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The Communities of Indiana (IN)

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Notes about our Index:

  • Some communities no longer exist and have been marked with '(H)' to indicate that they are historic.
  • When two (or more) communities share the same name, we try to give some kind of location to help you pick.

Mac-Fair-Mar [Cass County]

Mace [Montgomery County]

Macedonia [Harrison County]

Mackey [Gibson County]

Mackie [Fountain County]

Macksville [Vigo County]

Macy [Miami County]

Madalline [Parke County]

Madison [Jefferson County]

Madrid [Spencer County]

Magee [LaPorte County]

Magley [Adams County]

Magnet [Perry County]

Magnetic Springs [Hendricks County]

Magnolia [Crawford County]

Mahalasville [Morgan County]

Mahan Crossing [Orange County]

Mahon [Huntington County]

Mahoning [Lake County]

Majenica [Huntington County]

Makin [Huntington County]

Malcolm [Vigo County]

Malden [Porter County]

Mallot Park [Marion County] (H)

Malott Park [Marion County]

Maltersville [Dubois County]

Manchester [Dearborn County]

Manchester [Montgomery County]

Manchester [Ripley County]

Mancourt [Owen County]

Manhattan [Putnam County]

Manilla [Rush County]

Manor Woods [Allen County]

Mansard Du Lac [Lake County]

Mansfield [Parke County]

Manson [Clinton County]

Manville [Jefferson County]

Maple Del [Hamilton County]

Maple Lane [Saint Joseph County]

Maple Ridge [Marion County]

Maple Valley [Henry County]

Maples [Allen County]

Mapleton [Marion County]

Mapleton Corner [Decatur County]

Maplewood [Hendricks County]

Maplewood [Vigo County]

Maplewood Park [Allen County]

Marble Corner [Ripley County]

Marble Hill [Gibson County]

Marble Hill [Jefferson County]

Marco [Greene County]

Mardenis [Huntington County]

Marengo [Crawford County]

Mariah Hill [Spencer County]

Marian Manor [Porter County]

Marietta [Shelby County]

Marina Dunes [Lake County]

Marineland Gardens [Kosciusko County]

Marion [Grant County]

Marion [Shelby County]

Marion [Sullivan County]

Marion Heights [Vigo County]

Marion Mills [Owen County]

Markland [Switzerland County]

Markle [Huntington County]

Markles [Vigo County]

Markleville [Madison County]

Marlboro [Jasper County]

Marlin Hills [Monroe County]

Marmont [Marshall County]

Marquette Farm [Vigo County]

Marrs Center [Posey County]

Mars Hill [Marion County]

Marshall [Parke County]

Marshfield [Scott County]

Marshfield [Warren County]

Marshtown [Fulton County]

Martin [Vanderburgh County]

Martin Heights [Washington County]

Martinsburg [Washington County]

Martinsville [Morgan County]

Martz [Clay County]

Maryland [Vigo County]

Marysville [Clark County]

Marysville [Pike County]

Marywood [Vigo County]

Mason [Wabash County]

Massacre [Sullivan County]

Masthead [Hamilton County]

Matamoras [Blackford County]

Mathews [Morgan County]

Matlock Heights [Monroe County]

Matthews [Grant County]

Mattix Corner [Clinton County]

Mattsville [Hamilton County]

Mauckport [Harrison County]

Maumee [Jackson County]

Mauzy [Rush County]

Max [Boone County]

Maxams [Gibson County]

Maxinkuckee [Marshall County]

Maxville [Randolph County]

Maxville [Spencer County]

Maxwell [Hancock County]

Maxwell [Morgan County]

May Ridge [Bartholomew County]

Mayfield [Delaware County]

Mayflower Meadows [Marion County]

Maynard [Lake County]

Mays [Rush County]

Maysville [Davies's County]

Maysville Crossing [Fountain County]

Maywood [Marion County]

McBride Heights [Clark County]

McCameron [Martin County]

McCarty [Johnson County]

McCol Place [Washington County]

McCool [Porter County]

McCord's [Hancock County]

McCordsville [Hancock County]

McCowans [Delaware County]

McCoy [Decatur County]

McCoysburg [Jasper County]

