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The Communities of Missouri (MO)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Babbtown [Osage County]

Bachelor [Callaway County]

Bacon [Cass County] (H)

Bacon [Moniteau County]

Baden [Saint Louis City]

Baderville [New Madrid County]

Bado [Texas County]

Bagdad [Lafayette County]

Bagnell [Miller County]

Bahner [Pettis County]

Bailey [Jefferson County]

Bailey [Pulaski County]

Bailey's Creek [Osage County]

Bailville [Carroll County]

Bain [Scott County]

Bainbridge [Cape Girardeau County]

Bainbridge [Clinton County]

Baird [Dunklin County]

Bairdston [Sullivan County]

Baker [Saint Clair County] (H)

Baker [Stoddard County]

Bakers Mill [Bollinger County] (H)

Bakersfield [Ozark County]

Bakersville [Callaway County] (H)

Bakersville [Pemiscot County]

Bakersville [Vernon County] (H)

Bakerville [Pemiscot County]

Baladan [McDonald County] (H)

Baldridge [Pulaski County]

Baldwin [Mississippi County] (H)

Baldwin Lake [Cass County]

Baldwin Park [Cass County]

Baldwinsville [Mississippi County]

Ballard [Bates County] (H)

Ballas [Saint Louis County]

Ballwin [Saint Louis County]

Balm [Cedar County]

Bals [Lincoln County]

Baltimore Settlement [Franklin County]

Bancroft [Daviess County]

Bandyville [Oregon County]

Bangert [Dent County]

Bangert [Saint Charles County]

Bannister [Camden County]

Bannister Ford [Camden County]

Bardley [Ripley County]

Barfield [Ripley County]

Barfield Station [Ripley County]

Baring [Knox County]

Bark Camp [Dunklin County] (H)

Barkersville [Callaway County]

Barkley [Marion County]

Barlow [Wayne County] (H)

Barnard [Nodaway County]

Barnesview [Clark County]

Barnesville [Clinton County]

Barnesville [Macon County]

Barnett [Morgan County]

Barnetts Station [Maries County] (H)

Barney [Dent County] (H)

Barnhart [Jefferson County]

Barnumton [Camden County]

Barracks [Saint Louis County]

Barren [Carter County] (H)

Barrett's Station [Saint Louis County]

Barretts [Saint Louis County]

Barron [Butler County]

Barry [Clay County]

Barry Town [Saint Francois County] (H)

Barryville [Macon County]

Bartlett [Shannon County]

Bartold [Saint Louis County]

Bartonsville [Gasconade County] (H)

Barwick [Caldwell County]

Baryties [Washington County]

Basher [Douglas County]

Bass [Cole County]

Bassinger Corner [Audrain County]

Bassville [Greene County]

Bates City [Lafayette County]

Bates Corner [Barry County]

Bates Creek Camp [Washington County]

Batesville [Butler County]

Batesville Post Office [Bates County] (H)

Bath [Laclede County]

Batsville [Carroll County] (H)

Battlefield [Greene County]

Baughter Town [Washington County]

Baur [Gasconade County]

Bavaria [Franklin County] (H)

Baxter [New Madrid County]

Baxter [Stone County]

Bay [Gasconade County]

Bayfield [DeKalb County] (H)

Bayouville [New Madrid County]

Bayshore [Jefferson County]

Beach [Webster County]

Beal [Shannon County]

Beaman [Pettis County]

Bean Lake [Platte County]

Bean Lake Station [Platte County]

Bear Branch [Linn County]

Bear Creek [Marion County]

Bearcreek [Cedar County]

Beasley [Pike County]

Beatrice [Carroll County] (H)

Beaufort [Franklin County]

Beaver [Douglas County]

Beaver [Phelps County]

Beaverdam [Ripley County]

Bebra [Morgan County]

Beck [Jefferson County]

Becker [Franklin County]

Beckett [Saint Charles County] (H)

Beckville [Wayne County]

Bedford [Livingston County]

Bedford Station [Livingston County]

Bedison [Nodaway County]

Bedwell [Reynolds County]

Bee [Cape Girardeau County]

