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The Communities of Washington (WA)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Cabin Creek [Kittitas County]

Cactus [Franklin County]

Caledonia [Pierce County]

Calhounville [Walla Walla County]

Calispel [Stevens County]

Calispell [Pend Oreille County]

Cama Beach [Island County]

Camano [Island County]

Camas [Clark County]

Camas [Stevens County]

Camden [Pend Oreille County]

Camelot [King County]

Cameron Spur [Stevens County]

Camp Diana [Island County]

Camp Discovery [Jefferson County]

Camp Draper [Klickitat County]

Camp Murray [Pierce County]

Camp Orkila [San Juan County]

Camp Union [Kitsap County]

Campton [King County]

Canby [Lincoln County]

Canon [Kittitas County]

Canterwood [Pierce County]

Canton [King County]

Canyon [Klickitat County]

Canyon Park [Snohomish County]

Cap Sante [Skagit County]

Cape Horn [Skamania County]

Capital [Thurston County]

Capitol Hill [King County]

Caples [Cowlitz County]

Caples Landing [Cowlitz County]

Captains Choice [Island County]

Carbonado [Pierce County]

Carders [Spokane County]

Cardmoor [King County]

Carlisle [Grays Harbor County]

Carlisle East [Grays Harbor County]

Carlisle West [Grays Harbor County]

Carlmar [Adams County]

Carlsborg [Clallam County]

Carlson [Lewis County]

Carlson Landing [Wahkiakum County]

Carlton [Okanogan County]

Carlton Park [King County]

Carlyle [King County]

Carlyon Beach [Thurston County]

Carmill Station [Mason County]

Carnation [King County]

Carriage Hill [Kitsap County]

Carrolls [Cowlitz County]

Carrollton [Cowlitz County]

Carrs Corner [Stevens County]

Carson [Skamania County]

Cascade [King County]

Cascade Junction [Pierce County]

Cascade Mill [Yakima County]

Cascade Park East [Clark County]

Cascade Park West [Clark County]

Cascade Valley [Grant County]

Cascade Vista [King County]

Cascades [Skamania County]

Cashmere [Chelan County]

Cashup [Whitman County]

Casino Corner [Snohomish County]

Castle Rock [Cowlitz County]

Castlenook [Pierce County] (H)

Cathan [Snohomish County]

Cathcart [Snohomish County]

Cathlamet [Wahkiakum County]

Cathlapotle [Clark County] (H)

Cavalero Corner [Snohomish County]

Cavelero Beach [Island County]

Cebalop [Pierce County] (H)

Cedar Crossing [Whatcom County]

Cedar Falls [King County]

Cedar Grove [King County]

Cedar Mountain [King County]

Cedar Park [King County]

Cedar Valley [Snohomish County]

Cedardale [Skagit County]

Cedarhome [Snohomish County]

Cedarhurst [King County]

Cedarview [Pierce County]

Cedarville [Clark County]

Cedarville [Grays Harbor County]

Cedarville [Whatcom County]

Cedonia [Stevens County]

Center [Jefferson County]

Center Spur [Spokane County]

Centerville [Klickitat County]

Central [Yakima County]

Central Ferry [Garfield County]

Central Park [Grays Harbor County]

Central Valley [Kitsap County]

Centralia [Lewis County]

Centreville [Klickitat County]

Ceres [Lewis County]

Chaffee [Benton County]

Chain Hill [Thurston County]

Chambers [Whitman County]

Chard [Garfield County]

Charleston [Kitsap County]

Charter Oak [Clark County]

Chattaroy [Spokane County]

Chautauqua [King County]

Chehalis [Lewis County]

Chehalis Junction [Lewis County]

Chehalis Village [Grays Harbor County]

Chehalis Village [Thurston County]

Chekola [Yakima County]

Chelan [Chelan County]

Chelan [Okanogan County]

Chelan Falls [Chelan County]

Chelan Station [Chelan County]

Chelatchie [Clark County]

Chelsea [King County]

Chelsea Park [King County]

Chenauer [Yakima County]

Cheney [Spokane County]

Chenois Creek [Grays Harbor County]

Chenowith [Skamania County]

Cherokee [Okanogan County]

Cherokee Bay Park [King County]

Cherry Crest [King County]

Cherry Gardens [King County]

Cherry Grove [Clark County]

Cherry Point [Whatcom County]

Cherry Valley [King County]

Chesaw [Okanogan County] (H)

Chester [Spokane County]

Cheviot [Kittitas County]

Chew [Walla Walla County]

Chewelah [Stevens County]

Chico [Kitsap County]

Chief Joseph [Okanogan County]

Chillowist [Okanogan County]

Chimacum [Jefferson County]

Chinook [Pacific County]

Chinooksville [Pacific County] (H)

Chiwaukum [Chelan County]

Chopaka [Okanogan County]

Christopher [King County]

Chuckanut [Whatcom County]

Chuckanut Junction [Skagit County]

Chuckanut Village [Whatcom County]

Chumstick [Chelan County]

Cicero [Snohomish County]

