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Interactive Map for Maple Grove Cemetery
      (Located in Antrim County, Michigan)

As you move your cursor, notice that the latitude and longitude of the cursor will be displayed to the right.

To capture the latitude and longitude of a location, grab and move the map marker to that location. When you have placed the marker on the desired location, release the marker to display its latitude and longitude.

  Lat/Lon of Marker: 


A word of caution: Our map has been provided by Google and while we prefer Google maps, there can be issues with their accuracy. We've provided this map to help you explore the area around Big Pine, but you should use official maps if you require accuracy.

We've tried to center the red marker on the cemetery, but the marker might be misplaced. We frequently find that the marker jumps around as you switch from Map Mode to Satellite Mode to Terrain Mode - if the maps were accurate, the marker would not move. We have also found topographic differences when switching between Satellite Mode and Terrain Mode. Some maps are more accurate than others, so please use with caution.

We've tried other mapping services, but they all have issues. Until we can find more accurate maps, we'll continue with Google.


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