Bee Creek [Buchanan County]

Bee Fork [Reynolds County]

Bee Hive [Clinton County]

Beemont [Franklin County]

Beersheba [Montgomery County]

Bel-Nor [Saint Louis County]

Bel-Ridge [Saint Louis County]

Belcher [Butler County] (H)

Belews Creek [Jefferson County]

Belfast [Newton County]

Belgique [Perry County]

Belgrade [Washington County]

Bell City [Stoddard County]

Bell Grove [Nodaway County]

Bell's Mill [Bates County] (H)

Bella Villa [Saint Louis County]

Bellafontaine [Saint Louis County]

Bellair [Cooper County]

Bellamy [Vernon County]

Belle [Maries County]

Belle Center [Jasper County]

Belle Plaine Post Office [Cass County] (H)

Bellefontaine [Saint Louis County]

Bellefontaine [Washington County]

Bellefontaine Neighbors [Saint Louis County]

Bellefonte [Pulaski County]

Bellemont [Saint Louis County]

Bellerive Acres [Saint Louis County]
Other names:

Belleview [Iron County]

Belleville [Cole County] (H)

Belleville [Jasper County]

Belleville [Montgomery County]

Bellevue [Saint Louis County]

Bellflower [Montgomery County]

Bellville [Marion County]

Belmont [Mississippi County]

Belmont Heights [Saint Louis County] (H)

Belmont Landing [Mississippi County]

Beloit [Barton County] (H)

Belt Junction [Jackson County]

Belton [Cass County]

Belton Station [Cass County]

Belvidere [Jackson County]

Bem [Gasconade County]

Bement [Clay County]

Ben Avis [Saint Louis County]

Ben Avis Park [Saint Louis County]

Benbow [Marion County]

Benbush [Saint Louis County]

Bend [Maries County]

Bendavis [Texas County]

Bengal [Christian County]

Benjamin [Lewis County]

Bennett [Ripley County]

Bennett Springs [Laclede County]

Benoist [Saint Louis County] (H)

Bensborough [Laclede County]

Benson [Linn County]

Benson Tourist City [Franklin County]

Bentleyville [Jasper County]

Benton [Saint Louis City]

Benton [Scott County]

Benton City [Audrain County]

Benton City [Johnson County] (H)

Benton Park [Saint Louis City]

Benton Park West [Saint Louis City]

Bentonville [Benton County]

Berdell Hills [Saint Louis County]

Berger [Franklin County]

Berger Settlement [Franklin County] (H)

Berkeley [Saint Louis County]

Berlin [Gentry County]

Berlin [Lafayette County]

Bernheimer [Warren County]

Bernice City [Atchison County] (H)

Bernie [Stoddard County]

Berry Ford [Dallas County] (H)

Berry Hill [Barton County]

Berryman [Washington County]

Berryman [Iron County]

Bertha [Douglas County]

Berthaville [Randolph County]

Bertrand [Mississippi County]

Berwick [Newton County]

Bessville [Bollinger County]

Best Bottom [Montgomery County]

Bethany [Clay County]

Bethany [Dunklin County]

Bethany [Harrison County]

Bethel [Shelby County]

Bethlehem [McDonald County]

Bethlehem [Montgomery County]

Bethpage [McDonald County]

Beulah [Madison County]

Beulah [Phelps County]

Beverly [Macon County]

Beverly [Platte County]

Beverly Hills [Saint Louis County]

Beverly Station [Platte County]

Bevier [Macon County]

Bible Grove [Scotland County]

Bidwell [Laclede County]

Biehle [Perry County]

Big Bend [Maries County]

Big Bend [Saint Louis County]

Big Bend Acres [Camden County]

Big Blue [Jackson County]

Big Creek [Texas County]

Big Creek Settlement [Cass County] (H)

Big Lake [Holt County]

Big Piney [Pulaski County]

Big Ridge [New Madrid County]

Big River [Saint Francois County]

Big Spring [Montgomery County]

Big Spring Mills [Lincoln County] (H)

Bigbee [Caldwell County] (H)

Bigelow [Holt County]

Biggs [Douglas County] (H)

