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The Communities of Florida (FL)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

A Hanran Grant [Putnam County]

Aarons Place [Hillsborough County]

Abbey Grove [Hillsborough County]

Abbey Trace [Hillsborough County]

Abbott [Pasco County]

Abe Springs [Calhoun County]

Aberdeen [Jackson County]

Aberdeen [Palm Beach County]

Aberdeen Creek [Hillsborough County]

Aberdeen on Glen [Hillsborough County]

Abraham Acres [Hillsborough County]

Achackwaithle [Franklin County] (H)

Achan [Polk County]

Acklocknayke [Pinellas County] (H)

Acline [Charlotte County]

Acosta Grant [Putnam County]

Acron [Lake County] (H)

Acton [Polk County] (H)

Ad Mer [Hillsborough County]

Adam [Alachua County]

Adamo Acres [Hillsborough County]

Adams [Hamilton County]

Adamsville [Hillsborough County]

Adamsville [Sumter County]

Add [Hernando County]

Adventura [Miami-Dade County]

Agneda Segui Grant [Duval County]

Agnew [Marion County]

Agricola [Polk County]

Agrock [Polk County]

Ahosulga [Madison County] (H)

Airgate [Manatee County]

Al Dana Park [Hillsborough County]

Al Mar [Hillsborough County]

Alabama [Hillsborough County]

Alachua [Alachua County]

Alachua II [Alachua County] (H)

Alackaway Tolofa [Alachua County] (H)

Aladdin City [Miami-Dade County]

Alafaya [Orange County]

Alafaya Woods [Seminole County]

Alafia [Hillsborough County]

Alafia Cove [Hillsborough County]

Alafia Estates [Hillsborough County]

Alafia Oaks [Hillsborough County]

Alafia Ranch [Hillsborough County]

Alafia Ridge Estates [Hillsborough County]

Alafia River Country Meadows [Hillsborough County]

Alafia River Estates [Hillsborough County]

Alafia Shores [Hillsborough County]

Alafla [Hillsborough County]

Alamana [Volusia County]

Alameda [Hillsborough County]

Alameda [Miami-Dade County]

Alamo [Gadsden County]

Alapaha [Hamilton County] (H)

Alaqua [Walton County]

Alaqua Lakes [Seminole County]

Alavista [Hillsborough County]

Albion [Hillsborough County]

Albion [Levy County]

Alcoma [Polk County]

Alderene Park [Seminole County]

Alderman [Hernando County]

Alderman [Hillsborough County]

Alderman - Carlton Ranchettes [Hillsborough County]

Alderman Park [Duval County]

Aldermans Addition [Hillsborough County]

Aldermans Ford [Hillsborough County]

Aldridge [Duval County]

Alert [Polk County] (H)

Alexander Creighton Grant [Duval County]

Alexander Love Grant [Escambia County]

Alexander Springs [Lake County]

Alexanders Acres [Hillsborough County]

Alexandria Place [Hillsborough County]

Alexus Estates [Hillsborough County]

Alford [Hillsborough County]

Alford [Jackson County]

Alfredo Trujillo [Hillsborough County]

Alice Heights [Hillsborough County]

Alice Winter Gardens [Hillsborough County]

All Bright Shores [Hillsborough County]

All Green [Hillsborough County]

Allandale [Volusia County]

Allanton [Bay County]

Allapattah [Miami-Dade County]

Alldredge [Hillsborough County]

Allen [Clay County]

Allen Peacock [Hillsborough County]

Allendale [Hillsborough County]

Allendale Acres [Hillsborough County]

Allenhurst [Brevard County]

Allens [Hillsborough County]

Allens Cove [Hillsborough County]

Allentown [Santa Rosa County]

Allerton Park [Hillsborough County]

Alliance [Calhoun County]

Alliance [Jackson County]

Alligator [Columbia County]

Alligator Bobs [Hillsborough County]

Alligator Lake [Osceola County]

Alma [Jefferson County]

Alma Heights [Hillsborough County]

Almans Acres [Hillsborough County]

Almima [Hillsborough County]

Aloma [Orange County]

Alpine [Highlands County]

Alpine [Hillsborough County]

