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Nearest Communities to Hammer Place, By-County ...

The purpose of this page is to identify those communities that are closest to Hammer Place, on a County-by-County basis. To explain further, let's use the example from the Genealogy Helper Page for Hammer Place:

We have great-grandparents who lived in a small community in the southwest corner of their home county. During their lives, most doctors were in the next county to the west. Almost all of the nearby churches and cemeteries were in the county to the south.

When doing our research, we make it a practice to expand our search by looking in neighboring counties in addition to the county in which they lived:  their home county contained property and probate records; the county to the west contained birth and death records; the county to the south contained their burial records. If we hadn't checked the neighboring counties, we would have missed many valuable sources of information.

Please note that when we give a distance, it's a 'straight-line' distance starting from Hammer Place and not the distance if you are driving it.<1>

If you're researching your genealogy, we hope that the following following information helps.

Hammer Place is located in Tehama County.

The following 6 counties adjoin and form the boundaries of Tehama County: Butte, Glenn, Mendocino, Plumas, Shasta & Trinity.

Our Gazetteer shows that there are 203 communities within 40 miles [64.4 km] of Hammer Place. Of these communities, 126 are located in counties other than Tehama County.

We usually exclude communities when we still need to verify their location,<2> but for the purpose of this page, we have included the unverified ('unver') and historic ('hist') communities.

After starting with the home county for Hammer Place (which is Tehama County), we list the counties in alphabetical order and for each of those counties, the closest communities are listed in order of their distance from Hammer Place. For the following list, only those counties that contain communities within 40 miles [64.4 km] are displayed.

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Glenn CountyTrinity County 
Lake County  
Mendocino County  

