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In Memory of Captain Ben Boutell (Deceased)

Captain Benjamin Boutell (1844-1912)

Captain Benjamin Boutell

Shed not a tear of grief or sadness
O'er the tomb where his body lies
For all his deeds on earth was goodness
That now spreads forth his lusterous dies.

All his thoughts were gifts of kindness
Ever friendly to the poor
He gave to all with friendship kindly
None went empty from his door

Now peace abides around his dwelling,
A trustfull wife and children too,
Close were the Saginaw wending
Unto Lake Huron waters blue

And all that chain from Lake Superior
To the shores where Erie Swell
At every port they still remember
The Steamboat days of Ben Boutell.

And o'er the seas where ere he traversed
The waves around him mildly fell,
But still that wave that's driven onward
Mourns to him a last farewell.

Now soundly sleeps that generous hearted
All our people loved him well
A truthful man in business prosper
Such was the life of Ben Boutell.

This is just a line to remember
How quietly time passes away
From the days of our youth, but a moment
Until that we're hoary and gray

For we pass down through, like a river,
To at length it is lost in the sea.
And what is all earthly struggle,
But passion for riches and gain

Though short is our life like a bubble,
You often have seen on the stream
Though it's wise to be prudent and happy
And live best we can without blame,
But never get drunk nor get scrappy
That's all false, but allusion and dream.


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