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Do you know of Grady ???

This page is an orphan - a placeholder until we can discover more about Grady. When we encounter a name that is new to us, we add it to our Gazetteer with the hope that we'll discover more information in the future. Such is the case with Grady.

Our sources for Grady (see Mentions and References below) indicate that it was a community with a post office by the same name. Unfortunately our sources aren't clear about the location of Grady other than they indicate that Grady would be found somewhere in Robeson County, North Carolina.

From the Blevins / Hellbock List: The post office opened  in 1890 and closed  in 1904.

This entry could have originated in error. It might be that a source had a misprint, was simply wrong or we made a transcription error while referencing it. Many of the documents we reference are from the 1800s and the early 1900s, with some easier to read than others.

Part of the difficulty in identifying whether a name is a post office or a community lies with how Post Offices were named. We've prepared an article with our understanding of how post offices were named: Naming of Post Offices.

Communities Also Named Grady ...

We found fourteen communities that share the name Grady.

Within North Carolina, the name Grady is unique.

Beyond North Carolina, we know of another fourteen communities that are located throughout in the United States and Canada. Of these fourteen communities, thirteen are located in the United States and one is in Canada.

  • Communities Elsewhere In North America ...
    • Alabama
      • Montgomery County
      • Please visit our profile page for the Alabama community of Grady [Montgomery County].
    • Arkansas
      • Lincoln County
      • Please visit our profile page for the Arkansas community of Grady [Lincoln County].
    • Florida
      • Lafayette County
      • Please visit our profile page for the Florida community of Grady [Lafayette County].
    • Georgia
      • Polk County
      • Please visit our profile page for the Georgia community of Grady [Polk County].
    • Mississippi
      • Webster County
      • Please visit our profile page for the Mississippi community of Grady [Webster County].
    • Missouri
      • Reynolds County
      • Please visit our profile page for the Missouri community of Grady [Reynolds County].
    • New Mexico
      • Curry County
      • Please visit our profile page for the New Mexico community of Grady [Curry County].
    • Newfoundland and Labrador
      • Please visit our profile page for the Newfoundland and Labrador community of Grady.
    • Oklahoma
      • Jefferson County
      • Please visit our profile page for the Oklahoma community of Grady [Jefferson County].
    • Tennessee
      • McMinn County
      • Please visit our profile page for the Tennessee community of Grady [McMinn County].
    • Texas
      • Fisher County
      • We found mention of this community, but have little information.<1> For the information that we do have, please visit our profile page for the Texas community of Grady [Fisher County].
      • Liberty County
      • Please visit our profile page for the Texas community of Grady [Liberty County].
      • Martin County
      • Please visit our profile page for the Texas community of Grady [Martin County].
    • Virginia
      • Pittsylvania County
      • Please visit our profile page for the Virginia community of Grady [Pittsylvania County].

Miscellaneous References and Mentions for Grady ...

We've created the following list to keep track of the sources that proved useful in adding to our knowledge about Grady:

Found in a comprehensive list of Post Offices that was created by Cameron Blevins and Richard Helbock.<2>

Business Atlas and Shippers' Guide (1895)
Published by Rand McNally & Co.

A note taken from the Shipper's Guide for Grady - Services available: had a Post Office, no Railroad mentioned

Rand McNally Map of North Carolina (1911)
Published by Rand McNally & Co.

More Orphans in  Robeson County ...

Can you help?

As we explained above, when we encounter a name that might be a community or a post office we add it to our Gazetteer. If we have little information to go with the name, we call them Orphans. Below are Orphans that we believe to be located in Robeson County.

AlfredMidstate Mill
Amerotron MillMillprong
Biggs ParkNorth Lumberton
Cowper HillRandalsville
 Seven Bridges
InmanSouth Lumberton
McArthursWest Lumberton

Footnotes ...

<1>If we encounter the name of what might be a community, our methodology is to add that name to our Gazetteer as a placeholder. As we find more information about that community, it will be added to our Gazetteer.

Just as a reminder: Our definition of a community is rather broad and includes those places (or areas) where several families lived and had a name which identified that place. For example, you might hear somebody say that they are going over to Mile's to see Pete ... Mile's is just a gas station and a couple of homes at the crossroads. While it might not be on the map, everybody in the area knows it by that name.

Places of interest include buildings at a crossroad, several families clustered in a hollow or maybe the location of a way station. It also includes places like mines, lumber camps, ferry crossings, etc. The community might still exist, is now gone or only existed for just a short period of time.

Also keep in mind that Grady could have been on the original document by mistake, misspelled, the original/alternate name of a community that we've listed elsewhere or was placed in the wrong county. Sometimes a post office or train station would have a different name than the community where it's located, so two names might be referring to the same community - we're working to straighten it all out.
<2>A copy of their list with background information can be found at:


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