Tehama County     (The county where Hammer Place resides)
County Website:
County Seat for Tehama:   Red Bluff
Genealogy Websites:
State of California       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Tehama County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Shackleford Place (Unver)     [Map]     NW   Less than 2 miles
Heitman Place (Hist)     [Map]     N   2 miles [3.2 km]
Skinner Mill Place (Unver)     [Map]     N   2 miles [3.2 km]
Mary Ellen Place (Unver)     [Map]     E   4 miles [6.4 km]
Bayles Place (Unver)     [Map]     NE   4 miles [6.4 km]
Cold Fork (Unver)     [Map]     NE   4 miles [6.4 km]
Haven Place (Unver)     [Map]     NE   4 miles [6.4 km]
Pettyjohn Place (Unver)     [Map]     NE   4 miles [6.4 km]
Watson (Unver)     [Map]     S   4 miles [6.4 km]
Banfield Place (Unver)     [Map]     E   6 miles [9.7 km]
Gilliam Place (Unver)     [Map]     E   6 miles [9.7 km]
Deadman Crossing (Unver)     [Map]     E   7 miles [11.3 km]
Montgomery Place (Unver)     [Map]     E   7 miles [11.3 km]
Alford Place (Unver)     [Map]     N   7 miles [11.3 km]
Pete Hoff Place (Unver)     [Map]     NE   8 miles [12.9 km]
Swain Place (Unver)     [Map]     NE   8 miles [12.9 km]
Copple Place (Unver)     [Map]     SE   8 miles [12.9 km]
Irish Place (Hist)     [Map]     E   9 miles [14.5 km]
Hatfield Place (Hist)     [Map]     NE   9 miles [14.5 km]
McCartney Place (Unver)     [Map]     NE   9 miles [14.5 km]
Brown Place (Unver)     [Map]     SE   9 miles [14.5 km]
Fowler Place (Unver)     [Map]     NE   10 miles [16.1 km]
Hercraff Place (Unver)     [Map]     NE   10 miles [16.1 km]
Steuben Place (Unver)     [Map]     S   10 miles [16.1 km]
Pellow Place (Unver)     [Map]     SE   10 miles [16.1 km]
Saunders Place (Unver)     [Map]     SE   10 miles [16.1 km]
Leonard Place (Hist)     [Map]     E   11 miles [17.7 km]
Walker Place (Hist)     [Map]     NE   11 miles [17.7 km]
Griffin Place (Unver)     [Map]     S   11 miles [17.7 km]
Mitchell Place (Unver)     [Map]     S   11 miles [17.7 km]
Lowrey (Unver)     [Map]     SE   11 miles [17.7 km]
Westend Galatin Place (Hist)     [Map]     SE   12 miles [19.3 km]
Rosewood (Unver)     [Map]     NE   13 miles [20.9 km]
Dawson Place (Unver)     [Map]     S   13 miles [20.9 km]
Red Bank (Unver)     [Map]     E   14 miles [22.5 km]
Peterson Place (Unver)     [Map]     S   16 miles [25.7 km]
Paskenta     [Map]     SE   18 miles [29 km]
Rancho Tehama Reserve     [Map]     SE   18 miles [29 km]
Whitlock Place (Unver)     [Map]     S   19 miles [30.6 km]
Sunnyside (Unver)     [Map]     S   20 miles [32.2 km]
Wilder Place (Unver)     [Map]     S   20 miles [32.2 km]
Flournoy     [Map]     SE   20 miles [32.2 km]
Bollinger Place (Unver)     [Map]     SW   20 miles [32.2 km]
Houghton Place (Unver)     [Map]     S   21 miles [33.8 km]
Henleyville (Unver)     [Map]     SE   23 miles [37 km]
Blunt (Unver)     [Map]     E   24 miles [38.6 km]
Hooker     [Map]     NE   24 miles [38.6 km]
Red Bluff     [Map]     E   25 miles [40.2 km]
Ninemile (Hist)     [Map]     NE   25 miles [40.2 km]
La Barranca Colorada (Unver)     [Map]     E   26 miles [41.8 km]
Rawson (Unver)     [Map]     E   27 miles [43.5 km]
Bend     [Map]     E   28 miles [45.1 km]
Proberta     [Map]     E   28 miles [45.1 km]
El Camino (Unver)     [Map]     E   29 miles [46.7 km]
Kiska (Unver)     [Map]     E   29 miles [46.7 km]
Las Flores (Unver)     [Map]     E   29 miles [46.7 km]
Gerber     [Map]     E   30 miles [48.3 km]
Richfield (Unver)     [Map]     E   30 miles [48.3 km]
Dairyville (Unver)     [Map]     E   31 miles [49.9 km]
El Primer Canon or Rio de Los Berre (Unver)     [Map]     E   31 miles [49.9 km]
Saucos (Unver)     [Map]     E   31 miles [49.9 km]
Jellys Ferry (Unver)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Corning     [Map]     SE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Paskenta Rancheria (Unver)     [Map]     SE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Tehama     [Map]     E   32 miles [51.5 km]
Los Molinos     [Map]     E   33 miles [53.1 km]
Rio De Los Molinos (Unver)     [Map]     E   33 miles [53.1 km]
Ensign (Hist)     [Map]     E   34 miles [54.7 km]
Copeland (Unver)     [Map]     E   36 miles [57.9 km]
Dales     [Map]     E   36 miles [57.9 km]
Squaw Hill Ferry (Unver)     [Map]     SE   36 miles [57.9 km]
Squaw Hill (Unver)     [Map]     SE   36 miles [57.9 km]
Vina     [Map]     E   37 miles [59.5 km]
Favinger Place (Unver)     [Map]     E   39 miles [62.8 km]
Thompson Place (Unver)     [Map]     E   39 miles [62.8 km]
Facht Place (Unver)     [Map]     E   40 miles [64.4 km]
Tenmile (Hist)     [Map]     E   40 miles [64.4 km]

Butte County
County Website:
County Seat for Butte:   Oroville
Genealogy Websites:
State of California       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Butte County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Merrills Landing (Unver)     [Map]     SE   39 miles [62.8 km]
Soto (Hist)     [Map]     SE   40 miles [64.4 km]

Glenn County
County Website:
County Seat for Glenn:   Willows
Genealogy Websites:
State of California       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Glenn County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Newville     [Map]     SE   24 miles [38.6 km]
Fiddlers Green (Unver)     [Map]     S   26 miles [41.8 km]
Copper City     [Map]     S   27 miles [43.5 km]
Chrome (Unver)     [Map]     S   28 miles [45.1 km]
Lone Star (Hist)     [Map]     S   28 miles [45.1 km]
Jenks Place (Unver)     [Map]     S   29 miles [46.7 km]
Keller Place (Unver)     [Map]     S   29 miles [46.7 km]
Reynolds Place (Hist)     [Map]     S   30 miles [48.3 km]
Alder Springs (Unver)     [Map]     S   32 miles [51.5 km]
Grindstone Indian Rancheria (Unver)     [Map]     S   32 miles [51.5 km]
Meyers Place (Unver)     [Map]     S   34 miles [54.7 km]
Kirkwood (Unver)     [Map]     SE   34 miles [54.7 km]
Wilson Place (Unver)     [Map]     SE   35 miles [56.3 km]
Dogtown (Unver)     [Map]     S   36 miles [57.9 km]
Elk Creek     [Map]     S   36 miles [57.9 km]
Malton (Hist)     [Map]     SE   36 miles [57.9 km]
Wyo (Unver)     [Map]     SE   36 miles [57.9 km]
Cory (Unver)     [Map]     SE   38 miles [61.2 km]
Meadowood Estates (Unver)     [Map]     SE   38 miles [61.2 km]
Orland     [Map]     SE   38 miles [61.2 km]
Fruto (Unver)     [Map]     S   39 miles [62.8 km]
Capay     [Map]     SE   40 miles [64.4 km]
Greenwood (Unver)     [Map]     SE   40 miles [64.4 km]

