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Saint Johns Cemetery
(Crittenden County, Arkansas)


Local Newspapers for the St. Johns Cemetery ...

Our GPS coordinates for the Saint Johns Cemetery have not been verified, but they should be close.<1> The overhead view might be misaligned, although it should be in the general area.

Below are the newspapers that have been published in the vicinity of the St. Johns Cemetery.

Our newspaper information for the St. Johns Cemetery is based on data taken from the Chronicling America website. For more information, please see our description of the Chronicling America website.

Hint: When we started searching newspapers, we only looked for obituaries. Eventually we realized that our search was too narrow and there was much that we were missing. Now we include things like around-the-town and gossip columns, birth and death announcements. We have some family members who owned businesses and now we search for articles and advertistments for those businesses. Some family members could have been better behaved and a search of police blotters contained a some surprises.

Newspapers Neighboring the St. Johns Cemetery ...

The following newspapers were published within 15 miles [24.1 km]<2> of the St. Johns Cemetery. These papers have been grouped by the community in which they were published, with the communities listed in order of their distance from the St. Johns Cemetery.

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  • Mound City - 10 miles [16.1 km] to the northeast
  • Memphis (TN) - 14 miles [22.5 km] to the east
  • Hughes - 15 miles [24.1 km] to the southwest

Published In Mound City   [Crittenden County]     [Map]  

Mound City is located 10 miles [16.1 km] to the northeast of the St. Johns Cemetery

The following paper was published in Mound City. Click on the paper name for Holding information.

The Mound City Post   (Published 1873 to 1875)

See our detailed list of Newspapers Published in Mound City.

Published In Memphis (TN)   [Shelby County (TN)]     [Map]  

Memphis (TN) is located 14 miles [22.5 km] to the east of the St. Johns Cemetery

Below are the titles of papers published in Memphis (TN). Click on the paper name for Holding information.

830th AAF Airs   (Published 1945 to 19??)

Adam, The Catholic Journal Of The New South   (Published 1887 to 19??)

Appeal-evening Edition   (Published in 18??)

Better Housing News   (Published 1946 to 19??)

Bluff City News   (Published 1903 to 19??)

Bluff City Record   (Published 1855 to 18??)

Daily Evening Bulletin   (Published 1863 to 186?)

Daily Evening News   (Published 185? to 18??)

Daily Memphis Enquirer   (Published 1847 to 1851)

Daily Union Appeal   (Published 1862 to 186?)

Eagle   (Published 1843 to 1844)

Farmer's News Scimitar And Crabtree's Saturday Press   (Published 190? to 19??)

First Communications   (Published 1999 to 2001)

Gaiety   (Published 1975 to 19??)

Gaiety   (Published 1975 to 19??)

Gaze   (Published 1979 to 199?)

L. Ketchum & Co's Cotton Report   (Published in 18??)

Leubrie's Sunday Times   (Published 1875 to 18??)

Memphis Advocate, And Western-district Intelligencer   (Published 1827 to 1833)

Memphis And Arkansas Christian Advocate   (Published in 18??)

Memphis Avalanche   (Published 1885 to 1890)

Memphis Bulletin   (Published 186? to 1865)

Memphis City Wide Banner   (Published 1976 to 19??)

Memphis Daily Argus   (Published 1859 to 186?)

Memphis Daily Commercial   (Published 1889 to 1891)

Memphis Daily Eagle And Enquirer   (Published 1851 to 185?)

Memphis Daily Evening Ledger   (Published 18?? to ????)

Memphis Daily Post   (Published 1866 to 1868)

Memphis Daily Sun   (First year 1870, unknown end date)

Memphis Eagle And Enquirer   (Published 185? to 1858)

Memphis Eagle   (Published 1844 to 1851)

Memphis Enquirer   (Published 1836 to 1851)

Memphis Evening Appeal   (Published 1926 to 1933)

Memphis Evening Ledger   (Published 1857 to 1859)

Memphis Evening Post   (Published 1868 to 1869)

Memphis Gazette   (Published 183? to 18??)

Memphis Hebrew   (Published 1925 to 1926)

Memphis Housing Appeal   (Published 1946 to 19??)

Memphis Labor Review   (Published 1928 to 1953)

Memphis Monday Bulletin   (Published 1864 to 1865)

Memphis Morning News   (Published 1902 to 1904)

Memphis Morning Post   (Published in 1866)

Memphis Municipal News   (Published 1936 to 194?)

Memphis News-scimitar   (Published 190? to 1907)

Memphis Planet   (Published 1873 to 187?)

Memphis Post   (Published in 1866)

Memphis Price Current And Merchants' Exchange Reporter   (Published 1860 to 18??)

Memphis Price-current & Commercial Letter-sheet   (First year 185?, unknown end date)

Memphis Root   (Published 1970 to ????)

Memphis Statesman   (Published 1966 to 1980)

Memphis Times   (Published 1932 to 19??)

Memphis Tri-Weekly Appeal   (Published 184? to 1862)

Memphis Tri-Weekly Avalanche   (Published 185? to 1861)

Memphis Tri-Weekly Morning Bulletin   (Published 1855 to 186?)