McCutchan [Vanderburgh County]

McCutchanville [Vanderburgh County]

McDaniel [Morgan County]

McGary [Gibson County]

McGrawsville [Miami County]

McGregor [Jefferson County]

McKinley [Washington County]

McMillins [Rush County]

McNatts [Wells County]

McQuinn Estates [Tippecanoe County]

McVille [Greene County]

Mead [Brown County]

Mead Village [Bartholomew County]

Meadow Shores Park [Steuben County]

Meadowbrook [Allen County]

Meadowbrook [Madison County]

Meadowbrook [Porter County]

Meadowbrook [Tippecanoe County]

Meadowdale [Lake County]

Meadowood [Elkhart County]

Meadowood [Marion County]

Meadows [Vigo County]

Meadowview [Cass County]

Mecca [Parke County]

Mecca Mills [Parke County]

Mechanicsburg [Boone County]

Mechanicsburg [Clay County]

Mechanicsburg [Decatur County]

Mechanicsburg [Henry County]

Mechanicsburg [Madison County]

Mechanicsville [Vanderburgh County]

Medaryville [Pulaski County]

Medford [Delaware County]

Medora [Jackson County]

Meiks [Shelby County]

Melcher [Parke County] (H)

Mellott [Fountain County]

Melody Hill [Vanderburgh County]

Meltonville [Vigo County]

Meltzer [Shelby County]

Memphis [Clark County]

Mentone [Kosciusko County]

Mentor [Dubois County]

Menzie [Wabash County]

Meridian Hills [Marion County]

Merom [Sullivan County]

Merom Station [Sullivan County]

Merriam [Noble County]

Merrick [LaPorte County]

Merrillville [Lake County]

Messena [Hendricks County]

Messick [Henry County]

Metamora [Franklin County]

Metea [Cass County]

Metz [Steuben County]

Mexico [Miami County]

Miami [Miami County]

Miami Bend [Cass County]

Miami Trails Addition [Saint Joseph County]

Michaels [Grant County]

Michaelsville [Grant County]

Michiana Shores [LaPorte County]

Michigan City [LaPorte County]

Michigantown [Clinton County]

Mickleyville [Marion County]

Middle Branch [Decatur County]

Middleboro [Wayne County]

Middlebury [Clay County]

Middlebury [Elkhart County]

Middlefork [Clinton County]

Middlefork [Jefferson County]

Middletons [Howard County]

Middletown [Allen County]

Middletown [Henry County]

Middletown [Shelby County]

Middletown [Vigo County]

Middletown Park [Delaware County]

Midland [Greene County]

Midland Junction [Greene County]

Midway [Elkhart County]

Midway [Franklin County]

Midway [Jefferson County]

Midway [Parke County]

Midway [Spencer County]

Midway Corners [Saint Joseph County]

Mier [Grant County]

Mifflin [Crawford County]

Milan [Ripley County]

Milan Center [Allen County]

Miles Point [Clark County]

Milford [Decatur County]

Milford [Kosciusko County]

Milford Junction [Kosciusko County]

Mill Branch [Clay County]

Mill Creek [Hamilton County]

Mill Creek [LaPorte County]

Mill's Corners [Jay County]

Milledgeville [Boone County]

Miller [Lake County]

Miller [Morgan County]

Miller Beach [Lake County]

Millers [Bartholomew County]

Millers [Gibson County]

Millers [Lake County]

Millers [Spencer County]

Millersburg [Elkhart County]

Millersburg [Hamilton County]

Millersburg [Orange County]

Millersburg [Warrick County]

Millersburgh [Lawrence County]

Millersport [Dubois County]

Millersville [Marion County]

Millgrove [Blackford County]

Millhousen [Decatur County]

Milligan [Parke County]

Milligan Station [Parke County]

Millport [Washington County]

Milltown [Crawford County]

Millville [Franklin County]

Millville [Henry County]

Millwood [Kosciusko County]

Milners Corner [Hancock County]

Milo [Grant County]

Milroy [Rush County]

Milton [Ohio County]

Milton [Wayne County]

Miner City [Crawford County]

Mineral [Greene County]

Mineral City [Greene County]

Mineral Springs [Kosciusko County]

