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The Communities of South Carolina (SC)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Hadden Crossroads [Spartanburg County]

Hadden Heights [Spartanburg County]

Haddock [Orangeburg County]

Hagan [Berkeley County]

Hagan Landing [Berkeley County]

Hagley Estates [Georgetown County]

Hagood [Sumter County]

Hagoods Mill [Barnwell County]

Haigler [Orangeburg County]

Hairston [Laurens County]

Hale [Pickens County]

Half Moon [Florence County] (H)

Halfway Creek [Berkeley County]

Hall [Lexington County] (H)

Halleytown [Clarendon County]

Hallmark [Lexington County]

Hallmark Hills [Orangeburg County]

Hallmark Shores [Lexington County]

Halls Mill [Hampton County]

Halsellville [Chester County]

Hamburg [Aiken County]

Hamer [Dillon County]

Hamill [Dillon County]

Hamilton [Anderson County]

Hamilton Heights [Pickens County]

Hamlet South [Lexington County]

Hamlet West [Lexington County]

Hammett [Abbeville County] (H)

Hammetts Crossroads [Lee County]

Hammond [Anderson County]

Hammond [Barnwell County]

Hammond [Horry County]

Hammond [Kershaw County]

Hammond Crossroads [Calhoun County]

Hammond Hills [Aiken County]

Hampton [Hampton County]

Hampton Acres [Anderson County]

Hampton Heights [Greenville County]

Hampton Park Terrace [Charleston County]

Hampton Ridge [Richland County]

Hampton Shores [Oconee County]

Hampton Trace [Richland County]

Hamville [Florence County] (H)

Hanahan [Berkeley County]

Hancock [Lancaster County]

Hancocks Old Ferry [Fairfield County]

Hancockville [Cherokee County] (H)

Hand [Horry County]

Handy [Barnwell County]

Hanging Rock [Kershaw County]

Hankinson [Aiken County]

Hannah [Florence County]

Hanover [Anderson County]

Hanover Hills [Oconee County]

Happy Bottom [Barnwell County]

Happytown [Lexington County]

Harbin [Oconee County] (H)

Harbin Acres [Oconee County]

Harbor Heights [Greenwood County]

Harbor Side [Lexington County]

Harbor View [Charleston County]

Harbor Woods [Charleston County]

Harborgate [Charleston County]

Harbour Lake [Berkeley County]

Harbour Town [Beaufort County]

Harco [Marion County]

Hardees Ferry [Horry County]

Hardeeville [Beaufort County]

Hardy [Edgefield County]

Hardys [Edgefield County]

Harleyville [Dorchester County]

Harlin City [Orangeburg County]

Harmon Estates [Richland County]

Harmony [Edgefield County]

Harmony [York County]

Harmony Hill [Cherokee County]

Harper Crossroads [Williamsburg County]

Harper's [Georgetown County]

Harpers Ferry [Abbeville County]

Harpers Ridge [Anderson County]

Harrelson [Spartanburg County]

Harris [Greenwood County]

Harris Ferry [Anderson County]

Harris Springs [Laurens County]

Harris Town [Berkeley County]

Harrisburg [Lexington County]

Harrison Acres [Charleston County]

Harristown [Berkeley County]

Hart [York County]

Hartsville [Darlington County]

Hartwell Courts [Spartanburg County]

Hartzog [Barnwell County]

Hartzog Acres [Greenwood County]

Harvey [Orangeburg County]

Harveytown [Spartanburg County]

Harvin [Clarendon County]

Harvins Crossroads [Sumter County]

Haskell [Horry County]

Haskell Heights [Richland County]

Hattieville [Barnwell County]

Havirdsville [Edgefield County]

Havirdsville [Saluda County]

Hawthorne [Aiken County] (H)

Hayes [Lexington County]

Hayes Crossroads [Allendale County]

Hayestown [Dillon County]

Hayne [Newberry County] (H)

Hayne [Spartanburg County]

Hayne Station [Spartanburg County]

Haynesville [York County]

Hayville [Barnwell County]

See: Barkerville

Hazel [Pickens County]

Hazel Farm [Beaufort County]

Hazelwood Acres [Richland County]

Healing Springs [Barnwell County]

Health Spring [Lancaster County]

Hearthstone [Sumter County]

Heath [Chester County]

Heath Springs [Lancaster County]

Heather Heights [Anderson County]

Heatherwood [Aiken County]

Heatherwood [Orangeburg County]

Heatherwood [Pickens County]

Heatherwood [York County]

Heathwood [Charleston County]

Heathwood [Pickens County]

Heathwood [Richland County]

Heathwood Park [Aiken County]

Hebron [Marlboro County]

Hebron [Spartanburg County] (H)

Hebron [Williamsburg County]

Hebron Crossroads [Williamsburg County]