Memphis Union News   (Published 1957 to 1984)

Memphis Weekly Appeal, Jr.   (Published 1860 to 18??)

Memphis Weekly Bulletin   (Published 1855 to 186?)

Memphis Weekly Commercial   (Published 1890 to 1894)

Memphis Weekly Eagle And Enquirer   (Published 1851 to 1861)

Memphis Weekly Herald   (Published 1880 to 18??)

Memphis Weekly Post   (Published 1866 to 1869)

Memphis Weekly Sun   (Published 1869 to 18??)

Memphis World   (Published 1931 to 197?)

Memphis, Arkansas And Ouachita Christian Advocate   (Published 185? to 186?)

Meng Hua Shi Bao = Memphis Chinese Times   (Published 2004 to the present)

Meriwether's Weekly   (Published 1882 to 1883)

Mid-South Cotton Association News   (Published 1930 to 1935)

Mid-South Cotton News   (Published 1935 to 1952)

Mid-South Express   (Published 197? to 198?)

Monday Morning News   (Published 1864 to 1904)

Morning Bulletin   (Published 1855 to 186?)

Public Ledger   (Published 1865 to 1893)

Public Ledger   (Published 1865 to 1893)
          - Scanned copies are available on-line

River City Review   (Published 1971 to ????)

Root   (Published 1969 to 1970)

Sandy Sampson's Own   (Published 1849 to 18??)

Semi-Weekly Appeal   (Published 1844 to 1845)

Shelby County News   (Published 1948 to 1856)

Shelby Democrat   (Published 1965 to 19??)

Southern Catholic   (First year 187?, unknown end date)

Sunday Morning Reveilee   (Published 1862 to 186?)

Tannehill & Grattan's Memphis Weekly Times   (Published 184? to 18??)

Tennessee Baptist   (Published 1882 to 1887)

The Advertiser   (Published 1990 to 1992)

The Appeal-avalanche   (Published in 1890)

The Appeal   (Published 184? to 1845)

The Baptist   (Published 1887 to 1889)

The Baptist   (Published 1867 to 1882)

The Bluejacket   (Published 1942 to 19??)

The Christian Advocate   (Published 186? to 18??)

The Columns   (Published 1914 to 1930)

The Commercial Appeal   (Published 1966 to 1971)

The Commercial Appeal   (Published 1894 to the present)

The Commercial Appeal   (Published 1894 to the present)

The Continental   (Published 1946 to 19??)

The Crockett Technician   (Published 192? to 19??)

The Crosstown Chronicle And Mess Kit   (Published 1936 to 1937)

The Crosstown Chronicle   (Published 1935 to 1936)

The Daily Campaign Review   (Published 1864 to 18??)

The Daily Enquirer   (Published in 1847)

The Daily Express   (Published 1850 to 18??)

The Daily Helmsman   (Published 1982 to the present)

The Daily Memphis Avalanche   (Published 1866 to 1885)

The Daily Memphis Whig   (Published 1852 to 185?)

The Daily News   (Published 1886 to the present)

The Daily Sun   (Published 1869 to 1870)

The Daily Whig   (Published 1852 to 1856)

The Depogram   (Published 1944 to 1945)

The Eclectic   (Published 1874 to 187?)

The Enquirer   (Published 1837 to 18??)

The Evening Democrat   (Published 1889 to 189?)

The Evening Scimitar   (Published 18?? to 1904)

The Frayser North Memphis Star   (Published 1965 to 1973)

The Frayser Star   (Published 1963 to 1965)

The Free Trader And Journal Of Progress   (Published 1881 to 1882)

The Greater Memphis & Mid-South Silver Star News   (Published 198? to 1998)

The Hebrew Watchman   (Published 1925 to the present)

The Helmsman   (Published 1972 to 1981)

The Independent   (Published 195? to 19??)

The Labor Journal   (Published 1956 to 1957)

The Labor Review   (Published 1917 to 1928)

The Memphis Advocate   (Published in 1827)

The Memphis Appeal-avalanche   (Published 1890 to 1894)

The Memphis Appeal   (Published 1886 to 1890)

The Memphis Appeal   (Published 1886 to 1890)
          - Scanned copies are available on-line

The Memphis Argus   (Published 186? to 1865)

The Memphis Avalanche   (First year 189?, unknown end date)

The Memphis Avalanche   (Published 1894 to 1895)

The Memphis Bulletin   (Published 1862 to 1863)

The Memphis Commercial   (Published 1891 to 1894)

The Memphis Daily Argus   (Published 1865 to 1866)

The Memphis Daily Avalanche   (Published 1858 to 1866)

The Memphis Daily Bulletin   (Published 1865 to 1868)

The Memphis Daily Commercial   (Published 1865 to 1866)

The Memphis Daily Eagle   (Published 1843 to 1851)

The Memphis Daily Journal   (Published 1863 to 18??)

The Memphis Daily Register   (Published 1872 to 1874)

The Memphis Daily Review   (Published 1865 to 18??)

The Memphis Daily Scimitar   (Published 188? to 18??)