Cinebar [Lewis County]

Cispus [Lewis County]

Clallam Bay [Clallam County]

Claquato [Lewis County]

Claremont [Snohomish County]

Clarkston [Asotin County]

Clarkston Heights [Asotin County]

Clarkston Heights-Vineland [Asotin County]

Classet [Clallam County]

Clavton [Stevens County]

Clay City [Pierce County]

Clayton [Stevens County]

Cle Elum [Kittitas County]

Clealum [Kittitas County]

Clear Lake [Skagit County]

Clearbrook [Whatcom County]

Clearview [Snohomish County]

Clearwater [Jefferson County]

Cleveland [Klickitat County]

Cliffdell [Kittitas County]

Cliffdell [Yakima County]

Cliffs [Klickitat County]

Clifton [Mason County]

Climax [Walla Walla County]

Cline [Stevens County]

Clinton [Island County]

Clinton Park [Pierce County]

Clipper [Whatcom County]

Clover Park [Pierce County]

Cloverdale [Cowlitz County]

Cloverland [Asotin County]

Clyde [King County]

Clyde [Walla Walla County]

Clyde Hill [King County]

Coal Canyon [Lewis County]

Coal Creek [Cowlitz County]

Coal Creek [King County]

Coalfield [King County]

Coey [Spokane County]

Cohasset Beach [Grays Harbor County]

Cohassett [Grays Harbor County]

Cohassett Beach [Grays Harbor County]

Coinmo [Thurston County]

Cokedale [Skagit County] (H)

Colbert [Spokane County]

Colby [Kitsap County]

Colchester [Kitsap County]

Cole [King County]

Coles Corner [Chelan County]

Colfax [Whitman County]

College Place [Walla Walla County]

Collis [Skagit County]

Collis [Walla Walla County]

Colton [Whitman County]

Columbia [King County]

Columbia [Whatcom County]

Columbia Beach [Island County]

Columbia City [King County]

Columbia Heights [Cowlitz County]

Columbia Junction [Cowlitz County]

Columbia River [Douglas County]

Columbia Valley Gardens [Cowlitz County]

Columbus [Klickitat County]

Colville [Stevens County]

Colvos [King County]

Comar [Whatcom County]

Conconully [Okanogan County]

Concora [King County]

Concrete [Skagit County]

Congdon [Yakima County]

Conifer Park [Kitsap County]

Conifer View [King County]

Connell [Franklin County]

Conway [Skagit County]

Cook [Skamania County]

Cooks [Skamania County]

Copais [Grays Harbor County]

Copalis [Grays Harbor County]

Copalis Beach [Grays Harbor County]

Copalis Crossing [Grays Harbor County]

Coppei [Walla Walla County]

Copper City [Yakima County] (H)

Cora [Lewis County]

Corbin [Stevens County]

Cordell [Okanogan County]

Corfu [Grant County]

Corkindale [Skagit County]

Cornell [Island County]

Cornet [Island County]

Cornwall [Whatcom County]

Cosmopolis [Grays Harbor County]

Cottage Lake [King County]

Cottonwood Beach [Whatcom County]

Cougar [Cowlitz County]

Cougar [Spokane County]

Cougar Hills [King County]

Cougar Valley [Yakima County]

Coulee City [Douglas County]

Coulee City [Grant County]

Coulee Dam [Douglas County]

Country Homes [Spokane County]

Country Lane [Kitsap County]

Coupeville [Island County]

Covada [Ferry County]

Cove [King County]

Coveland [Island County]

Covello [Columbia County]

Coville [Clallam County]

Covington [King County]

Cowiche [Yakima County]

Cowley [King County]

Cowlitz [Lewis County]

Coyle [Jefferson County]

Coyne [Whatcom County]

Cozy Nook [Stevens County]

Crab Creek [Lincoln County]

Crabtree [Whitman County]

Craige [Asotin County]

Craik Spur [Walla Walla County]

Crane [Clallam County]

Crater [Grant County]

Crawford [Clark County]

Crego [Lewis County] (H)

Creosote [Kitsap County]

Crescent [Clallam County]

Crescent [Lincoln County]

Crescent Beach [Clallam County]

Crescent Valley [Pierce County]

Crest [Whitman County]

Creston [Lincoln County]

Creswell Heights [Clark County]

Crewport [Yakima County]

Crimea [Klickitat County]

Crocker [Pierce County]

Croker [Pierce County]

Cromwell [Pierce County]

Crosby [Kitsap County]

Croskey [Lincoln County]

Cross [Pierce County]

Crossroads [King County]

Crown Hill [King County]

Crown Point Vista [Douglas County]

Crum [Whitman County]

Cruzatt [Skamania County]

Crystal Mountain [Pierce County]

Crystal Springs [Kitsap County]

Cumberland [King County]

Cunningham [Adams County]

Curlew [Ferry County]

Curry [Franklin County]

Curtis [Lewis County]

Cushman Dam [Mason County]

Cusick [Pend Oreille County]

Custer [Pierce County]

Custer [Whatcom County]

Cypress [Skagit County]


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