Billings [Christian County]

Billingsville [Cooper County]

Billman [Saint Louis County]

Billmore [Oregon County]

Bingham [Carroll County] (H)

Binkley [Macon County]

Birch Tree [Shannon County]

Bird Eye [Greene County] (H)

Bird Springs [Ozark County]

Birds Corner [Stoddard County]

Birds Nest [Crawford County]

Birds Point [Mississippi County]
Other names:

Birdsong [Saint Clair County]

Birdtown [Ozark County]

Birmingham [Clay County]

Birmingham Junction [Clay County]

Bishop [Greene County]

Bismarck [Saint Francois County]

Bismarck Heights [Saint Louis County]

Bissell [Saint Louis County]

Bixby [Iron County]

Black [Reynolds County]

Black Bridge [Saint Charles County]

Black Hawk [Clark County]

Black Island [Pemiscot County]

Black Jack [Saint Louis County]

Black Oak [Caldwell County]

Black Walnut [Saint Charles County]

Blackbird [Putnam County] (H)

Blackburn [Saline County]

Blackjack [Saint Clair County]

Blackjack [Saint Louis County]

Blackman's Mills [Camden County]

Blacks Grove [Worth County]

Blackwater [Cooper County]

Blackwater [Johnson County] (H)

Blackwater Station [Cooper County]

Blackwell [Macon County]

Blackwell [Saint Francois County]

Blaine [Benton County]

Blaine [Vernon County]

Blairstown [Henry County]

Blairsville [Saint Francois County] (H)

Blake [Daviess County]

Blanche [Douglas County]

Bland [Gasconade County]

Blase [Saint Charles County]

Blazer [Pemiscot County]

Bleda [Scott County]

Blendville [Jasper County] (H)

Bliss [Washington County]

Blodgett [Scott County]

Blomeyer [Cape Girardeau County]

Bloodland [Pulaski County]

Bloomfield [Carroll County]

Bloomfield [Stoddard County]

Bloomgarden [Maries County] (H)

Blooming Rose [Phelps County]

Bloomington [Macon County]

Bloomsdale [Sainte Genevieve County]

Blosser [Saline County] (H)

Blue Branch [Benton County]

Blue Eagle [Clay County] (H)

Blue Eye [Stone County]

Blue Lick [Saline County]

Blue Mills [Jackson County]

Blue Mound [Livingston County]

Blue Ridge [Harrison County]

Blue Springs [Jackson County]

Blue Summit [Jackson County]

Blue Valley [Jackson County]

Blue Vue [Jackson County]

Bluffton [Montgomery County]

Bluffton [Ray County]

Blum [Wayne County]

Bly [Howell County]

Blythedale [Harrison County]

Boaz [Christian County]

Boaz [Crawford County]

Bobring [Saint Louis County]

Boeger's Store [Osage County]

Boekerton [New Madrid County]

Boeschenville [Benton County]

Boeuf Creek [Franklin County]

Boeuf Settlement [Franklin County] (H)

Bogard [Carroll County]

Bogy Tract [Saint Louis County]

Bogytown [Saint Francois County] (H)

Bois Brule [Perry County]

Bois D'Arc [Greene County]

Boise City [Oregon County]

Bolckow [Andrew County]

Boles [Franklin County]

Bolivar [Polk County]

Bolivia [Sainte Genevieve County] (H)

Bollinger Mill [Bollinger County]

Bollinger Mill [Cape Girardeau County] (H)

Bolton [Harrison County]

Bon Homme [Saint Louis County]

Bona [Dade County]

Bonanza [Caldwell County] (H)

Bonfils [Saint Louis County]

Bonfils Station [Saint Louis County]

Bonham [Lawrence County]

Bonne Terre [Saint Francois County]

Bonner [Franklin County]

Bonnots Mill [Osage County]

Boomer [Linn County]

Boone [Franklin County] (H)

Boonesboro [Howard County]

Boonesborough [Boone County] (H)

Boonville [Cooper County]

Booser [Butler County] (H)

Booth [Pike County]

Boschertown [Saint Charles County]