The Memphis Daily Tribune   (Published 1866 to 18??)

The Memphis Evening Herald   (Published 1877 to 18??)

The Memphis Evening Monitor   (Published 1846 to 18??)

The Memphis Flyer   (Published 1989 to the present)

The Memphis Herald   (Published 189? to 19??)

The Memphis Morning Enquirer   (Published 185? to 1861)

The Memphis Presbyterian   (Published 1870 to 1874)

The Memphis Press-scimitar   (Published 1926 to 1983)

The Memphis Press   (Published 1906 to 1926)

The Memphis Register   (Published 187? to 18??)

The Memphis Republican   (Published in 1870)

The Memphis Sentinel   (Published 1940 to 19??)

The Memphis Silver Star News   (Published 198? to 1989)

The Memphis Social Democrat   (Published 1911 to 19??)

The Memphis Sunday Times   (Published 1884 to ????)

The Memphis Union Appeal   (Published in 1862)

The Memphis Weekly Avalanche   (Published 1858 to 1880)

The Memphis Weekly Commercial Appeal   (Published 1894 to 19??)

The Memphis Weekly Enquirer   (Published 186? to 18??)

The Memphis Weekly Express   (Published 1850 to 185?)

The Memphis Weekly Monitor   (Published 1847 to ????)

The Memphis Weekly Register   (Published 1872 to 1874)

The Memphis Weekly Review   (Published 1864 to 18??)

The Mid-Memphian   (Published 1980 to 199?)

The Mid-South Tribune   (Published 1996 to the present)

The New Tri-State Defender   (Published 1961 to 1967)

The News Scimitar   (Published 1907 to 1926)
          - Scanned copies are available on-line

The North Shelby Advertiser   (Published 1965 to 1983)

The North Shelby Times   (Published 1992 to the present)

The Solid South   (Published 1880 to ????)

The Southern Farmer   (Published in 18??)

The Southern Loyalist   (Published 1865 to 1866)

The Southern Press   (Published 187? to 18??)

The South   (Published 1871 to ????)

The Sunday Times   (Published 1964 to 1965)

The Sunday Times   (Published 1884 to 189?)

The Sun   (Published 1852 to 18??)

The Tiger Rag   (Published 1931 to 1972)

The Times-Herald   (Published 1959 to 19??)

The Tri-State Defender   (Published 1951 to 1961)

The Tri-State Tribune   (Published 192? to 193?)

The Tri-Weekly Memphis Enquirer   (Published 1842 to 1851)

The Union Reveille   (Published in 18??)

The Weekly American Eagle   (Published 1843 to 1848)

The Weekly Appeal   (Published 1886 to 1890)

The Weekly Avalanche   (Published 1887 to 1890)

The Weekly Memphis Advertiser   (Published 1983 to 1989)

The Weekly Memphis Avalanche   (Published 1880 to 1887)

The Weekly Memphis Eagle   (Published 1848 to 1851)

The Weekly Republican   (Published 1863 to 186?)

The Weekly Scimitar   (First year 1892, unknown end date)

The Western Times, And Memphis Commercial Advertiser   (First year 183?, unknown end date)

Tri-State Defender   (Published 1967 to the present)

Tri-Weekly Appeal   (Published 1845 to 184?)

Tri-Weekly Avalanche   (Published 1861 to 18??)

Tri-Weekly Eagle And Enquirer   (Published 1851 to 1858)

Tri-Weekly Eagle   (Published in 1843)

Tri-Weekly Enquirer   (Published 184? to 1851)

Tri-Weekly Memphis Whig   (Published in 185?)

Triangle Journal News   (Published 1990 to the present)

Weekly Appeal-avalanche   (Published 1890 to 1894)

Weekly Appeal   (Published 1845 to 185?)

Weekly Commercial Journal   (Published 1846 to ????)

Weekly Public Ledger   (Published 1870 to 1890)

West Tennessee Labor News   (Published 1950 to 1957)

Western Methodist   (Published 1854 to 18??)

Western World And Memphis Banner Of The Constitution   (Published 1839 to 1840)

See our detailed list of Newspapers Published in Memphis (TN).

Published In Hughes   [Saint Francis County]     [Map]  

Hughes is located 15 miles [24.1 km] to the southwest of the St. Johns Cemetery

The following paper was published in Hughes. Click on the paper name for Holding information.

The Star-Herald   (Published 1938 to 198?)

See our detailed list of Newspapers Published in Hughes.

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Footnotes ...

<1>The values for latitude and longitude indicate a specific point on the ground. The point that we are using is located at these GPS coordinates - Latitude: 35.0706, Longitude: -90.2307     [Map].   In this case, the coordinates for the St. Johns Cemetery have been provided by the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS).

Due to various mapping and measurement errors, the location we give for St. Johns Cemetery should not be considered precise.

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<2>Our distances are not driving distances, but are calculated as a 'straight-line' (or point-to-point) distance from . A straight line distance ignores obstructions like rivers, canyons, lakes, et cetera - it's truly a line drawn from Point A (ie- ) to Point B.

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