Minshall [Parke County]

Mishawaka [Saint Joseph County]

Missisinewa [Miami County] (H)

Mitchell [Lawrence County]

Mitchellville [Marion County]

Mixersville [Franklin County]

Moberly [Harrison County]

Modesto [Monroe County]

Modoc [Randolph County]

Moffitt [Jasper County]

Mohawk [Hancock County]

Mollie [Blackford County] (H)

Mongo [LaGrange County]

Monitor [Tippecanoe County]

Monmouth [Adams County]

Monon [White County]

Monoquet [Kosciusko County]

Monroe [Adams County]

Monroe [Tippecanoe County]

Monroe City [Knox County]

Monroe Manor [LaPorte County]

Monroeville [Allen County]

Monrovia [Morgan County]

Montclair [Hendricks County]

Monte Cassino Shrine [Spencer County]

Monterey [Pulaski County]

Monterey Village [Hamilton County]

Montezuma [Parke County]

Montezuma [Vermillion County]

Montezuma Station [Vermillion County]

Montgomery [Davies's County]

Monticello [White County]

Montmorenci [Tippecanoe County]

Montpelier [Blackford County]

Monument City [Huntington County] (H)

Moody [Jasper County]

Mooney [Jackson County]

Moonlight [Steuben County]

Moonville [Madison County]

Moore [DeKalb County]

Moore's Vineyard [Bartholomew County]

Moorefield [Marion County]

Moorefield [Switzerland County]

Mooreland [Henry County]

Moores Hill [Dearborn County]

Mooresburgh [Pulaski County]

Moorestown [Lawrence County]

Mooresville [DeKalb County]

Mooresville [Morgan County]

Moral [Shelby County]

Moran [Clinton County]

Morehouse [Elkhart County]

Morgan [LaPorte County]

Morgan Meadows [Hamilton County]

Morgan Park [Porter County]

Morgantown [Morgan County]

Morningside [Delaware County]

Morocco [Newton County]

Morris [Porter County]

Morris [Ripley County]

Morristown [Shelby County]

Morton [Putnam County]

Morven [Shelby County]

Morvins Landing [Harrison County]

Moscow [Rush County]

Mott [Harrison County]

Mott Station [Harrison County]

Mound City [Warren County]

Mound Haven [Franklin County]

Mount Auburn [Franklin County]

Mount Auburn [Shelby County]

Mount Auburn [Wayne County]

Mount Ayr [Newton County]

Mount Carmel [Franklin County]

Mount Carmel [Washington County]

Mount Comfort [Hancock County]

Mount Etna [Huntington County]

Mount Healthy [Bartholomew County]

Mount Hope [DeKalb County]

Mount Jackson [Marion County]

Mount Lawn [Henry County]

Mount Liberty [Brown County]

Mount Meridian [Putnam County]

Mount Moriah [Brown County]

Mount Olive [Martin County]

Mount Olympus [Gibson County]

Mount Pisgah [LaGrange County]

Mount Pleasant [Cass County]

Mount Pleasant [Delaware County]

Mount Pleasant [Johnson County]

Mount Pleasant [Martin County]

Mount Pleasant [Perry County]

Mount Pleasant [Vigo County]

Mount Prospect [Crawford County]

Mount Sinai [Dearborn County]

Mount Sterling [Switzerland County]

Mount Summit [Henry County]

Mount Tabor [Monroe County]

Mount Vernon [Posey County]

Mount Vernon [Wabash County]

Mount Vernon Junction [Gibson County]

Mount Washington [Putnam County]

Mount Zion [Wells County]

Mount Zion Corner [Morgan County]

Mountain Spring [Martin County]

Mounts [Gibson County]

Mud Center [Vanderburgh County]

Muddy Fork [Clark County]

Mudlavia Springs [Warren County]

Mulberry [Clinton County]

Mull [Randolph County]

Muncie [Delaware County]

Muncie Junction [Allen County]

Munster [Lake County]

Murdock [Lawrence County]

Muren [Pike County]

Murphy [Pike County]

Murray [Davies's County]

Murray [Wells County]

Musquabuck Park [Kosciusko County]

Myers [Madison County]

Myhart [Allen County]


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