Boscobel [Dent County] (H)

Bosky Dell [McDonald County]

Boss [Dent County]

Boston [Barton County]

Boston [Christian County]

Boston [Monroe County] (H)

Boston [Warren County] (H)

Bosworth [Carroll County]

Boulder City [Newton County]

Bounds [Wayne County]

Bourbon [Boone County]

Bourbon [Crawford County]

Bouses Mill [Cass County] (H)

Bouvets Warehouse [Marion County]

Bowdry [Carroll County]

Bowen [Henry County]

Bowers Mill [Lawrence County]

Bowie Corner [Dunklin County]

Bowling Green [Pike County]

Bowman [Cape Girardeau County]

Bowman [Harrison County]

Bowmansville [Johnson County]

Bowmansville [Sullivan County]

Box [Phelps County] (H)

Boxford [DeKalb County] (H)

Boyd [Crawford County]

Boyd [Dallas County]

Boydan [Newton County]

Boydsville [Callaway County]

Boyer [Wright County]

Boyers [Cape Girardeau County]

Boyers Settlement [Buchanan County]

Boylers Mill [Crawford County] (H)

Boylers Mill [Morgan County]

Boynton [Sullivan County]

Boys Missouri [Phelps County]

Bozarth Settlement [Lewis County]

Boze Mill [Oregon County]

Bracken [Webster County]

Braddy Ford [Madison County] (H)

Bradfield [Stone County]

Bradleyville [Taney County]

Bradshaw [Washington County]

Bradyville [Stoddard County] (H)

Bragg City [Pemiscot County]

Braggadocio [Pemiscot County]

Braley [Clinton County]

Branch [Camden County]

Brandon [Benton County]

Brandsville [Howell County]

Branson [Taney County]

Branson West [Stone County]

Brant [Moniteau County]

Branums Point [Dunklin County]

Brashear [Adair County]

Brasher [Pemiscot County]

Braswell [Oregon County]

Brauersville [Benton County] (H)

Brawley [Oregon County]

Braymer [Caldwell County]

Brays [Miller County]

Brayton [Bates County]

Brazeau [Perry County]

Brazil [Cole County]

Brazil [Washington County]

Brazito [Cole County]

Breckenridge [Caldwell County]

Breckenridge Hills [Saint Louis County]

Breen Acres [Platte County]

Breeze [Jasper County]

Breezy Heights [Jefferson County] (H)

Bremen [Saint Louis City]

Brent [Pemiscot County]

Brentwood [Saint Louis County]

Brest [Jasper County]

Brevator [Lincoln County]

Brewer [Perry County]

Brian [Dunklin County]

Briar [Ripley County]

Briar Creek [Ripley County]

Briarcliff Hills [Clay County]

Bricefield [Barry County]

Brickeys [Sainte Genevieve County]
Other names:
Brickeys Landing
Brickeys Gristmill

Bridge Creek [Carroll County]

Bridgeport [Harrison County]

Bridgeport [Warren County]

Bridgeton [Saint Louis County]

Bridgeton Terrace [Saint Louis County]

Bridgewater [Nodaway County]

Brighton [Polk County]

Brimson [Grundy County]

Brinkerhoff [Pemiscot County] (H)

Brinktown [Maries County]

Briscoe [Lincoln County]

Bristle Ridge [Johnson County]

Bristol [Jackson County]

Bristow [Vernon County]

Brittain [Dallas County]

Brixey [Ozark County]

Broadwater [New Madrid County]

Broadway [Maries County] (H)

Broadway [Saint Louis City]

Broadway Junction [Saint Louis City]

Brock [Scotland County]

Brockman [Miller County]

Bronaugh [Vernon County]

Brookdale [Saint Louis County]

Brookfield [Linn County]

Brookline [Greene County]

Brookline Station [Greene County]

Brooklyn [Harrison County]

Brooklyn Heights [Jasper County]

Brooks Junction [Scott County]

Brooks Mill [New Madrid County]

Brookside [Cape Girardeau County]

Broscherts Addition [Saint Louis County]

Broseley [Butler County]

Brosley [Cass County] (H)

