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The Province of
Quebec (QC)

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The capital of Quebec is Quebec.

The 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation / Code for Quebec: QC

Typical abbreviation for Quebec: Que.

Keeping in mind that Canada is officially bilingual, the French name for Quebec is 'Québec'. Although not recommended, you might find 'Province du Québec' abbreviated as 'P.Q.' - which can lead to confusion with the Parti Québécois. For a time and now obsolete, 'QU' was used as the abbreviation. You will also find that 'QB' has been used.

The pronunciation of Quebec:

When the people of Quebec refer to themselves: 1:; 2:

Time Zone: Most of Quebec lies in the Eastern Time (EST/EDT) zone and observes daylight saving time. The exceptions are:

- The portion of Quebec which lies east of longitude 63° W is in the Eastern Time (EST) zone and does not observe daylight saving time.

- A narrow portion of Quebec, east of the Natashquan River, is in the Atlantic Time (AST) zone and does not observe daylight saving time.

Canada has two official languages: English and French. French is the most common language spoken in Quebec, where approximately 54% of the residents speak only French (ie- Francophones) and 41% speak French and English.

Nickname for Quebec: "La Belle (the Beautiful) Province"

Provincial Motto: "Je Me Souviens" (I remember)

Provincial Bird: Snowy Owl (nyctea scandiaca)

Provincial Tree: Yellow Birch (betula alleghaniensis)

Provincial Flower: Blue Flag Iris (iris versicolor)

Confederation: Quebec joined the Confederation on Jul 1, 1867.

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