Lake County
County Website:
County Seat for Lake:   Lakeport
Genealogy Websites:
State of California       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Lake County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Four Pines (Unver)     [Map]     SW   38 miles [61.2 km]

Mendocino County
County Website:
County Seat for Mendocino:   Ukiah
Genealogy Websites:
State of California       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Mendocino County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Hardy Place (Unver)     [Map]     SW   25 miles [40.2 km]
Bredehoft Place (Unver)     [Map]     SW   26 miles [41.8 km]
Reeves Place (Unver)     [Map]     SW   26 miles [41.8 km]
Carpenter Place (Unver)     [Map]     SW   28 miles [45.1 km]
McClure Place (Unver)     [Map]     SW   28 miles [45.1 km]
Sherburns (Hist)     [Map]     SW   28 miles [45.1 km]
Sunnyside (Hist)     [Map]     SW   28 miles [45.1 km]
O'Neil Place (Unver)     [Map]     SW   31 miles [49.9 km]
Hays Place (Unver)     [Map]     S   32 miles [51.5 km]
Etsel Crossing (Unver)     [Map]     SW   32 miles [51.5 km]
Delmonico Place (Unver)     [Map]     W   33 miles [53.1 km]
Cubbler Place (Unver)     [Map]     SW   34 miles [54.7 km]
Mina (Unver)     [Map]     W   35 miles [56.3 km]
Covelo     [Map]     SW   36 miles [57.9 km]
Marks Place (Unver)     [Map]     SW   37 miles [59.5 km]
Ramsey (Unver)     [Map]     W   39 miles [62.8 km]
Heath Place (Unver)     [Map]     SW   40 miles [64.4 km]
Ralph Leggett Place (Unver)     [Map]     SW   40 miles [64.4 km]

Shasta County
County Website:
County Seat for Shasta:   Redding
Genealogy Websites:
State of California       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Shasta County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Aiken Gulch (Hist)     [Map]     N   17 miles [27.4 km]
Beegum     [Map]     NW   17 miles [27.4 km]
Platina     [Map]     NW   18 miles [29 km]
Gas Point (Hist)     [Map]     NE   22 miles [35.4 km]
Smithville (Hist)     [Map]     NE   22 miles [35.4 km]
Knob     [Map]     NW   23 miles [37 km]
Agland (Hist)     [Map]     N   25 miles [40.2 km]
Ono     [Map]     N   25 miles [40.2 km]
Cloverdale     [Map]     NE   27 miles [43.5 km]
Olinda     [Map]     NE   27 miles [43.5 km]
Igo     [Map]     N   28 miles [45.1 km]
Briggsville (Hist)     [Map]     NE   28 miles [45.1 km]
Happy Valley     [Map]     NE   28 miles [45.1 km]
Horsetown (Hist)     [Map]     NE   28 miles [45.1 km]
Cottonwood Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   29 miles [46.7 km]
Cottonwood     [Map]     NE   29 miles [46.7 km]
Centerville     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Texas Springs (Hist)     [Map]     NE   30 miles [48.3 km]
Anderson     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Middletown (Hist)     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Redding Rancheria     [Map]     NE   31 miles [49.9 km]
Bell's Bridge (Hist)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
El Rio Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Girvan     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Latona (Hist)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
San Buena Ventura (Unver)     [Map]     NE   32 miles [51.5 km]
Paige Bar (Unver)     [Map]     N   33 miles [53.1 km]
Pacheco     [Map]     NE   33 miles [53.1 km]
Balls Ferry (Hist)     [Map]     NE   34 miles [54.7 km]
Battle Creek (Hist)     [Map]     NE   34 miles [54.7 km]
Canon City (Hist)     [Map]     NE   34 miles [54.7 km]
Clarkville (Hist)     [Map]     NE   34 miles [54.7 km]
Shasta     [Map]     N   35 miles [56.3 km]
Kilna (Hist)     [Map]     NE   35 miles [56.3 km]
Waugh (Hist)     [Map]     NE   35 miles [56.3 km]
Hogtown (Hist)     [Map]     N   36 miles [57.9 km]
Kett (Unver)     [Map]     N   36 miles [57.9 km]
Whiskeytown (Hist)     [Map]     N   36 miles [57.9 km]
Enterprise     [Map]     NE   36 miles [57.9 km]
Parkville (Hist)     [Map]     NE   36 miles [57.9 km]
Redding     [Map]     NE   36 miles [57.9 km]
Keswick     [Map]     N   37 miles [59.5 km]
Oak Bottom (Hist)     [Map]     N   37 miles [59.5 km]
Loomis Corners (Hist)     [Map]     NE   38 miles [61.2 km]
Los Robles Estates (Unver)     [Map]     NE   38 miles [61.2 km]
Fielding (Hist)     [Map]     N   39 miles [62.8 km]
Iron Mountain (Hist)     [Map]     N   39 miles [62.8 km]
Matheson (Hist)     [Map]     N   39 miles [62.8 km]
Minnesota (Unver)     [Map]     N   39 miles [62.8 km]
Buckeye     [Map]     NE   39 miles [62.8 km]
Palo Cedro     [Map]     NE   39 miles [62.8 km]
Copley (Hist)     [Map]     N   40 miles [64.4 km]
French Gulch     [Map]     N   40 miles [64.4 km]
Hart (Hist)     [Map]     N   40 miles [64.4 km]
Morrowville (Hist)     [Map]     N   40 miles [64.4 km]
Whitehouse (Hist)     [Map]     N   40 miles [64.4 km]
Newtown     [Map]     NE   40 miles [64.4 km]
Silverthorn (Unver)     [Map]     NE   40 miles [64.4 km]