Brousan [Saint Louis County] (H)

Brown [Sullivan County] (H)

Brown Shanty [Gasconade County]

Brown Springs [Pettis County]

Brown's Station [Boone County]

Brownbranch [Taney County]

Brownfield [Laclede County]

Browning [Linn County]

Brownington [Henry County]

Browns [Boone County]

Browns [New Madrid County]

Browns Crossing [Wayne County]

Browns Ford [Callaway County]

Browns Ford [Saint Clair County]

Browns Mill [Cass County] (H)

Browns Mill [Ripley County]

Browns Spring [Stone County]

Brownsburgh [Ray County]

Brownville [Nodaway County]

Brownwood [Stoddard County]

Brumley [Miller County]

Bruner [Christian County]

Brunot [Wayne County]

Brunswick [Chariton County]

Brush Arbor [Butler County]

Brush Creek [Laclede County]

Brushcreek [Laclede County]

Brushy Mill [Shannon County] (H)

Brushyknob [Douglas County]

Brussells [Lincoln County]

Bryans [Callaway County] (H)

Bryant [Douglas County]

Bryant [Jackson County]

Bryson [Pettis County]

Buchanan [Bollinger County]

Buck Creek [Morgan County]

Buck Donic [Dunklin County]

Buckeye [Mississippi County]

Buckhart [Douglas County]

Buckhart Springs [Shannon County] (H)

Buckhorn [Madison County]

Buckhorn [Pulaski County]

Buckland [Phelps County] (H)

Buckley [Greene County] (H)

Bucklin [Linn County]

Buckner [Jackson County]

Bucoda [Dunklin County]

Bucyrus [Texas County]

Bud [Warren County]

Budapest [Ripley County]

Buell [Montgomery County]

Buena Vista [Platte County]

Buffalo [Dallas County]

Buffalo [McDonald County]

Buffalo [Ray County]

Buffalo City [McDonald County]

Buffington [Stoddard County]

Buhlville [Gentry County]

Buick [Iron County]

Bull Creek [Taney County]

Bull Run Camp [Wayne County]

Bullion [Adair County] (H)

Bumgarden Ford [Webster County]

Bunceton [Cooper County]

Bundy Creek [Carroll County] (H)

Bundy Junction [Phelps County]

Bunker [Dent County]

Bunker Camp [Reynolds County] (H)

Bunker Hill [Howard County]

Bunker Hill [Lewis County] (H)

Bunker Hill [Schuyler County]

Bunker Hill [Stoddard County]

Bunkum [Saint Louis County] (H)

Bunnville [Vernon County] (H)

Burbank [Wayne County]

Burbois [Gasconade County]

Burch [Wayne County]

Burdett [Bates County]

Burfordville [Cape Girardeau County]

Burgess [Barton County]

Burke City [Saint Louis County]

Burksville [Shelby County]

Burlington [Boone County] (H)

Burlington Junction [Nodaway County]

Burney Ford [Wright County]

Burnham [Howell County]

Burns [Polk County]

Burr [Ripley County]

Burr Oak [Lincoln County] (H)

Burr Oak Valley [Lincoln County]

Burrows [Bates County]

Burrows [Mercer County]

Burton [Howard County]

Burtonville [Barry County]

Burtonville [Dallas County]

Burtville [Adair County] (H)

Burtville [Johnson County]

Busch [Pike County]

Bushburg [Jefferson County]

Bushnell [Barton County]

Bussen Spur [Saint Louis County]

Butcher [Hickory County]

Bute [Sullivan County]

Butler [Bates County]

Butler [Boone County]

Butler Pond [Crawford County]

Butterfield [Barry County]

Butts [Crawford County]

Buttsville [Grundy County]

Buxton [Platte County]

Buzzards Roost [Monroe County]

Buzzards Roost [Pike County]

Byberry [Cooper County] (H)

Byers [Jefferson County]

Bynumville [Chariton County]

Byrd Island [Cape Girardeau County]

Byrds Settlement [Cape Girardeau County]

Byrnes Mill [Jefferson County]

Byrnesville [Jefferson County]

Byron [Osage County]


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