Alpine [Washington County]

Alpine Heights [Walton County]

Alta Vista [Charlotte County]

Alta Vista [Hillsborough County]

Alta Vista Tracts [Hillsborough County]

Altamira Heights [Hillsborough County]

Altamont [Orange County]

Altamonte Heights [Hillsborough County]

Altamonte Springs [Orange County]

Altamonte Springs [Seminole County]

Altha [Calhoun County]

Alto [Sumter County]

Alton [Lafayette County]

Altoona [Lake County]

Altos Verdes [Hillsborough County]

Altschul [Gadsden County]

Alturas [Polk County]

Alva [Lee County]

Alys Beach [Walton County]

Amanda [Hillsborough County]

Amaya Estates [Hillsborough County]

Amber Place [Hillsborough County]

Amber Sweet Farms [Hillsborough County]

Amberwave Estates [Hillsborough County]

Ambrose Hull Grant [Volusia County]

Amelia [Hillsborough County]

Amelia City [Nassau County]

Amelia Island [Nassau County]

American Beach [Nassau County]

American Gardens [Hillsborough County]

Americana [Hillsborough County]

Amherst [Brevard County]

Amys Acres [Hillsborough County]

Ana Julia Estates [Hillsborough County]

Anadell [Hillsborough County]

Anastasia [Saint Johns County]

Ancient Oak [Hillsborough County]

Anclote [Hillsborough County]

Anclote [Pasco County]

Andalucia [Hillsborough County]

Andalusia [Flagler County]

Andover [Hillsborough County]

Andover [Miami-Dade County]

Andover Golf Estates [Miami-Dade County]

Andover Lakes Estates [Miami-Dade County]

Andover Village [Hillsborough County]

Andrea [Hillsborough County]

Andrew [Leon County]

Andrew Atkinson Grant [Duval County]

Andrew Dewees Grant [Duval County]

Andrew Mitchell Grant [Escambia County]

Andrew Storrs Grant [Volusia County]

Andrews [Hillsborough County]

Andrews [Levy County]

Andrews [Nassau County]

Andrews Estates [Hillsborough County]

Andytown [Broward County]

Angel City [Brevard County]

Angel Farms Estates [Hillsborough County]

Angel Run [Hillsborough County]

Angelina Pines [Hillsborough County]

Angler Park [Monroe County]

Anglers Park [Monroe County]

Anglevillas [Saint Lucie County]

Anita [Citrus County]

Anita [Hillsborough County]

Ankona [Brevard County]

Ankona [Saint Lucie County]

Anna Maria [Manatee County]

Anona [Hillsborough County]

Anona [Pinellas County]

Anselmi Acres [Hillsborough County]

Ansley Park [Hillsborough County]

Ansley Terrace [Hillsborough County]

Antelm Gay Grant [Duval County]

Antelm Gay Grant [Volusia County]

Anthony [Marion County]

Antioch [Hillsborough County]

Antioch Acres [Hillsborough County]

Antioch Place [Hillsborough County]

Antoine Collins Grant [Escambia County]

Antonio Collin Grant [Escambia County]

Antonio Huertas Grant [Lake County]

Antonio J Triay Grant [Putnam County]

Apache Trace [Hillsborough County]

Apalachee Ridge [Leon County]

Apalachicola [Franklin County]

Apex Lake Estates [Hillsborough County]

Apix [Martin County] (H)

Apollo Beach [Hillsborough County]

Apollo Key Village [Hillsborough County]

Apopka [Orange County]

Appling Woods [Hillsborough County]

Aqui Esta [Charlotte County]

Arabian Acres [Hillsborough County]

Araguey Park [Saint Johns County]

Araquey [Saint Johns County]

Arbor Acres [Hillsborough County]

Arbor Greene [Hillsborough County]

Arbor Lakes [Hillsborough County]

Arbor Oaks [Hillsborough County]

Arbor Ridge [Hillsborough County]

Arbors at Freedom Plaza [Hillsborough County]

Arbuckle [Highlands County]

Arcadia [DeSoto County]

Arch Creek

Archbold [Highlands County]

Archer [Alachua County]

Archer [Hillsborough County]