Heineman [Williamsburg County]

Helena [Newberry County]

Hells Half Acre [Barnwell County]

Hemingway [Williamsburg County]

Hemlock [Chester County]

Henderson Ferry [Newberry County]

Hendersonville [Colleton County]

Hendricks [Pickens County]

Hendricks Corner [Horry County]

Henry [Edgefield County]

Henry [Williamsburg County]

Herbert [Union County]

Heriot [Lee County]

Heriots Crossroads [Sumter County]

Heritage [Charleston County]

Heritage [Florence County]

Heritage Hills [Anderson County]

Heritage Hills [Lexington County]

Heritage Lakes [Greenville County]

Heritage Shores [Horry County]

Heritage Trace [Anderson County]

Heritage Woods [Beaufort County]

Heritage Woods [Richland County]

Heritage Woods [York County]

Hermitage Hills [Greenville County]

Hermitage Mill [Kershaw County]

Hero [York County]

Herrin [Allendale County]

Herrons Ferry [York County]

Hester [Abbeville County]

Hesters Ferry [McCormick County]

Heyward [Beaufort County]

Hibbens Ferry [Charleston County]

Hibernia [Saluda County]

Hibernian Heights [Charleston County]

Hibler [Edgefield County]

Hicklin Crossing [Chester County]

Hicklin's [Chester County]

Hickman [Horry County]

Hickory Bluff [Beaufort County]

Hickory Flat [Anderson County]

Hickory Forest [Beaufort County]

Hickory Grove [Berkeley County] (H)

Hickory Grove [Florence County]

Hickory Grove [Horry County]

Hickory Grove [Saluda County]

Hickory Grove [York County]

Hickory Hall Plantation [Charleston County]

Hickory Hill [Berkeley County]

Hickory Hill [Charleston County]

Hickory Hill [Colleton County]

Hickory Hill [Hampton County] (H)

Hickory Hill [York County]

Hickory Hills [Spartanburg County]

Hickory Shadows [Charleston County]

Hickory Tavern [Laurens County]

Hicks Store [Oconee County]

Hickson [Marlboro County] (H)

Hicksons Ferry [Williamsburg County]

Hidden Acres Estates [Cherokee County]

Hidden Haven [Aiken County]

Hidden Hills [Spartanburg County]

Hidden Lake [Anderson County]

Higgins [Saluda County]

Higgins' Ferry [Edgefield County]

High Falls [Oconee County]

High Hill Crossroads [Dillon County]

High Point [Anderson County]

High Point [Laurens County]

High View Acres [Greenville County]

Highland [Greenville County]

Highland [Orangeburg County]

Highland Acres [Anderson County]

Highland Estates [Pickens County]

Highland Farms [Kershaw County]

Highland Forest [Greenwood County]

Highland Forest [Richland County]

Highland Grove [Greenville County]

Highland Home [Laurens County]

Highland Park [Berkeley County]

Highland Park [Florence County] (H)

Highland Park [Orangeburg County]

Highland Park [Spartanburg County]

Highland Terrace [Charleston County]

Highland Village [Berkeley County]

Highlands [Berkeley County]

Highlands [Horry County]

Highview [Edgefield County] (H)

Highway [Greenville County]

Hilda [Barnwell County]

Hill and Dale [Anderson County]

Hill and Dale [Greenwood County]

Hillandale [Greenville County]

Hillavista [Orangeburg County]

Hillbrook [Cherokee County]

Hillbrook [Spartanburg County]

Hillbrook Forest [Spartanburg County]

Hillcreek [Lexington County]

Hillcrest [Darlington County]

Hillcrest [Florence County]

Hillcrest [Spartanburg County]

Hillcrest [Sumter County]

Hillcrest Heights [Anderson County]

Hilldale [Orangeburg County]

Hilldale [Sumter County]

Hillsborough [Greenville County]

Hillsdale [Greenville County]

Hillsdale [Kershaw County]

Hillside [Charleston County]

Hillside [Darlington County]

Hillside [Lexington County]

Hillsville [Spartanburg County]

Hilltop [Spartanburg County]

Hilltop Acres [Chester County]

Hillview [Aiken County]

Hillview [Orangeburg County]

Hillwood [Pickens County]

Hilton [Richland County]

Hilton Head [Beaufort County]

Hilton Head Island [Beaufort County]

Hilton Head Plantation [Beaufort County]

Hinson [Florence County]

Hiotts [Colleton County]

Hobbs Crossroads [Sumter County]

Hobbyville [Spartanburg County]

Hobcaw Point [Charleston County]

Hodges [Greenwood County]

Hodges Corner [Sumter County]

Hoffmeyer Crossroads [Florence County]

Hogeye Crossroads [Williamsburg County]

Holden [Oconee County]

Holiday Acres [Charleston County]

Holiday Hills [Greenville County]

