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The Communities of
New Brunswick (NB)

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Notes: - Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
- When two (or more) communities share the same name, we give some kind of identifying location to help you pick.

 Cadman CornerCaron BrookChamberlain SettlementClair
 CahillCarpenterChambers SettlementClair Parish
 Cails MillsCarrChambres CornerClaire-Fontaine
 Cains PointCarrol RidgeChamcookClairville
 Cains RiverCarroll RidgeChamcook LakeClarence Ridge
 Caissie CapeCarrolls CrossingChampdoreClarendon
 Caissie-VillageCarron PointChamplainClarendon Parish
 CaithnessCarsonvilleChamplain HeightsClarks Corners
 Calders HeadCarters PointChance HarbourClarkville
 CaldwellCarvellChapel GroveClearview
 Caledonia MountainCase SettlementChaplin Island RoadClearwater
 CalhounCassidy LakeChapman CornerClifton
 California SettlementCassilisChapmans CornerClifton Royal
 Cambridge NarrowsCastaliaChapmanvilleClones (H)
 Cambridge ParishCastawayCharlestonClover Hill
 Camerons MillCatamountCharlie RidgeClover Valley
 Camp GagetownCaverhillCharloCloverdale
 Camp Harmony Charters Settlement 
 Camp WegesegumCedar CampChartersvilleCoal Branch
 Campbell SettlementCentennial PlaceChathamCoal Creek
 CampbelltonCentral CambridgeChatham - DouglastownCoates Mills
 Campo BelloCentral GreenwichChatham HeadCoburg
 Campobello IslandCentral HainesvilleChatham ParishCoburn
 Campobello ParishCentral HampsteadChelmsfordCocagne
 CanaanCentral KingsclearChemical RoadCocagne Cove
 Canaan ForksCentral NortonCherry BurtonCocagne-Nord
 Canaan RoadCentral Tower HillCherry HillCocagne-Sud
 Canaan StationCentral WatervilleCherryfieldCochrane Corner
 Canadian HeightsCentre GlassvilleCherryvaleCodiac Heights
 CanalCentre Napan Codys
 CanistoCentre VillageChesterColborne Parish
 Canning ParishCentre-AcadieColdbrook
 Canobie SouthCentreton Colebrooke Settlement
 CanooseCentrevilleChiassonColebrooke West
 Canterbury Chiasson OfficeColeraine
 Canterbury Parish Childs CreekColes Island
 Canterbury Station ChipmanCollege Bridge
 Canton Chipman ParishCollette
 Canton des Basques ChockpishCollette-Village
 Cantor Chocolate CoveCollina
 Cap Bateau Christie RidgeColpitts
 Cap Lumiere Christies LandingColpitts Settlement
 Cap Pele ChristopherComeau Point
 Cap de Richiboucto Church HillComeau Ridge
 Cap des Caissie Churchill HeightsComeau Settlement
 Cap-Brule Churchland RoadConcession-de-Baker-Brook
 Cap-de-Cocagne Churchs CornerConcession-des-Bouchard
 Cap-de-Saint-Louis  Concession-des-Jaunes
 Cape Breton CiquartConcession-des-Lang
 Cape Enrage  Concession-des-Ouellette
 Cape Spear  Concession-des-Vasseur
 Cape Spencer  Concession-des-Viel
 Cape Station  Connell
 Cape Tormentine  Connors
 Caraquet  Cooks Brook
 Caraquet Parish  Cooks Crossing
 Caraquette  Cookville
 Cardigan  Coombes Road
 Cardwell Parish  Coote Hill (H)
 Caribou Depot  Cork
 Carleton Parish  Cormier Cove
 Carlingford  Cormier-Village
 Carlisle  Cormierville
 Carlow  Cornhill
    Cornhill East
    Cosman Settlement
    Cote Sainte Anne
    Cote d'Or
    Coteau Road
    County Line
    Couturier Siding
    Coverdale Parish
    Cowans Creek
    Cox Point
    Crafts Cove
    Creek Road
    Crocker Hill
    Crockets Corner
    Crombie Settlement
    Cross Creek
    Cross Creek Station
    Cross Roads
    Crystal Beach
    Cumberland Bay
    Cummings Cove
    Currie Road
    Curtis Park
    Cyr Junction