Hamilton County]

Hope Falls [Hamilton County]

Hope Farm [Dutchess County]

Hope Valley [Hamilton County]

Hopeton [Yates County]

Hopewell [Dutchess County]

Hopewell [Ontario County]

Hopewell Center [Ontario County]

Hopewell Junction [Dutchess County]

Hopkins Beach [Niagara County]

Hopkinton [Saint Lawrence County]

Horace Harding [Queens County]

Horicon [Warren County]

Hornby [Steuben County]

Hornell [Steuben County]

Hornellsville [Steuben County]

Horseheads [Chemung County]

Horseheads North [Chemung County]

Horseshoe [Saint Lawrence County]

Horseshoe Hill [Westchester County]

Horton [Delaware County]

Horton Crossing [Tioga County]

Horton Estates [Westchester County]

Hortontown [Onondaga County]

Hortontown [Putnam County]

Hortonville [Sullivan County]

Hoseaville [Delaware County]

Hoseville [Lewis County]

Hospital Station [Dutchess County]

Houcks Corners [Albany County]

Houghton [Allegany County]

Houghton Farm [Orange County]

Houseville [Lewis County]

Housons Corners [Schoharie County]

Howard [Essex County]

Howard [New York County]

Howard [Steuben County]

Howard Beach [Queens County]

Howard's Mill [Wyoming County]

Howardsville [Oswego County]

Howardville [Oswego County]

Howell [Orange County]

Howell's Depot [Orange County]

Howells [Orange County]

Howells Junction [Orange County]

Howes [Broome County]

Howes [Wyoming County]

Howes Cave [Schoharie County]

Howes Landing [Essex County]

Howland [Cayuga County]

Howland [Dutchess County]

Howland Corners [Tompkins County]

Howland Hook [Richmond County]

Howlett Hill [Onondaga County]

Howlett's [Cattaraugus County]

Hoxie Corner [Dutchess County]

Hoyts [Cattaraugus County]

Hub [Bronx County]

Hubbard Crossing [Jefferson County]

Hubbards Park [Chautauqua County]

Hubbardsville [Madison County]

Hubbardtown [Tioga County]

Hubbell Corners [Delaware County]

Hubbs [Saratoga County]

Huddle [Wayne County]

Hudson [Columbia County]

Hudson Falls [Washington County]

Hudson Heights [Dutchess County]

Hudson Terrace [Westchester County]

Hudson Upper [Columbia County]

Hughsonville [Dutchess County]

Huguenot [Orange County]

Huguenot [Richmond County]

Huguenot Park [Westchester County]

Hulberton [Orleans County]

Huletts Landing [Washington County]

Hull's Mills [Dutchess County]

Hullsville [Tioga County]

Hulse Landing [Suffolk County]

Humaston [Oneida County]

Hume [Allegany County]

Humphrey [Cattaraugus County]

Humphrey Center [Cattaraugus County]

Humphreysville [Columbia County]

Hungerford Corners [Jefferson County]

Hungry Hill [Schenectady County]

Hunt [Livingston County]

Hunt Hollow [Livingston County]

Hunt Hollow [Ontario County]

Hunt's Point [New York County]

Hunt's Station [Livingston County]

Hunter [Greene County]

Hunter Lake [Sullivan County]

Huntersland [Schoharie County]

Huntersville [Westchester County] (H)

Huntington [Suffolk County]

Huntington Bay [Suffolk County]

Huntington Beach [Suffolk County]

Huntington Station [Suffolk County]

Huntingtonville [Jefferson County]

Huntly Corners [Otsego County]

Hunts Corners [Cortland County]

Hunts Corners [Erie County]

Hunts Corners [Sullivan County]

Hunts Point [Bronx County]

Hurd [Sullivan County]

Hurd Corners [Dutchess County]

Hurd Settlement [Sullivan County]

Hurlbutville [Oneida County]

Hurley [Ulster County]

Hurleyville [Sullivan County]

Huron [Wayne County]

Hurricane [Herkimer County]

Hurtsville [Albany County]

Husteds [Dutchess County]

Hutchinson Crossing [Schenectady County]

Hyde Park [Dutchess County]

Hyde Park [Otsego County]

Hyde Park [Queens County]

Hydesville [Wayne County]

Hydeville [Broome County]

Hydeville [Chenango County]

Hyndsville [Schoharie County]


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