Holinger [Hampton County]

Holland [Anderson County]

Holland Store [Anderson County]
Other names:

Hollandia Park [Darlington County]

See: Holland Store

Hollands [Laurens County] (H)

Hollingsworth [Greenville County]

Hollis [Chester County]

Hollman Crossroads [Florence County]

Hollow Creek [Aiken County]

Hollow Creek [Lexington County]

Holly Court [Berkeley County]

Holly Creek [Anderson County]

Holly Hill [Orangeburg County]

Holly Hill [Pickens County]

Holly Hill Heights [Spartanburg County]

Holly Ridge [Colleton County]

Holly Springs [Greenville County]

Holly Springs [Oconee County]

Holly Springs [Spartanburg County]

Holly Tree [Spartanburg County]

Hollyberry Woods [York County]

Hollys Ferry [Newberry County]

Hollywood [Charleston County]

Hollywood [Horry County]

Hollywood [Richland County]

Hollywood [Saluda County]

Hollywood Hills [Richland County]

Hollywood Point [Lexington County]

Holmes [Edgefield County]

Holmesville [Dillon County]

Holston Crossroads [Saluda County]

Home [Cherokee County]

Home Acres [Sumter County]

Homeland Park [Anderson County]

Homestead Acres [Greenville County]

Homestead Estates [Anderson County]

Homewood [Horry County]

Homewood Acres [Spartanburg County]

Homewood Terrace [Richland County]

Honea Path [Abbeville County]

Honey Hill [Berkeley County]

Honey Hill [Charleston County]

Honey Horn Plantation [Beaufort County]

Honeysuckle Woods [York County]

Honeywood [Lexington County]

Hoodtown [York County]

Hop [Fairfield County]

Hope [Berkeley County] (H)

Hope Ferry Estates [Lexington County]

Hope Station [Lexington County]

Hopewell [Williamsburg County]

Hopewell [York County]

Hopkins [Richland County]

Horatio [Sumter County]

Horeb [Fairfield County]

Hornsboro [Chesterfield County]

Horrel Hill [Richland County]

Horrell [Richland County]

Horris [Charleston County]

Horry [Horry County]

Horse Creek [Aiken County]

Horse Landing [Beaufort County]

Horse Shoe [Oconee County] (H)

Horsegall [Hampton County]

Hound Run [Berkeley County]

Howard [Horry County]

Howards Crossroads [Darlington County]

Howe [Florence County]

Howells [Horry County]

Howells Ferry [York County]

Howelton [Aiken County]

Hoyt Heights [Sumter County]

Hub City Courts [Spartanburg County]

Huckabee Heights [Horry County]

Hudson [Florence County]

Hudson Acres [Greenville County]

Hudson Ferry [Hampton County]

Hudsons Mill [Colleton County]

Hudsontown [Dorchester County]

Huets Crossroads [Edgefield County]

Huger [Berkeley County]

Hugers Settlement [Jasper County] (H)

Huggins Crossroads [Georgetown County]

Hughes [Bamberg County]

Hughes Heights [Greenville County]

Hughes Landing [Horry County]

Hugheys Ferry [Fairfield County]

Hulls Island [Horry County]

Humbert Woods [Charleston County]

Humphriesville [Union County] (H)

Hunley Park [Charleston County]

Huntcliff [Aiken County]

Huntcliff [Richland County]

Hunter Fields [Horry County]

Hunter Hill [Orangeburg County]

Hunters [Abbeville County]

Hunters Creek [Dorchester County]

Hunters Glen [Aiken County]

Hunters Ridge [Darlington County]

Hunters Trail [Anderson County]

Hunters Woods [Greenville County]

Huntersville [Greenville County]

Huntington [Cherokee County]

Huntington [Laurens County] (H)

Huntington [Richland County]

Huntington [Sumter County]

Huntington Acres [Greenville County]

Huntington Downs [Greenville County]

Huntington Estates [Edgefield County]

Huntington Farms [Dorchester County]

Huntington Heights [Anderson County]

Huntington Hills [Anderson County]

Huntington Hills [Spartanburg County]

Huntington Marsh [Georgetown County]

Huntington North [Pickens County]

Huntington Place [Florence County]

Huntington South [Pickens County]

Huntington Woods [Charleston County]

Hunts Crossroads [Darlington County]

Hunts Mill [Chesterfield County]

Hunts Spring [Chesterfield County] (H)

Huntsville [Laurens County]

Hurl Rocks [Horry County]

Huskum Corner Cross Roads [Charleston County]

Hussertown [Berkeley County]

Hutchinson Acres [York County]

Hyatts [Richland County]

Hyco [Kershaw County]

Hyde [Lancaster County]

Hyde Park [Greenwood County]

Hyde Park [Orangeburg County]

Hyman [Florence County]


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