Trinity County
County Website:
County Seat for Trinity:   Weaverville
Genealogy Websites:
State of California       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Trinity County       Cyndi's List     Family Search     Genealogy Trails     USGenWeb    
Payne (Unver)     [Map]     NW   21 miles [33.8 km]
Penney (Unver)     [Map]     W   21 miles [33.8 km]
Hoxie Crossing (Unver)     [Map]     W   22 miles [35.4 km]
Bramlet Place (Unver)     [Map]     W   25 miles [40.2 km]
Wildwood     [Map]     NW   26 miles [41.8 km]
Murphy Place (Unver)     [Map]     NW   29 miles [46.7 km]
Russ Place (Unver)     [Map]     W   29 miles [46.7 km]
Bob Hoaglin Place (Unver)     [Map]     W   32 miles [51.5 km]
Willie Hoaglin Place (Unver)     [Map]     W   32 miles [51.5 km]
Yellowjacket Place (Unver)     [Map]     W   32 miles [51.5 km]
Peanut (Unver)     [Map]     NW   33 miles [53.1 km]
Staffords Crossing (Unver)     [Map]     NW   33 miles [53.1 km]
Crabtree Place (Unver)     [Map]     W   33 miles [53.1 km]
Ruth     [Map]     W   33 miles [53.1 km]
Nielson Place (Unver)     [Map]     W   34 miles [54.7 km]
Shannon Place (Unver)     [Map]     W   34 miles [54.7 km]
Forest Glen (Unver)     [Map]     NW   36 miles [57.9 km]
Douglas City     [Map]     N   38 miles [61.2 km]
Hayfork     [Map]     NW   38 miles [61.2 km]
Ueland Place (Unver)     [Map]     W   38 miles [61.2 km]
Kettenpom (Unver)     [Map]     W   39 miles [62.8 km]
Bucktail (Unver)     [Map]     N   40 miles [64.4 km]
Lewiston     [Map]     N   40 miles [64.4 km]
Luckie Place (Unver)     [Map]     NW   40 miles [64.4 km]

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<1>Our distances are not driving distances, but are calculated as a 'straight-line' (or point-to-point) distance from Hammer Place. A straight line distance ignores obstructions like rivers, canyons, lakes, et cetera - it's truly a line from Point A (ie- Hammer Place) to Point B.

Our distance measurements begin at a specific point in Hammer Place. The point that we are using is located at these GPS coordinates - Latitude: 40.1196, Longitude: -122.7172     [Map].   In this case, the coordinates for Hammer Place have been provided by the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS).

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<2>Our data comes from many sources and some sources are more dependable than others. When we add communities to our Gazetteer, we try to verify that we have the correct location for the community. We mark a community as 'Unverified' when we aren't confident about our data and want to do further checking.

We use the term 'Historic' broadly and it generally means that the community no longer exists. However, it can also mean that the community might still exist, but was larger or had a more 'official' existence in the past than it does now.

Since our Gazetteer contains over 100,000 communities, verifying everything is going to take time. If you find an error or can help us to improve our accuracy, please let us know.

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