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Do you know of Andrew ???

This page is an orphan - a placeholder until we can discover more about Andrew. When we encounter a name that is new to us, we add it to our Gazetteer with the hope that we'll discover more information in the future. Such is the case with Andrew.

We found mention of Andrew as a post office (see Mentions and References below), but can't determine its location - other than being located somewhere in Smith County, Kansas.

It's common that the post office is named the same as the community in which it's located (although that's not always case). In this case, we can't match this post office to any of the existing communities in our gazetteer.

From the Blevins / Hellbock List: The post office opened  in 1880 and closed  in 1884.

This entry could have originated in error. It might be that a source had a misprint, was simply wrong or we made a transcription error while referencing it. Many of the documents we reference are from the 1800s and the early 1900s, with some easier to read than others.

Part of the difficulty in identifying whether a name is a post office or a community lies with how Post Offices were named. We've prepared an article with our understanding of how post offices were named: Naming of Post Offices.

Communities Also Named Andrew ...

We found seven communities that share the name Andrew.

Within Kansas, the name Andrew is unique.

Beyond Kansas, we know of another seven communities that are located throughout in the United States and Canada. Of these seven communities, six are located in the United States and one is in Canada.

  • Communities Elsewhere In North America ...
    • Alberta
      • Please visit our profile page for the Alberta community of Andrew.
    • Florida
      • Leon County
      • Please visit our profile page for the Florida community of Andrew [Leon County].
    • Illinois
      • Sangamon County
      • Please visit our profile page for the Illinois community of Andrew [Sangamon County].
    • Iowa
      • Jackson County
      • Please visit our profile page for the Iowa community of Andrew [Jackson County].
    • Louisiana
      • Vermilion Parish
      • Please visit our profile page for the Louisiana community of Andrew [Vermilion Parish].
    • Nebraska
      • Cedar County
      • Please visit our profile page for the Nebraska community of Andrew [Cedar County].
    • West Virginia
      • Boone County
      • Please visit our profile page for the West Virginia community of Andrew [Boone County].

Miscellaneous References and Mentions for Andrew ...

We've created the following list to keep track of the sources that proved useful in adding to our knowledge about Andrew:

Found in a comprehensive list of Post Offices that was created by Cameron Blevins and Richard Helbock.<1>

More Orphans in  Smith County ...

Can you help?

As we explained above, when we encounter a name that might be a community or a post office we add it to our Gazetteer. If we have little information to go with the name, we call them Orphans. Below are Orphans that we believe to be located in Smith County.

Cable CityOhio
Crystal Plains 
Eagle RapidsStone Mound
GermantownSweet Home
HardileeTwelve Mile
 Uhl City

Footnotes ...

<1>A copy of their list with background information can be found at:


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