Ardley [Palm Beach County]

Ards Crossroads [Holmes County]

Argyle [Walton County]

Argyle Forest [Duval County]

Ariel [Volusia County]

Aripeka [Pasco County]
Other names:
Gulf Key

Arista [Hillsborough County]

Arlene Manor [Hillsborough County]

Arlington [Citrus County]

Arlington [Duval County]

Arlington [Hillsborough County]

Arlington Green [Duval County]

Arlington Heights [Duval County]

Arlington Heights [Hillsborough County]

Arlington Heights North [Hillsborough County]

Arlington Heights West [Hillsborough County]

Arlington Oaks [Hillsborough County]

Arlington Park [Broward County]

Arlingwood [Duval County]

Armenia Acres [Hillsborough County]

Armenia Court [Hillsborough County]

Armenia Estates [Hillsborough County]

Armenia Gardens [Hillsborough County]

Armenia Heights [Hillsborough County]

Armenia Terrace [Hillsborough County]

Armijo Acres [Hillsborough County]

Armistead Manor [Hillsborough County]

Armour [Hillsborough County]

Armour [Polk County] (H)

Armston [Pinellas County]

Armstrong [Saint Johns County]

Arno [Alachua County]

Arran [Wakulla County]

Arrand Heights [Hillsborough County]

Arrant Settlement [Holmes County]

Arrawana Park [Hillsborough County]

Arredondo [Alachua County]

Arredondo Estates [Alachua County]

Arredondo Grant [Alachua County]

Arrow Pointe Estates [Hillsborough County]

Arrowhead Estates [Hillsborough County]

Artesia [Brevard County]

Arthur Estates [Hillsborough County]

Arundel [Martin County]

Asbury Lake [Clay County]

Asbury Park [Hillsborough County]

Ashbrook [Hillsborough County]

Ashley Estates [Hillsborough County]

Ashlin Estates [Hillsborough County]

Ashmore [Wakulla County]

Ashton [Osceola County]

Ashville [Jefferson County]

Askew [Hillsborough County]

Askew Heights [Hillsborough County]

Aspen Indian Creek Park [Lee County]

Astatula [Lake County]

Aston Villas [Hillsborough County]

Astor [Lake County]

Astor Farms [Seminole County]

Astor Park [Lake County]

Astoria Park [Leon County]

Atawalia [Taylor County] (H)

Athena [Taylor County]

Atlantic Beach [Duval County]

Atlantic Heights [Miami-Dade County]

Atlantis [Palm Beach County]

Attapulgas [Gadsden County] (H)

Auburn [Okaloosa County]

Auburn Highlands [Hillsborough County]

Auburndale [Polk County]

Aucilla [Jefferson County]

Aucilla [Madison County] (H)

Audubon [Brevard County]

Audubon Park [Hillsborough County]

Aurantia [Brevard County]

Aurora [Brevard County]

Aurora [Hillsborough County]

Aurytown (H)

Ausley's [Holmes County]

Austin Oaks [Hillsborough County]

Avalon Beach [Santa Rosa County]

Avalon Heights [Hillsborough County]

Avalon Terrace [Hillsborough County]

Avalon at Providence Lakes [Hillsborough County]

Ave Maria [Collier County]

Avelar Creek South [Hillsborough County]

Avendale [Hillsborough County]

Aventura [Miami-Dade County]

Averill [Brevard County]

Avery Oaks [Hillsborough County]

Avoca [Hamilton County]

Avon Park [Broward County]

Avon Park [Highlands County]

Avon Park Lakes [Highlands County]

Avon Springs [Hillsborough County]

Avondale [Duval County]

Avondale [Escambia County]

Avondale [Hillsborough County]

Avondale Groves [Hillsborough County]

Ayalas Grove [Hillsborough County]

Ayers [Hernando County]

Azalea Gardens [Hillsborough County]

Azalea Gardens Estates [Hillsborough County]

Azalea Park [Orange County]

Azalea Terrace [Duval County]

Azalea Terrace [Hillsborough County]

Azeele Heights [Hillsborough County]

Azeele Park [Hillsborough County]

Azure Estates [Hillsborough County]


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